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03-03-2008, 10:26 PM
http://www.theoryspot.com/photoplog/images/1/2_TankSpotNews.jpgTalent Builds (Leveling & Endgame)
This is a compilation of all of the recommended leveling specs found across the site. This includes Fury DPS, Arms, Arms PVE, and Protection specs, as well as the comprehensive leveling spec in Mordok's guide.

Click Here To View "Warrior Talent Builds." (http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/tankspot-library/35782-warrior-talent-builds-leveling-endgame.html)

Weapon Trainers
"Of Steel," the Warrior leveling guide, has been updated with a comprehensive Warrior Trainer list for both Horde and Alliance.

Click Here To Read "Of Steel." (http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/tankspot-library/31970-steel-guidelines-new-leveling-warriors.html)