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03-26-2008, 02:11 AM
I've done it a few times and it isn't too tough...on regular anyways. The idea of doing it on heroic with less than 3 CC scares me.

The only real problems I have are handling the third boss, the priestess. One shotted it in a full guild run...but it was sloppy. And I don't like sloppy kills. In a pug it was dang near impossible.

My question is this, tanking her and X number of her adds seems very tough for me with all the stuns/traps/whatever her cronies do...so, how do you handle this fight?

03-26-2008, 05:54 AM
Don't tank her. Have a rogue tank her, CC Mortal Strike Warrior, and make sure you have a decent healer.

03-26-2008, 05:55 AM
Third boss can be cc'd, if needed. :)

03-26-2008, 06:41 AM
They are untankable- they run around like maniacs and are taunt immune.
In heroic- we ran with 2 CC's. You need to CC the warrior-hits clothies for a lot, stuns-fears- also if you have the rogue, he needs to be CC also- does a lot of nasty stuff.

I will be running this a lot since I know for a fact the tanking trinket will never drop for me.

03-26-2008, 07:40 AM
The heroic is not much more difficult than the normal really, Vexallus gets alot tougher, but the other bosses are still a joke.

And pretty much every melee trash can be mc'ed, which makes it silly easy to do trash.

03-26-2008, 07:55 AM
This sounds like that summoned boss in the arena in BRD for the tier .5 questline. I always liked that fight!

03-26-2008, 08:08 AM
I got extremely luck on my first run and scored Nightstrike off the 3rd Boss encounter. It was a one-shot ordeal, and I barely had to do anything since everything's taunt immune. Just put on your best DPS gear and pretend you're Fury for 5 mins. Just make sure you maintain a hold on the MS Warrior (Naga) if CC isn't available for him, cause he will destroy clothies. The hunter causes problems too... I was Ice Trap'd for 10 secs near the end of the fight... thankfully the "pug" I hooked up with was actually a guild LF Tank, so they brought the T5/6 ferocity down upon them, making this a very easy first-time SPlat5 :)

...however, contrary to the instruction I received from the supposed pro-raiders, I recommend taking out the Healers first, and taking all the physical melee classes as long as possible (as in "last to kill"), since we tanks can soak that sh*t up all day. (They had insisted on killing the Warlocks/Magisters first, then the Physicians.)

03-26-2008, 08:10 AM
I have my rogue tank the physician while we take the rest out.

03-26-2008, 08:12 AM
I healed it and we got through. Aggro control was spotty and the 2 mages and shadow priest died a few times each. The bear tank did alright. 3 boss sucked. 2nd boss sucked because all the DPS tried to ignore the flares and nuke. He died but so did they. 1st boss is like a trash mob. We didn't touch the crystals, just nuked him......but 2 well geared fire mages and a shadow priest....

Nice huntard epic BP from Kael....but no one above leather in the group, lol.

03-26-2008, 08:14 AM
What we did last night, was (since the only CC we had were two hunter traps), this:

Pull them back into the courtyard, and trapped two as they came through. Had our priest blow a fear, as we nuked the Priestess down, and then turned to the Warrior add. When the mobs came back, I blew my Int. Shout, and continued nuking. We also had our Druid go bear and hang near the priest in case the warrior went at her, and overall did it. But, coming up with that strategy for us, took 6 tries ><

We had the Shaman, Rogue, Warrior, and Hunter adds. Of all the ones to get when we had no mage for sheeping, and we get that joke of a make-up.

03-27-2008, 04:46 AM

1. we found it much easier to just kill the boss asap then killing the crystals.
--> you need group heal

2. have each of your DPS kill one add for the debuff then nuke him down. watch for 20% - he has to die very fast.

3. dont think of this as pve, think of it as it was pvp
deal with the group like you would kill another arena team.
taunt doesnt work, cc does. you have to interrupt the heal dude to kill him. sheep goes on the warri/rouge, they hurt.
--> hunter / mage

4. kill the phoenix. stay away from the zapping bubbles. it helps a lot to have only ranged dps and again group healing.

03-27-2008, 05:39 AM
I really like MT, imho its a very nice designed instance... not too much trash, some bosses are really fun and the look fits good.

