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02-18-2008, 12:08 PM

***We are in great need of 1-2 tanks who can work well with others and those who have a desire to see content here and beyond!***

***With 2.4 on the PTR, we're picking up the pace on recruitment. Now's the time to get in!***

Static, a Horde Raiding PvE oriented guild on the Ysera realm, is looking to increase our roster by a few.

Website is: static-ftw.com

We're VERY demanding on applicants, and we won't even bother to look at you unless you can truthfully handle T6 content.

Do you have low Hit Rating, Expertise, AP and/or Crit? (MELEE!)
Does your +Damage not exceed 1200? (CASTER!)
Does your +Healing not exceed 1900? (HEALER!)
Do your Hit Points not exceed 18,500? (TANK!)

If you answered yes to any of these, don't even bother applying.

We're not here to help you get geared, nor are we here to help you learn how to play in a 25 man raid setting. We're here to continue progressing and excelling at what we do, and that would be raiding. We don't log on 2 or 3 nights a week to hear about your day at work, or to hear about your current problems in your life. We log on to raid and to push the limits.

Here is a run down of what we do, and what we need:

We raid Tuesday - Thursday from 9pm - 1am EST; bear in mind this is because everything is on farm status. Once Sunwell Plateau hits we will revert back to raiding 4-5 nights a week instead of 2-3. Again, as the title stated, we have cleared all content. Illidan has bitten the dust.

(On a quick side note, if you're a tank applying, you will be required to build and/or have a Fire Resist set.)

At this point in time we are on farm-mode for months to come, and we will be accepting a majority of classes and/or specs. We would love to increase our roster by 2-3 people over this next month, but we judge applicants very, very harshly. Don't hesitate to apply if you meet our requirements, though.

Classes we're accepting:

Druid - Feral & Restoration.
Hunter - Survival.
Mage - None.
Paladin - None.
Priest - Holy & Shadow.
Rogue - None.
Shaman - Elemental & Restoration.
Warlock - None.
Warrior - Arms, Fury & Protection. (Tauren only for Prot, sorry)

Those are our main needs as of right now. If for some reason you have a friend who would like to transfer with you, don't hesitate to let us know. Things can always be adjusted and accommodated for. You've basically read what we need, and what we expect. If you feel like you can fit one of those roles, and perform properly, then contact us. If you know that you're lazy and you don't commit 100% then please don't bother us and we won't bother you.

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