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02-13-2008, 04:15 PM

PERDITION, a Horde Re-roll guild is already ROCKIN! :cool:

We JUST started our 25 mans JANUARY 2nd, 2008 :eek:
Here is our progression kill list (see wowjutsu for updates)

Kara - Clear
Zul'aman - CLEAR!
HKM - Down
Gruul - Down
Mag - Down
Kazzak - Down
Lurker - Down
Hydross - Down
Tidewalker - Down
Leo - Down
Fathom - Down
Voidreaver - Down
Solarian - Down
Alar - Down

First night on Vashj - just entered phase III Hurry! come on over!!! Don't Delay!

We are a fun guild of friends who collected together for a raiding time that worked for us. We raid:

Sun - 6 - 10 pm PST
Mon - 6 - 10 pm PST
Tues 6- 10 pm PST
Wed 6- 10 pm PST

Off nights we hit an organized kara for badges, ZA, preforms, arena & pvp. Some of us just heroic & farm. But we love the atmosphere & community!

a) are not at least: Mostly kara geared, with some T4 pieces, heroic or t5 mix
b) are competitive, not a team player or an elitest jerk
c) are not competent, mature & skilled at playing your class
d) have ever been kicked out of a guild for loot conflicts or drama
e) are a "boss" farmer raider only. Only show up for raids once a boss is on farm.
f) you cannot keep a 75% attendance rating or better.
g) have thin skin, get offended easily, or cannot accept a little constructive advice.

Please APPLY, we are waiting to embrace you if you...
a) are mature
b) enjoy progression but understand /comprehend the work it takes to kill new bosses
c) can adequately farm & supply your own raiding mats & habits
d) enjoy learning, growing and excelling your toon & helping others do the same
e) can laugh at yourself & others, never take yourself too seriously
f) you can commit to your guild, and the progression of your guild / guildies whole heartedly
g) have a great heart, love the game, and enjoy supporting / seeing others reach their goals too.

Ranked 3rd on the server Horde, 7th overall. Soon to compete for #1 we aim to conquer all we can possibly conquer without sacrificing the quality of people, the loyalty of our guildies or overall community we have established in our 2.5 years of raiding together in MMO's/RPGs.

We are currently recruiting the following classes:

1) Protection Pally - who knows the mechanics of his class & how to play him/her
2) Protection tank - NO dps warriors please lol
3) Destro Lock
4) Mage

All other raiders interested in applying feel free as you know people's real life schedules things can change in an instant! Feel like this may be the perfect fit something you've been really looking for? Don't hesitate to send us a tell or throw up an application on the website. :)

Feel free to roll an alt in game on the server. :) Chat with us in vent, we are very personable & down to earth. No one gets "paid" to play this game (well most of us dont lol) so why not enjoy it & have a blast!!

Perdition Community Officer


Perdition Guild
Gnomergan Server