We cleared it @ heroic with a Warri/Hunter/Mage/Pala/balance Druid Setup, and it went quite smooth except for the 3rd Boss where we wiped 3-4 times ;)

In the end we killed the MS-Add first, Bomb thrower second and then just nuked the priestress. She didnt drop a Commendation of Kael'thas but i got a Shard of Contempt instead, which is a pretty good threat trinket.

Kael is a joke compared to the Priestress -.-

03-27-2008, 07:39 AM
We had Prot Warrior MT (me), Holy Paly, BM Hunter and 2 scary evil Warlocks. The Priestess (Moroes) fight was a pain until we figured out what they all were then it was shammy, MS warrior, Priestess, mage, rogue kill order. went fast. The 6 pull at the end with no CC was more complicated than the rest of the instance, lol.

03-27-2008, 10:55 AM
Has anyone seen rogue sap used successfully and in what modes (normal/heroic)? I had a rogue in the group once. They unsuccessfully attempted to sap a mage guard (normal) on the 1st pull and we did not use them after that since many of the pulls had a mage guard. The trash warlock is definately seducable. The magister is definately immune to seduce. Anyone know for sure about the others? All the trash seems to be mind controllable, which one do you think is most advantageous to mind control? Has anyone had any luck mind controlling any of the adds from the Priestess boss pull? I had trouble with the 2nd boss on heroic in one group. I found it helped if I tab devastated a few of the adds to soak some of the debuffs

03-27-2008, 11:09 AM
you can sap every humanoid in the instance

03-27-2008, 06:05 PM
Few notes I have from last night's normal MgT attempt...corrections appreciated .=S

Group composition was: Prot War (me), Holy Priest, Combat Rogue, Feral Druid (bit undergeared), Destruction Warlock.

1st Boss: Kalithresh copy
Similar tactics; ideally he should be tanked near one of the floating crystals. He will channel one of the crystals to drain mana for while the crystal is still available. DPS should focus on crystals to minimize his mana gained. Once the crystal is drained or destroyed, he will then chain-cast an AoE "Arcane Explosion" while making fart noises until his mana is completely drained.

2nd Boss: Curator copy

Flares will be summoned and (i think?) keeps doing AoE arcane damage. Problem is, with each flare killed each person in the group will gain a debuff which increases Arcane damage taken by X amount but increases damage dealt by Y&#37;. This effect stacks. Boss will increase its damage output when it hits approx 10%.

3rd Boss: omg i haev no aggro
I hate this boss. The adds just go all over the place and I'd rather try Moroes with people who've never done him before.

Didn't get past 3rd boss and called it. =_=;

EDIT: Preview Post looks weird, btw. Also, our lock said one of the trash mobs was immune to Seduce.

03-27-2008, 06:30 PM
only done this three times so far (normal mode).

Magister is immune to seduce and mind control, but sheepable.

If MC is available, i'd say the best choice would be the warlock. i think they have 1.5k immolates which is nasty on your party..but great against mobs. The blood knight may be another interesting choice as i think he's the one with a nasty holy dot that does 1.5k+ as well. We didnt try the coilskar witch but the forked lighting ability looks interesting. If you do use MC, be sure to CC any of the mobs that have aoe abilities as that wrecks havoc on the channeling of the spell.

Tanking didnt feel all that bad. I could be taking the wrong approach, but i almost feel it's overdone on the resists needed for 3 of the 4 bosses:

FR for selin to mitigate his AoE. Not really necessary i think. It is useful if you have a healer with none or limited group heal abilities. I ran in 240 FR. I'd say i mitigated ~50&#37; or so of the aoe damage.

AR for vellaxus as he's all arcane damage. I ran at 252. Similar to above, felt like i mitigated about 50% of the damage. Interesting thing is that i did not mitigate any of his arcane damage when he started overloading.

I went with AR for Kael to mitigate the dot from the gravity lapse and damage from the orbs so i could stay melee and keep whacking him. Physcial damage was pretty negligable regardless of what kind of "tank" gear i was in. FR gear isnt necessary as you can spell reflect his fireballs back at him. I have thought about going with a AR/DPS gear set up and stick on a shield just for phase 1...idea being to boost dps output for phase 2.

