View Full Version : tank (and dps) rotations

02-25-2008, 08:16 AM
i have a mixed blessing of a problem. we have too many tanks to take with us every raid. they are all competent and well geared, but 5 tanks doesnt really add much to our raid other than we can pick up adds easily.

we have:
1 prot pally
2 feral (one isnt raiding much)
4 prot warriors (myself included - effectively MT)
2 dps warriors with good tank sets (who rarely need to tank due to the number of tanks we have)

what im looking for help with is some sort of system or ideas for one to rotate people in and out fairly. taking volunteers is great, but it doesnt solve the issue because the same people always volunteer. i really would like everyone to be able to MT or OT as needed, so rotating through various slots would also be great - but on one or two occasions when i have sat out they had issues on trash that shouldnt have happened :confused:

edit: we are 3/4 TK, Lurker in SSC - heading towards tidewalker next. al'ar and lurker went down for the first time last week.