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03-21-2008, 09:34 PM
I posted this on the WoW Warrior forums, but not suprisingly all I recieved there were offhanded comments from fury warriors about just tanking the boss and not worrying about anything else. So I thought I would post this here:

Recently, my guild has started progressing into Hyjal (3/5) and will most likely start BT next week. I want some opinion from current/former BT tanks (Main and Off) as to what type of stats I should aim for, and I had a couple other socket questions.

Right now, I usually MT most bosses for our guild. I can push 22k HP when flasked and with full raid buffs. What are my target stats for MTing bosses within BT? Right now, in case armory is messed, I have (unbuffed) around

16k-16.5k HP (depending on which trinkets)
16.8k Armor
23% Dodge
17% Parry
36% Block
550 Block Value (Around 700 when 2pc T5)
20 Expertise
53 Hit Rating

Im not quite positive about those last two, as I cant log in to double check, but the values should be close. What kind of upgrades in this set up should I be looking for?

Next question:

I plan on getting at least the new badge legs and belt (if not chest, if I dont win t5 first). Both of these items have fewer sockets, with fairly useful socket bonuses. Am I at the point where I should begin to socket +5agi/7stam gems in red sockets to get bonuses?

On the Belt I can use a +5agi/7stam gem to get the bonus of 3 stam, and then I am just trading 5 stam for 5 agility. On the Legs I can socket the same gem as well as a 15 stam, and switch 8 stam for 5 agility and 3 dodge rating. If I have to get the badge chest, it is the same situation as the belt. What are experienced tank's thoughts?

Lastly, are there any huge upgrades I should be striving for at this point? At the moment I consider my largest upgade to be my chest to t5, as I would gain 500 HP if I socketed it with 15 stam gems. I also consider pretty much any gear out of BT/MH to be flat out upgrades. Is there anything else I should strive for specifically?

EDIT: One other question that has been plaguing me. Personally, I find that the ridiculous stam on Battleworn benefits me more than the avoidance t5 helm gives. I dont have 4 pc t5 to test though, and am unsure if the loss of stam is worth the boost in avoidance and the potential 4pc threat buff. Anyone tried both set ups and found one they like better? Keeping in mind I am mostly trying to gear for MTing bosses.

Thanks in advance for any input you guys have over the tards at the WoW forums.

03-22-2008, 01:40 AM
Stats look fine althought I can't see your armoury profile from work.

Armour looks a little low so make sure to bring plenty of ironshield pots with you. Use them until you gear up a bit (Kaz'rogal shield, Naj'entus bracers, Supremus axe and ring, Akama boots should be in your grasp within the next week or so.) Otherwise I'd say you're fine.

03-22-2008, 11:37 AM
Awesome, thanks for the input. Ive been thinking about slapping 240 armor kit on my gloves (or wait for Silvermoon gauntlets/T6) and also switching to 120 armor to cloak, or moving back to Slikk's to grab a little extra armor. I usually dont roll with devotion in my group, but in Hyjal I have it more often than SSC/TK. Ideally I will win UW from Anetheron soon, but we use a rather unconventional loot system so I cant be sure I will acquire it.

Would moving to socket some gems with worthwhile sockets as +5agi/7stam also help that, If im only trading 5-8 stam for an equal amount of agility, I dont see a real downside, as Agility gives me armor/crit/dodge, in however minor amounts.

I know these are a lot of questions, im just trying to maximize my potential really.

03-23-2008, 01:10 AM
I would think alot of tanks went with Slikks (/w 120ac) for progressing in BT/Mh then switched to Pepes (/w 12ag or Dodge) as they got comfortable with the fights there.

03-23-2008, 05:56 AM
Unless the socket bonus is +6stam, stick with 12 or 15 stam gems.