Who i really feel for with this instance is healers because of the party wide damage that occurs, particularly in the boss encounters. Not sure what is going on with blizzard's heads. Priest or druid healers dont have that big a problem in this instance compared with shamans and paladins.

Priest = renew, shields, prayer of healing for coverage
Druid = lifebloom, rejuv, regrowth, tranquility for coverage
Shaman = healing stream (which i think does not come near the coverage what the above 2 can in terms of hots), chain heal (provided ppl are in range of each other).
Paladin = none

Not sure how it's worked for any when using protection consumables (arcane protection potions) for the fights as opposed to health / mana potions. Better? Worse? Negligible?

03-27-2008, 06:49 PM
3rd Boss: omg i haev no aggro
I hate this boss. The adds just go all over the place and I'd rather try Moroes with people who've never done him before.

Didn't get past 3rd boss and called it. =_=;

EDIT: Preview Post looks weird, btw. Also, our lock said one of the trash mobs was immune to Seduce.

Check out Magisters' Terrace - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft (http://www.wowwiki.com/Magister's_Terrace). Good hints, tips, and info there. Actually wish i saw some of that before my attempts (i went to wowhead).

For the third boss, i tried tank gear for one attempt and just ditched it after as i felt pretty useless: wasnt getting much attention....wasnt putting out much damage. I went to my pretend-fury gear set up and i think i had much better returns as far as being useful. use whatever you have...hamstring, disarm, concussion blow, fear...etc. CC'ing as many as you can at the start is good. Sheep, sap, trap (distracting shot wont work for pull tho), seduce, and banish. Mind control i dont think will work tho (we tried on one and said immune...forget which).

03-28-2008, 07:00 AM
Mage Guards are a great choice to MC. Not only do you keep your healer from getting knocked down by the glaives, but the glaive throw is also a high aggro move, so he ends up tanking half the pull.

03-28-2008, 08:15 AM
Note for the First Boss in Heroic:

Kick/SB/interrupt the drain mana if it targets your healer. This CAN wipe the party.

03-28-2008, 10:30 PM
The second boss is absolutely hell on earth in Heroic. Just got out of a run with myself, T6 lock, 2 T5 mages, and a +1900 holy priest. We steamrolled up to the second boss then wiped 6 times. DPS wasn't an issue, in fact the first two times we burned him so fast that the flares would barely be down before the next set spawned. So we slowed DPS and it was just worse. Of course I find out after the fact that mage's can Ice Block out of the debuff. I scanned a guide that said "MAGES DON'T ICE BLOCK" and missed the part below where it explained they needed to do it later.

03-29-2008, 01:05 AM
I heard a rumor that you can Spell reflect Kael's pyroblast on heroic...is this true? Im in a group now and approaching it and cant find any conclusive source to know for sure.

03-29-2008, 04:56 PM
Noice, thanks for all the input.

I haven't pvped much honestly...and 5v5s confuse me, so I expect to continue to have trouble with our "good" friend the priestess.

Any extra notes on trash would be very helpful as well, as I'm a little confused as to which ones pose the most threat.

And I think it'd be great to note here that the tankspot community is very helpful and knowledgable (sp?).

03-30-2008, 12:35 AM
Did my first MT heroic today. Lots of wipes. Only my 2nd time running it, still not used to each mob ability.

me prot warr
2 shadow priest
healing priest

I guess it's because I haven't been running 5-mans for the past few months (raiding faithfully at 100&#37; though) but I just could not keep my group listening to directions. Anyone watching us would be hard pressed to believe we've cleared ssc/tk and got our first 3 in mh last week. i mean the last time i was doing heroics, it was SH with no CC the entire time.

MC in most of the pulls just turned out bad, since the random aoe, glaive toss, etc, interrupts the channel and now the spriest has aggro. so i didn't want to do that any more. basically the way i guided the group was to do LOS pulls, since there are just so many dang casters. Had everyone group up 5 yards from where i was going to run out of LOS. For the times they actually stood still and didnt move, we did great. I don't know but there just is some tendency to wander away, thinking distance = safety. I said 'im not a pally tank, if you get far away from me and get a mob on you, nothing i can do for you when im tanking 4 other mobs'

the problem is when i run off to pick up mobs they just reposition to what they think is best. something pulls loose, usu right at the start of the pull, maybe them being in los. Had problems not having focus fire, as well. it was just tanking hell, i even considered never going back.

