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03-01-2008, 03:54 PM
I don't get why warrior tanks are so adamant about not wearing pala tank gear. If its obviously better even with the spell damage stats, why not use it. First there is Belt of the Guardian, only the BT tanking belt has more stamina/block value, yet warrior don't want to use it just cause it is a paladin belt.

Now there is 2 badge rewards, Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian, and Sabatons of the Righteous Defender, both of which are better than what most warriors can get at that lvl of progression.
(Spell hit and Spell damage have been omitted from these 2 paladin pieces in these comparisons)

Warbringer Chestguard
1510 armor
84 stamina (gemmed with star of elunes)
22 defense
45 block value (block rating omitted since basically only good for passive uncrushability set)

Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian (paladin chest with spell damage)
1607 armor
96 stamina (gemmed with star of elunes)
22 defense
38 dodge rating

The paladin chest piece is clearly better for most tanking, maybe not for threat, but u can always put in a separate threat set when needed.

Red Havoc Boots
1105 armor
49 stamina
32 defense
30 block value (block rating omitted since basically only good for passive uncrushability set)

Sabatons of the Righteous Defender (paladin boots with spell hit and spell damage)
1105 armor
69 stamina (gemmed with star of elunes)
18 defense
30 block value (block rating omitted since basically only good for passive uncrushability set)

Pala boots clearly better here look at the hp difference, defense rating once reach 490 uncrit, only good for avoidance/which shouldnt really be stacked/ hp/armor has more benefits to stack once reaching 490

Actually comparing the stats of Jungle Stompers and Boots of the Resilient, only the Boots of the Resilient comes close to the pala boots, and still the pala boots are better.

Jungle Stompers
1105 armor
55 stamina (gemmed with star of elunes)
20 defense
47block value (with gem bonus and block rating omitted since basically only good for passive uncrushability set)

Pala boots have 14more stamina, 17 less block value...hmmm 140hp, or 17 block...pala boots are better here also

Finally, Boots of the Resilient comparison

Boots of the Resilient
1105 armor
75stamina (gemmed with star of elunes)
25 defense
0 block value (block rating omitted since basically only good for passive uncrushability set)

Pala boots have 6 less stamina, but 30 more block value, hmm 60hp, or 30 block...
Boots of the Resilient of course has slightly more effective health, but 1 use of shield block (2 blocks in 5 secs), thats 60hp saved right there. And on top of that 30 block value adding to every shield slam threat.
Pala boots are met close by these boots but are still generally better. (If going for passive uncrushability set of course the pala boots are not the best choice)

03-01-2008, 04:05 PM
I wore my gay pink/lavendar pally belt proudly forever.

For me it was simply this... Big upgrade immediately over Karazhan belt, or wait to see if Leotheras dropped his. Leo never dropped it, and I went from Guardian to Girdle of Stability.

And frankly, I'm bidding on the next pair of Tide-stomper's Greaves that drop for an EH set. 15 Akama kills later and I'm still using Red Havoc Boots. I'd still use Red Havoc for a threat set, but Tide-stomper's win the EH fight.

03-01-2008, 05:22 PM
There's nothing wrong in using "paladin type" gear, it's just some stupid thinking of most of the noob warriors around that would not wear "inferior" paladin gear even if they are still wearing a blue in their slot. (it's that kind of warrior that asks nerfs for SH cause he can't imagine doing it without 3 CC)

I clearly remind our MT said he would have taken the next Illidari Runeshield that would have dropped if he didn't menage to get something better than the ALD before Illidan :)

There's nothing wrong in having some spelldamage even as warrior. In case someone points you, tell him that's for bandage spec ;)
Anyone that says you are stupid wearing a paladin item (why paladin, it doesn't have Class: Paladin written on it anyway) even if your old one was worse, should be directly added to your ignorelist imo :)

And that belt is not gay, it's cool! :(

03-01-2008, 05:29 PM
Talho - why is block rating and defense useless stats? You are making the assumption that everyone is past 490 and uncrittable. Block rating is not a useless stat, depending on gear sets you might need a piece of hear high in block rating to make up for a shortfall somewhere else. Just starting in ZA I am seeing may pieces without any defense on them, so I'm sure most people will always keep some pieces to mix and match and make up for it. I agree with you on the chest piece, pally badge one is very nice, but I would never give up my jungle stompers or red havoc boots for the sabatons.

03-01-2008, 05:42 PM
Umm yea, I am assuming most tanks are 490 defense (or a little less with some resilence). Effective health is more valuable than stacking defense over 490 ( defense has benefits just that its only some avoidance its not that useful compared to effective health).

And theres never a need to pick pieces to get high block rating, unless you are going for passive uncrushability set. Block rating is there primarily to make you uncrushable (with shield block ability activated, giving +75% block rating, you can have base 15%dodge, 15%parry 0%block and still be uncrushable)

And having a few more block rating is only going to change white hits into block, but not remove crushing blows from the combat table unless you start to get up in the 85+% combined miss/dodge/parry/block without using shield block ability.

So generally block rating is not useful unless for passive uncrushablity set, like I stated with the gear comparisons.