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02-26-2008, 08:27 AM
I bought a +15 stam gem and have another from the ZA quest chain so I'm looking at my gear trying to find a home for them and having some trouble since I dont see a Piece of gear that I dont want to replace fairly soon with the 2.4 badge gear or (hopefully) some T5

We are 4/6 SSC 3/4 TK and I have all the badge gear except Gauntlets ,the BS Chest, and T4 Helm / Gloves


Since I have Blacksmithing chest I think my first piece of 2.4 badge loot will be the Chest - which has a red slot (curse them :-) I have been feeling the lack of a true tanking chest lately.

I can get T5 Gloves or Legs pretty easily but I'm not all that excited by the legs vs the Badge Legs, the gloves i'd like mainly for the 2 piece T5 bonus - but since we are in progression mode Survivability > Threat

Any advice would be appreciated.

02-26-2008, 10:20 AM
You know you can put any color gem into any color slot, right? You just won't get the socket bonus. For most sets, using a 4agi/6sta or 4def/6sta gem isn't worth the +3 dodge rating you get when compared to the 12sta you'd otherwise put in it.

I'm not sure if I'd upgrade the blacksmithing chest for even the badge gear, because of the amount of threat you get from it (and with +12sta gems in every socket it's still got nice survivability if you can afford the loss of defense), but that's just me.

I wish I could see your armory right now so I could tell you where I'd recommend putting it, but armory's being dumb because of the patch.

02-26-2008, 10:54 AM
I wish I could see your armory right now so I could tell you where I'd recommend putting it, but armory's being dumb because of the patch.

I know and i'll routinely ignore them. But for the Badge Tank chest there is a +3 stam bonus for using the right color jewel - thats hard to pass up on.

I havent really compared the new Armorsmithing chest to the Badge reward chest, i'm hoping that the Armor levels on the new items are in error since they are still T5-ish - the iLevel of the item should have much higher armor levels.

Basicially thats the kind of advice i'm looking for - is there any gear that i'll be using for a long time to come that is worth dumping the +12 gems for +15 - since the +15's dont grow on trees for me :-)

02-26-2008, 12:14 PM
Now that your armory is working, really I'd say that your most durable piece is still your Blacksmithed BP. The problem is really inherent in your question: most of the pieces that you'll keep for a long time aren't the best EH items we'll have after badges come out, which is what you'd want to save your 15stam gems for. Usually the items with high retention time are threat pieces (t5 set, BoAK, badge threat gear that has no sockets).

You mentioned that survivability > threat for progression, though, and I only half agree. You need high threat for those fights because you need your DPS to burn as much as possible before healer mana becomes an issue, or attrition from people who make mistakes gets you. So, I think that using the T5 set would still be beneficial, and the set bonus gives it longevity. Maybe the shoulders would be a good spot to put it.