1st boss, kalrithresh. no expl needed

2nd boss... anyone do the spore shield + felsteel spike, on the schools of mana eels before the boss? next time, im going to repeat myself a few times, 'no dps'. wound up losing a spriest which killed our damage buff since we had to rez. tried out arc resist. boss's melee hits are arcane, but i did not see any resists, but he spells were resistable. tried to take out the mana sparks, and the rest of party shared on the spark kills to spread out the debuffs.

3rd boss, 5-6 wipes later, i was about ready to give up. concussion blow, feared, etc.. can't move for like 10 seconds. people spread out all over the place, fears, me trying to run back and forth getting aggro. I was like... 'im just going to put on some dps gear' (which is just about all the good drops in 25man, except no tier dps). BAM! we chewed thru each miniboss like butter. I do not suggest attempting to tank, let your own dps be your threat. if they even have a threat table. when i attacked a new mob they seemed to attack me, not because of any threat table, but 'hey this warrior is hitting me, im going to hit him back' programming.

the adds can vary, like moroes fight? we had priestess (first to kill), hunter, short stumpy engineer demon (baaaaaa!), naga, mage... i think that general kill order.

switched dps often, hamstringing when i didnt have aggro. used fears.

kael, was just so pathetically easy after the 3rd, not really much you need to know about him.

got the expertise trinket :) was thinking it would come in handy for tidewalker if we ever do him again. and the haste dps plate shoulders to replace ragesteel (havent really looked at specs). dps plate chest dropped, but sharded.. no comparison to BoAK. lotta dps warrior love that run

03-31-2008, 06:17 PM
2nd boss... anyone do the spore shield + felsteel spike, on the schools of mana eels before the boss? next time, im going to repeat myself a few times, 'no dps'. wound up losing a spriest which killed our damage buff since we had to rez. tried out arc resist. boss's melee hits are arcane, but i did not see any resists, but he spells were resistable. tried to take out the mana sparks, and the rest of party shared on the spark kills to spread out the debuffs.

I use what i can for the mana eels (shield spike, vengance trinket, and storm chops). I dont carry ez throw dynamites like i used to in the old days, but starting to think of picking up that habit again for pulls such as this. Key is for your aoe'ers to have patience.

Finally got to do a heroic...so here's my comments:

For the boss himself, AR does work on his melee hits and i think the energy bolts that he and the adds toss out. I don't think it helps with the debuff dot. I'm pretty sure now that AR does not mitigate any damage from his overload.

Threat output in my resist gear is less than if i was in my full tanking gear. Couple of times, i'd loose agro to dps'ers because of the increased damage output from taking the debuffs. To correct this....I sacrificed a defense trinket for the autoblocker trink (so ended up at 475ish def rather than 490), and seemed to be able to keep my threat higher.
{Side note: i picked up shard of contempt on the following boss....not sure which would work better for maintainig threat on vexallus...autoblocker or the shard).

Slow dps seems to be the key till overload hits then everyone goes all out.

I'd probably recommend shield walling at the end and everyone in the party using major acane protection potions when overload hits.

04-03-2008, 03:00 PM
Kael can be easy or extremely hard. You need the right person kiting the phoenixes and you need lots of ranged DPS.

I just got out of a group--Me tank, +1700 holy priest, feral druid, lock, hunter.

Hunter kited phoenixes, lock DPS'ed them. Druid and me on Kael the whole time.

Phase 2 was always a problem. Aside from people not doing what they're supposed to.

Question--you can't touch the floor in Phase 2 right? Or can you?

04-03-2008, 04:52 PM
If you stand on the floor during P2, you'll be bounced back up into the air after a second or so.

04-03-2008, 06:59 PM
Oh so touching the floor doesn't take dmg? Never believe what someone tells you just because they told you.

04-03-2008, 07:06 PM
You don't take any damage, he will just bounce u in the air again.

That's not rly a issue since the room is small and u hardly take fall damage in there, it is just a replay of what was used in the 25 men, where u could actually easily die from falling damage :>

04-04-2008, 12:37 AM
Major problem with touching the floor is that when you get shot back up again you might pass too close to an orb and therefore take unexpected damage :)

04-04-2008, 05:05 AM
Use X and spacebar (default binds) to get up and down, move camera all the way back, and you can give kael a few hits while paying attention to orbs - we actually got him down in p2 like this with a rogue...

