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03-11-2008, 01:25 PM
We started this guy last week and had a full night off attempts and obviously wipe after wipe. And I was curious if anyone had any tips on where the tanks should stand when we get the boss in position? (I saw a bloodboil thread but didn't see much on this)

(Facts might be a little wrong but) Anyone can get that acid debuff I believe, but the warrior off-tank needs to get rage from that Cleave. Where is the best place to get that cleave without getting the debuff?

When you are about to take over should the off-tank who is becoming the main tank move to the middle, or have the tanks move to the sides of you?

03-11-2008, 01:38 PM
Intervene is your friend, or you can joust to take Arcing Smash for rage. Acidic wound is only applied to the current target, pretty sure it isn't applied by AS. The current MT needs to not go balls out on threat or you'll be transitioning with deaths - after a point I just stand there doing autoattack + Shield Block so that the next tank can get close before Fel Rage. The bulk of your DPS should be in Phase 2 when there is no hatelist; tell the DPS to keep it in their pants during P1.

We just bodypull Gurtogg and back him to the bottom third of the ramp on the right side (as you look down), while the raid sets up on the left side for Bloodboil swapping.

Use misdirects and BoP to help ease transitions. BoP will be much more useful if the tanks are close enough in threat that you can get 110% while the bubble is up. Syncing tank threat makes this fight a refreshing break from the usual fare!

If your healers can heal a clothie with Fel Rage and not an extra tank taking Arcing Smash for a transition, something is not right. We just have the new tank come take AS for extra rage/mana to help with the overtake.

We all use this macro to keep each other and the healers up to speed:
/run local n,c for i=1,10 do n,_,_,c=UnitDebuff("player",i) if n=="Acidic Wound" then SendChatMessage(UnitName("player").."=> Acidic Wound x"..c, "RAID") break end end

03-11-2008, 02:00 PM
Alright so intervene the MT as OT to get rage...

Would you still do that once you got done MT'ing? Because you would have a stack of debuffs on you and intervening would refresh that... confused in that part...

And if ya don't how would you get rage in that case?

03-11-2008, 02:09 PM
We position Gurtogg in front of the waterfall on the right as your looking down at him and have blood boil groups run to the waterfall on the left...there's a nice change in ground coloration there that helps blood boil groups get positioned well. The target position is right in the middle, but he often shifts slightly after fel rages / knock backs. There's other guilds that tank him where he stands and use the torches for BB group positioning...your mileage may vary.

We normally use a druid and two warriors for the fight with one of the warriors starting the fight. The MT has to slow down, especially early in the fight, or the OTs just won't catch up (well, maybe our feral). That being said, I can normally tank until the first fel rage with under ten stacks in full avoidance gear and blowing my dodge trinkets early.

We normally BoP any tank over 10 stacks (should only be one) coming out of each fel rage to force transitions. Additionally, the BoP'ed tank should stand outside of melee range if they're still highest on threat. MDs are generally used on the second warrior and we have the dps just take it slow. Threat wise, if we can stay in front of our CoH priests we figure we're doing enough. Rage / haste potions can be your friend as well.

Whoever is currently tanking BB tries to stay in the same position as the initial tank...with BB facing the waterfall. OTs shift in front if they're about to take him over or if they need rage off a cleave, otherwise they're on his back left foot and melee is on his back right foot.

Also...OTs can build up a full rage bar coming out of fel rages...either auto attack BB or rage from the DoT. That being said, we generally like to keep our tanks back so if the fel rage target dies, the tank has a second to react and hit shield wall, etc.

03-11-2008, 02:30 PM
One thing that really helped my guild progress, was stacking the tank group for dps. Normally I run without a shaman or feral drood but I always take one for Bloodboil... Alot of guilds run a Wf/Lotp tank group to start with so this may not apply to you, but man it helps.

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03-11-2008, 04:10 PM
Arcane Smash does have the standard chance to apply Acidic Wound by the way, so if your stack is high or you want it to not go any higher, you should stop eating those cleaves.

03-19-2008, 07:40 AM
As an offtank it's all about rage management. I try to intervene the MT early in the fight and make sure your back is towards Bloodboil after the intervene so you won't dodge/parry the attack. If you manage to catch an Acidic Wound then it's just bonus for you since it gives rage. Same goes for the Acid Breath, try to catch it early on in the fight. Offtanks should be positioned on the side of Gurtogg and melee on the back. When he Acidic Breathes on a melee they should turn him around to minimize the raid damage.

The first phase is definately the hardest since your rage will be limited. It's way easier later on since you'll most likely have some stacks of the dot ticking and you can use Fel Rage phase to get a full rage bar.

My guild usually doesn't put shamans in tank groups on bosses and this is no exception, the mana is way better spend for a healer/caster group. Threat should'nt be a problem if you're good at managing your rage.

04-08-2008, 06:48 PM
Use misdirects and BoP to help ease transitions. BoP will be much more useful if the tanks are close enough in threat that you can get 110% while the bubble is up. Syncing tank threat makes this fight a refreshing break from the usual fare!

I just dont get this. Wouldnt BoP eliminate the tank totally from the threat list? I mean taking him to the bottom of the meter?

Thanks :)

04-09-2008, 05:21 AM
only for the duration of the bop ;) if the other tanks havent built enough threat during the bop, gurtogg will go back to you and keep putting on debuffs..
We found using BoPs very risky since his knockback for some reason has a bad habit of happening during a disorient (and in this case a bop).. so you could have a combo of

1. BoP on MT (gurtogg goes to mt2)
2. Disorient on MT2 (should go to mt3)
3. Knockback on MT3..

which leaves you with gurtogg going back to the mt1 when BoP goes off.. you could probably time the BoP but we havent really found it worth using

04-09-2008, 03:48 PM
Ah cheers :D

04-15-2008, 08:58 AM
We position him on the waterfall to the right of the ramp and the groups eating the Bloodboils are in the waterfall to the left. Communication is VERY important in this fight so people know when they are next for bloodboil. Prayer of healing and circle of healing are great in this fight. The 4th bloodboil is the make or break because it's usually bloodboil, then he fel enrages so healers have their hands full with keeping the last BB group alive and the person now Fel Enrage tanking him. It's important that the 4th bloodboil group takes the bloodboil then everyone spreads out quickly so they dont eat a cleave when he charges the Fel Enraged person.

As far as tanking. We start with a prot pally. Me (prot warrior) and a feral druid stand at the side and eat cleaves (or I intervene) for rage. We all try to stay close to each other in threat. The reason the prot pally is really good, is because he can bubble out of the acid wounds so he can stay in a long time and bubble during the 2nd fel enrage to lose the debuffs. It feels like cheating it's so easy.

With this strat, me and the feral druid usually only pick him up towards the end or after a knock-back or disorient.