View Full Version : EU Confirmed - 2.4 Today

03-25-2008, 04:19 AM
This Wednesday there will be an extended maintenance to apply patch 2.4.0. Please note that all European realms will be offline from 03:00 until 11:00, Paris time (CET).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Noteworthy Changes
Paladins - Avenger's Shield will no longer jump to secondary targets which are under the effect of crowd-control spells that break on taking damage.
Talents - Characters will now retrain talented spell ranks so when they retalent they do not have to relearn the spells from trainers.
Combat Log - The combat log has undergone improvements that allow more robust combat text filtering including the ability to define custom colors for enemies and friends, as well as combat text filtering for self and others.The modifications to the combat log are extensive and are going to allow tracking of independent mobs with Threat meters. Learn more or ask questions in our User Interface, Addons, and Macros (http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/user-interface-addons-macros/) forums.