All the group was dead because of not paying attention to phenix, but it worked :)

You can stand around half a meter from the ground and not getting bumped up like this, if you want.

04-04-2008, 07:35 AM
I killed the second boss as the last standing member of the party from about 7&#37;. Last Stand + Shield Wall + 200% extra dmg. lol.

Treat the 3rd fight like a 5v5 arena. If you do this, you will have no difficulty getting them all down. Once I got my group into that mentality, it's been cake every since time.

As for Kael, we keep myself + melee dps (rogue) on Kael at all times, interchanging between his kick and my Spell Reflect. Ranged (Mage + Warlock) on the phoenix and the egg. Never had a problem getting him to 50% before the pyro/2nd bird.

04-07-2008, 09:13 AM
I have run this on both Normal and Heroic all the way through. Here are some notes from my run on heroic:

Group Make Up
My crew was myself (warrior tank), holy priest, mage, hunter and warlock. We are all kara and badge geared. This group never took more than two attempts on any of the bosses, so no gear beyond T4 is needed. Just good CC and rock solid teamwork. The lock was tremendously helpful on both the trash and on bosses. On trash pulls that had a Sister of Torment in them, he could enslave that mob and use it to kill off the warlock in the group. It made those large pulls very manageable.

Boss #1
Very simple really. Just interrupt the life drains and he goes down very easily.

Boss #2
For the mana worm pulls, I used my dual weild dps weapons and held as many as I could with WW, Cleave and Demo Shout. It worked much better than trying to actually tank them.

From a tanks standpoint the only thing you need here is AR. All his damage is arcane, yes, even the mele. I had a few guildies make me arcanoweave boots and bracers as well as an AR cloak. I then raided the AH for any AR gear, regardless of whether it was plate or cloth. I also picked up the +20 AR head enchant from the Shattar Quartermaster. I just looked for pieces with AR and +Stam on it. What I ended up with was armor that gave me 331 AR and just over 15,000 health with party buffs. This made this fight almost trivial. Our healer had to spend very little mana keeping me alive and could focus much more on the dps taking extra damage from the debuffs. It worked out extremely well.

Boss #3
Again, this is where having a warlock was a huge plus. Both the little engineering guy and the hunter are demon types. Being able to banish one of the five mobs is a big plus. We had a banish and a sheep for CC. Our hunter just left his trap in front of our priest, which worked out very well. On heroic the healer has MUCH more mana and can get off many, many heals if not killed first. We dropped her, then the mage, which left one mob up not CCed. Our healer died while we were killing the third mob. We left the last two banished and sheeped until we were at full health, then killed them one at a time.

Boss #4
DPS is the answer to this guy. If you dps is solid enough then you'll never get the big nuke that comes after 60 seconds. I was the only melee so we never got the ground aoe under me, which let the dps stay on the boss hard and heavy. Our mage kited the phoenix around via blink and the lock and hunter burned it very quickly, then the egg. If you're dps can get him to phase two before the nuke this is a fairly simple fight.

Just a note on phase two, though.... you stay swimming in the air much longe than in normal mode, so just plan for it when thinking about how your group will avoid the orbs.

Kael was kind enough to drop the sword for me on our first heroic run.

04-07-2008, 01:28 PM
I heard a rumor that you can Spell reflect Kael's pyroblast on heroic...is this true? Im in a group now and approaching it and cant find any conclusive source to know for sure.

You cannot spell reflect Kael's Pyro, you just need to make sure you dps doesn't suck the big one and never get to the pyro point in the fight.

My first heroic Kael attempt resulted in a pyro since the dps couldn't figure out how to kill the phoenix the first time.

I said what the hell and tried to spell reflect since shield bash was down and bam 46K 1 Shot! :D

04-07-2008, 01:40 PM
As a warrior, I've figured out a method to hold threat over the healers on the large Brightscale Wyrm (http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=24761) pulls. It works for AOE threat against your mages and locks, if they wait a bit before attacking. Note that wyrms have low health, so they die fast, and this method wouldn't work on an elite pack.

