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02-19-2008, 02:47 AM
<Reincarnation> An alliance guild of Barthilas(PvP) formed of mainly Asian members is recruiting the following classes:

Fury/Arms Warrior x 1
Survival Hunter x 1
Resto Shaman x 2
Enhancement Shaman x 1
Elemental Shaman x 1
Resto Druid x 1

Please kindly follow the template provided.
WoW Barthilas(PvP) Guild - Reincarnation &bull; View topic - Application Form (http://www.reincarnation-guild.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7)

What We Look for in a Member
Consistency: Able to maintain an 70% attendance for raids is a MUST. We schedule raids six days a week and expect our members to be available for most, if not all, of these raids. New members will be carefully watched and evaluated for raid availability and raid contribution in the guild. Those recruits with consistent availability will be considered as core raiders.

Attitude and Performance
We are looking for members with an enthusiasm for raiding content. Our ideal recruits will not only attend nearly all our raids, but they will enjoy pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of raiding excellence. Success in raiding depends on consistent teamwork. One individual's mistakes can prevent success in an encounter, but one individual cannot achieve success in any raiding encounter. We are looking for individuals that can place the needs of the entire raid before personal glory.

Player Requirements
- Level 70
- Geared from SSC/TK (T5 or equivalent)

Raid Schedule
Monday 9pm TW (11pm Server time)
Wednesday 9pm TW (11pm Server time)
Thursday 9pm TW (11pm Server time)
Friday 9pm TW (11pm server)
Saturday 9pm TW (11pm server)
Remark: Weekdays raids consist of 4-5hours. Weekends: subjected to raid leader's disposition
*TW = Taiwan/SG time zone

About Us
We were originally from Tichondrius <PvP> a US West Coast server. Finding members that can raid at 6am server was horrible and have decided to try things out on this oceanic server.

We are a mature guild that does constant raiding and enjoy the game as much as we can, but during raiding time we expect our members to be serious.

We are an Asian based guild of Indo, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, HK, etc,... but with a good mixture of other nationality in guild too, peeps from USA, Canada, Australia and others. We also love to hang around in-game to chat fool around, chill out, farm, etc,... during non-raid times. Last but not least... Anyone from any place of the world, if you think you can commit to our raiding time, feel free to sign up. We will consider anyone who is able to commit to our raiding time.

Mainly of our members has been playing WoW since Molten Core all the way to Naxx and now Burning Crusade. Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, SSC, TK, MH & BT are fully cleared & farming. Currently 2/6 Suwell.

Do not apply if U...
- Get burn out of raids.
- Cannot commit to a full run of raids.
- Cannot take harsh comments from the raid leader, offended by the use of profanity, or jokes.
- Under the age of 18.
- Cannot stay positive after numerous wipes.
- Complain about repair bills.
- Cheapass f#$@ who don't use buffs (Flask, Elixir, Food-buff, Weapon Oil).
- And lastly... Don't understand the meaning of teamwork.

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