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03-19-2008, 06:37 AM
-- pvp server -- vashj -- 5/5 9/9 progress -- LF warrior --

This is probably a long shot but you never know until you try ...

Right so, briefly about us;

The guild, Serendipity, was formed by my dearest self late summer '07 on a server I've recently migrated to, so we had a somewhat slow start; still, we killed Illidan the first raiding week Jan this year - which I guess tells you more about how easy tBC was than how awesome our guild is. Either way we're more or less one of your average BT farming guilds, with a few twists. Ideally, I see our guild as a community of players that will remain united for long times to come, we're sticking around for WLK and in the even longer term I have hopes of having an established community playing together on whatever MMO might come sometime later on (no, I'm not rerolling for AoC or Warhammer, but the general idea should be fairly obvious here)

As it stands, it's all still a work in progress - but currently it's a fairly pleasant setting to play in, not without some flaws but then again, perfection is a road and all that; we'll hopefully have decent progress in Sunwell, and even moreso in the upcoming expansion.

Our typical raid times are 1900 - with invites around 1850 - 'til 2330ish server time, with Friday & Saturday being the 'official' days off; at the moment we clear BT & Hyjal in 2 raid nights, but we also have other stuff happening throughout the rest of the week, be it TK for some more phoenixes, or some pvp or AQ or whatever lameness.

Now this is where I'll move onto what I expect from the warrior I am looking for - I need a player who is capable of and is interested in being around for more than the official cutting edge raid days - I'm looking for someone who is up for an occasional ZA run in the afternoon, who can be bothered doing a heroic or two some evening, running through SSC because everyone else felt like it, etc.

Obviously I don't expect you, or anyone else for the matter, to be online 24/7 - but it's essential that you are available for stuff apart from main raids, especially when there's no progress raids to bash our heads on and everyone's bored.

You are likely going to be prot specced more often than not, although in serious raids it's most likely that you and I will maintain a rotation between prot and dps as seen fit. Bottomline, you should be able and willing to play as either spec as required; if you prefer to be fury in progress raids, I can likely accomodate that; if you prefer to be prot, again it's something we can arrage - but you WILL be needed to play as either at some point, and you should be able to understand and accept that without whine and drama.

With me being a warrior myself, I'm willing to settle for nothing less than perfection on your part play-wise. You should always be looking for ways to improve your char in every way possible, you should have a broad knowledge of all things related to the class and be open for any discussion as to what we can do to get better - this of course works for myself as well; I am not looking for a mindless robot who does nil but follow orders, but instead a competent partner in raiding that I can rely on in every sense.

Your gear doesn't matter much to me, although realistically I expect a player of the calibre I'm looking for to be on BT / Hyjal progression level. I'm more than happy to consider applications from rerollers or whatever though, as long as you can convince me you are the one I'm looking for.

Should you be interested, or have any questions, contact me in game; server - Vashj, I may also be on my rogue alt Kyrstal. Don't bother filling out our usual application form without even speaking to me first, I'm much more interested in a two-way conversation with the person I'm looking for.

Thanks for your attention,