You will need Thorns (http://wowhead.com/?spell=26992), and/or Retribution Aura (http://wowhead.com/?spell=27150), and/or [Essence of the Pure Flame] (http://wowhead.com/?item=18815) (from Ragnaros). All you have to do is spin! Enemies hitting you from behind will bypass your dodge/block/parry, and get hit by all your reflective damage. Throwing TClap, cleave, and demo will also help, obviously.

05-13-2008, 05:30 AM
Done this run many times and the smoothest run I ever had was a group with little CC.
Group was composed of me (prot warrior) a shadow priest, combat rogue, a feral dps druid and a druid healer. sounds crazy right?... well it actually went smoother than any run I ever did on heroic in there with full cc.
A little tip, let your priests MC before pulls.... you can steal the buffs and yes, the bubbles too lol. Just have your tank ready to pick it up until priest can MC again or just start tanking it.
If you have a rogue in your group, have him use blind on loose targets as much as possible. Makes life much easier. I used to doubt rogues until I started running with a rogue that really knows his class. Now I love them almost as much as sheepers lol.
The first Boss is just like the end boss in Steam Vaults. Pull to the crystals and kill the crystals, yada yada yada. peice of cake. You dont actually have to even worry about the crystals if your groups dps is high enough.
On the 5-boss fight, realize and keep in mind that THIS IS A PVP FIGHT! there is no aggro tables in this fight and tanking is useless, most cc's are unusable. As far as kill order, it depends on what spawns. Personally I like to kill the shammy first.
The next boss is alot like Curator in Karazhan. He spawns lil "sparks" too. here is a good strategy: Tank him at the foot of the steps (with his back turned for good measure, not that it matters). If you look around that area, you will see 2 sets of tall candle sticks, 1 set is at the foot of the stairs , the 2nd set is a little further back. Have your casters, healer and ranged DPS stand behind these candle sticks! hehe... It wont Line-of-sight the casters or dps and you will get hit with absolutely nothing (or very very little here)
On the last pull before Kael'thas, however you choose to do this, KILL THE ETHEREUM FIRST! he has a brutal AoE and must die!
On Kael'thas, its hard to simply say a strategy because its really easier said then done. But the just of it is this:
Use any form of Arcane resistance you can. If you got a bunch of Major Arcane protection Pots Use them when he starts the anti-gravity phase. This will negate almsot all of the "bolts". Make sure the tank pulls him away from the spinning rings of fire on the ground. The only person that would benefit from Fire resistance in this fight really is the tank but it isnt necassary if you interrupt or (my preference) reflect the fireballs back at him. Before the fight, let everyone in the group know to fly back to the entrance to the room as soon as the flying phase begins, heal up, rebuff and head back into place.
Have some one assigned to kill the pheonixes when they spawn. Dont kill the eggs too soon or you will have multiple pheonixes when its not necessary.
Other than that Avoid the bubbles when flying around and athts it pretty much.
In this fight, a little planning will go along way

05-13-2008, 11:23 PM
update to my above post.... Blizzard fixed the candle-stick glich on the second boss as of today in the new patch :( disregard that. today, we went with having a high-dps mage burn down all the adds while the rest of us focused on the boss. went well, but not aswell as it used to... :( lol damn you blizzard

05-14-2008, 03:28 PM
On Kael, I usually just eat his pyroblast with a shield wall (reduces it down to 9k or so) since I suck at timing that particular interrupt.

05-17-2008, 10:07 AM
update to my above post.... Blizzard fixed the candle-stick glich on the second boss as of today in the new patch :( disregard that. today, we went with having a high-dps mage burn down all the adds while the rest of us focused on the boss. went well, but not aswell as it used to... :( lol damn you blizzard

yeah i tried that today.. i made myself look stupid infront of the pugs by saying this has worked before and i gaureenteed it. seems like they fixed it in 2.4.2.. :(

*note to self must read all patch notes LOL

05-17-2008, 03:05 PM
The thing with Vex was an exploit, and I purposely never used it. The reason it works that way is that in WoW if a character grows and collides with something, they shrink back down so nothing bad happens with the game. This mostly affects people affected by Bloodlust, which meant you DIDN'T want to collide - but with Vex, the adds making you grow encouraged people to collide with something - namely the candle stick holder. I'm glad they fixed it.