View Full Version : Trinkets Revisited

03-17-2008, 07:29 AM
I picked up Zuljins trinket last night. 44 parry and its use is 2500 armor. how does this compare to the pocket watch? which would you all use? I normally use autoblocker stam trinket and on hard bosses switch out autoblocker for the pocketwatch.

03-17-2008, 09:49 AM
Those two trinkets give about same %avoidance passively, so when you compare them, you actually compare on-use effects. Pocketwach grants ~15% dodge on-use that will result in very large statistical decrease in damage taken over long period of time. It has the greater effect the greater your avoidance is and, in extreme conditions, may even make you virtually immune to melee damage (~68% avoidance and DWing boss). On the other hand, ZA trinket gives less over long time, but has the arguably greater benefit of certainly doing something every time you use it instead of relying on luck. It also works in situations you are stunned or otherwise incabable to dodge.

To summarize, I'd use ZA trinket over Pocketwatch most of the time, just to be sure I get something out of that on-use. If I had about 60% avoidance I'd use Pocketwatch because at that high avoidance rates it would be fairly reliable and give far greater benefit over time tham ZA trinket.