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02-11-2008, 05:24 PM
Being stuck at work Mon. - Fri. 8 to 5, I have alot of time to browse forums and theorycraft and what not.....

Although I can't say for sure one does not exist, I have never been able to find a spreadsheet or forum thread on relative threat gained from different ratings found on tank gears.

So last week I decided to make one. Being I know the combat mechanics of tanking very well, and it didnt seem too difficult a task, I gave it a shot. However, Im novice at making spreadsheet simulators and having no way to upload it, I just gonna post some results. The spreadsheet itself would be very confusing as i created it without regard for others looking at it. It's pretty rough, ugly, and non-user-friendly.

Objective: Show a relative threat per second gain from different tanking stats for given tank setup.

1. Values do not scale linearly, as most spreadsheets will show for most combat ratings.
2. Using reasonable overall tank stat numbers the comparisons hold true over a resonable range. Example 500-1000 AP 400-1000 SBV 10-20% Crit.

Some Variables Used:

1. Data calculated over 1000 threat cycles.
2. Threat Cycle Rotation: SS -> RV -> DV -> DV ...repeat
3. Heroic Strike Frequency/Ratio: 70% heroic strike/30% normal melee
4. No buffs included
5. Common Talents: Shield Mastery 3/3, 1hand spec 5/5, Defiance3/3, defense stance threat and dmg modifiers.
6. Level 73 Boss type
7. Boss Armor dmg reduction: 25% (roughly a fully sundered Hyjal Boss)

Example: Stats used:

SBV = 450 (585 shown talented)
AP = 600
Weapon = dmg 160.5 : speed 1.6 : dps 100.3
Hit% 5.00
Crit% 10.00
Exp% 4.50

Relative Threat Comparisons:

Total TPS: 815.2

The following will add approx. 11 TPS with current gear setup:
1. 2% Threat enchant gloves
2. 50 SBV (raw before talented 30% bonus)
3. 200 AP
4. 44 Crit rating (2%)
5. 10 exp rating (.63%)
6. 20 hit rating (1.27%)
7. 66 agility

The following will add approx.18 TPS with current gear setup:
1. T6 4 piece bonus

The following will add approx.15 TPS with current gear setup:
1. Increasing weapon dps by 10
2. Decreasing weapon speed by 0.1

Post if you have any questions.
Ill edit if i forgot anything ...which I probably did. :)

02-11-2008, 08:12 PM
I know of 2 calculators:

Tanking TPS sheet (Elitist Jerks)
[Warrior] Tanking TPS sheet. - Elitist Jerks (http://elitistjerks.com/f31/t11634-warrior_tanking_tps_sheet/)

And Thugthedum wrote a simulator that actually plays out a number of swings with realistic avoidance streaks and the rotation is based off how much rage you have available.

02-18-2008, 06:55 PM
So the second link is a PHP page which seems to look good however i'm confused. The dagger tick box seems to not affect the TPS as TPS rates between 680 and 740.....is it fair to say that it's not expecting you to HS much?