View Full Version : tank gearing for hydross (who to gear)

03-03-2008, 07:00 AM
yay! another hydross thread!

who to give the resist gear to. we have an abundance of tanks. i know our pally and druid will be on adds, probably with one of our extra warriors unless we stack the raid which we generally dont do. now - our warriors are for the most part equally geared. our 'MT' (myself) is sitting at almost 17k+ unbuffed in eh gear, our lowest geared pvp's alot and has a lot of resilience and is pretty close to 490def and 15k health. she is the one im wondering about -

we have almost all our hydross gear made. one of our tanks farmed the NR set and will take that phase, i plan to get both sets to fill in either role depending on who is around, which leaves the other FrR set. it occured to me this morning that our tank with lots of resilience would be a good option to this - simply because her crit immune levels would be easy to reach and she would have a lot of stam / armor. should we kit her out and work on another set for our other warrior or have her take adds / dps when we fight him? my big concern with two of the tanks is they (or their wife) are both 7months pregnant, and i know come late april / may we will probably loose two tanks for a while.

also - for the OT's - should they just use AH +resist gear, or should they have crafted gear and just split the resist numbers?


03-06-2008, 03:58 PM
put two plate tanks in the crafted gear, get them resist capped and crit immune

don't bother with resist gear for offtanks
we use 2 fury warriors in their prot gear, a feral tank and one of the resist tanks to pick up adds, only thing that matters is a decent hp pool and don't let 1 person tank 3 adds (all 4 tank one)

warlocks seed, rest single target dps with adds around the boss, aoe around the boss helps staying ahead of enrage timer

and you can't stress it enough, stop dps in time for the aggro reset and give the tank a couple seconds

and goodluck on hydross

and about the sets: you're a guild, can't believe its hard to farm /buy mats for another resist set when the time comes