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03-24-2008, 12:24 PM
Hi all. I am looking to try to find gear to increase my threat. Right now, this (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=The+Scryers&n=Khargar) is what I'm wearing, pre-kara. I just replaced the green belt with the 31460, making my stats as those shown below. I can take hits like a champ but sometimes I have issues with threat (mostly because I run with some people that are either way over me in gear or don't understand not to hit something before it gets to me), but I also want to maximize my threat. Anyways, below are my current tank gear stats.

Defense: 518
Armor: 12959
Dodge: 15.77
Parry: 16.72
Block: 19.76
Health: 12624 unbuffed
Block Value: 289 according to TankPoints
Hit Rating: 79
Expertise: 11

Basically I just want to improve my gear overall but I'm not sure what direction to go. I know I need more health but I'm still pre-kara right now mostly (I've been 4 whole times, just enough to get the ring from honored). I use wow-loot.com to look for gear but some stuff just doesn't look like good upgrades... can anyone recommend some?

03-24-2008, 01:36 PM
For gear lists look at: http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/gear-lists-rankings/31940-polar-s-easy-pre-karazhan-tank-gear-list.html or http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/gear-lists-rankings/32083-berg-s-tank-gear-rankings-03-19-2008-wow-2-4-a.html .

As for threat, educate your group about waiting until the mob is at least attacking you before they start PoM Pyro'ing. There's no reason them for to be attacking before you get your first post-gun-pull hit and you shouldn't just let it go. I see you've stacked a lot of hit rating. Do not intentionally gear for hit rating at the expense of other stats. Unfortunately for a long while you'll be lacking in the +hit department. You can grab the Brooch of Deftness for 35 badges to increase your threat, though early on those badges might be better spent elsewhere.

Make sure you're following the standard SS/Rev/Dev/Dev combo as closely as possible while dumping any rage past 50-60 with Heroic Strike. Putting a couple points into Improved Heroic Strike (Arms) and maxing Cruelty (Fury) will go a long way towards increasing your threat. You can afford to ditch Imp. Defensive Stance, Imp. Shield Bash, 1-2 points in Tactical Mastery, and/or 1 point in Imp. Bloodrage without hurting much. Later on as you get more comfortable with your threat drop the points in Improved Taunt.

Drop those +hit gems and replace them with +12 stam. You're at the nasty phase pre-Kara where you're sorely lacking avoidance. It may be tempting to gem/enchant for avoidance, but you're better off stacking stamina to survive the higher percentage of hits you'll take. You can also ditch your Regal Protectorate for a Gnomish Poultryizer or a Goblin Rocket Launcher since you're an engineer. The engineering trinket alone will boost you ~500 health.

03-24-2008, 01:44 PM
You're geared well enough to start running heroics. I suggest looking at picking up some badge gear, and trying to get epic drops from the heroics while you're at it. Blood Furnace boots, Mechanar's Sun Eater, Ramparts belt, Sethekk Hall's shoulders, etc etc.

I'd also really recommend NOT gemming for +hit. If you need to, you can put on some +hit jewelry, but +8hit doesn't do enough for threat at your point to justify losing the +12sta (unless you're going for a great socket bonus and you don't need any more defense; I wouldn't quibble with the hit in your goggles, but eventually you'll probably want to switch that with +4def/+6sta as you switch DEF out for STA).

For threat, I'd say the biggest threat increase you can get would be getting a new shield with a higher block value to start (Sha'tar Exalted is a great shield), and picking up the Auto-Blocker trinket. You really don't need the Regal Protectorate equipped right now, since you're well over 490 defense, and the auto blocker should be a very nice threat upgrade for you (I believe it's 59 block value passive, plus you can set up a macro to use it when you shield slam to give you 4 great SS's every 2mins...perfect for the start of most pulls).

Also, 2.4 is right around the corner. Short of the Auto-Blocker, I wouldn't recommend getting any badge gear until after you get the BP/Legs in 2.4.

03-24-2008, 02:32 PM
I haven't been tanking long. However, most of the guildies I roll with are in their T5 sets whilst my gear is kara and badges and below, so I face the same problems you do. The one thing that I realise is that on a perfect rotation of SS/Rev/Dev/Dev I will still lose agro to DPS hitting the 1200-1400 TPS mark if they don't hold back.

That said, make sure you use your entire array of spells when tanking.

On 1 mob pulls I usually bow pull and pop Bloodrage in combat for an extra 200 threat, SS to begin with which gives me a good lead in threat. I follow it up by Devastate since I shall most likely have the rage if the mob hits me once. If not then I most probably parried or dodged and Revenge and keep up a rotation from there with the SS/Rev/Dev/Dev rotation rage permits. I forego Dev once in a while when rage starved in favor of SS.

On 2 mob pulls, I bow pull the second kill target, pop bloodrage in combat again and then SS the secondary target, tab and slap 3 Devastates on the primary target (if I lost agro I taunt right away), move back to my secondary target, SS again then tab to my primary target, Revenge and stick to my first target from there, substituting 1 devastate for TClap in my rotation.

In tricky situation it helps to remember that you always have Conc blow, Mocking Blow and Challenging at your disposal. Intervene gives you an additional second or two. Basically, if I lose agro to my primary target while on my secondary target, I tab, conc blow, back to my secondary target, pump some threat, tab after 3 Globals CDs or so and taunt the primary target making sure my SS isnt on CD and following the taunt with a SS. With mocking blow I can technically taunt 2 mobs, build threat on teh one that isn't mocking'd, tab and conc blow on the mock'd target, build some more threat on the other target, then after those 11 seconds, taunt should be back up and voila.

If you taunted and lose the target again or if it resisted and Mocing is on CD then I usually wait for the mob to run to a caster becuase of agro, Intervene give me 2 mob swings or about 3 seconds and then taunt.

If you're having a problem with boss mobs, tell your dps to get omen and watch it religiously. If theyre PuG, I either drop group or give them a good listening for 5 minutes, making sure they understand how not to kill themselves and the entire gorup.

Expertise and hit help with threat too and I'd definately go with Expertise, but I wouldn't gem hit on my gear over 12 stam.

Key bindings of you don't use them already. I keep my Oh-no buttons within a hands reach - "R" - Conc Blow, 1 - Taunt in Def and Mocking in Battle, "F"- TClap. I like to click on my Shield Wall, Challenging and pots just so I don't fat finger them. Intervene is 8 though I want to eventually switch it to one of my mouse buttons but still haven't decided.

Hope that helps.

03-26-2008, 06:53 AM
Honestly I'd probably spec for threat gen in that case as well 12/5/44 (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=LA0czZVZ0EtoI0dcxst). With points in Imp. Heroic Strike, Imp. Sunder, and Focused Rage. Should help a bit.

03-31-2008, 02:31 PM
I can't help to comment on the fact that you have let out 5/5 cruelty.
It is a must have for every warrior, no matter which spec or role, and 5% crit equals about 3,25% hit or 285 SBV for threat.

03-31-2008, 02:38 PM
I can't help to comment on the fact that you have let out 5/5 cruelty.
It is a must have for every warrior, no matter which spec or role, and 5% crit equals about 3,25% hit or 285 SBV for threat.

The advice that he get Cruelty since he's having issues with Threat is good advice.

The statement that Cruelty is a must have for every spec/role is not. There are 5-man specs that benefit from allocating points out of Cruelty.