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02-11-2008, 02:35 AM
After a discussion with several tanks in my guild, I thought I'd try to get a better understanding on what sort of stats other tanks should be stacking for agro fights - thinking primarily VR, but also for tanking stuff that the tank outgears.

For warriors my advice is:
- Stack expertise, hit and blockvalue - luckily in most slots (at the progression we are) these don't overlap - so it is: expertise (bracers), hit&expertise (neck), hit or expertise (weapon) and the rest block value (with an odd ring or trinket with +hit). With spicy talbuk ofc.

For pallies, having scanned maintankadin, it appears as if spell damage > expertise, spell hit, melee hit (in no particular order). That's obviously a very much simplified statement, but there seems to be consensus that spell damage is definitely best but by how much and the order of the other stats seems more open to argument. Interestingly, the badges bracers are still recommended at the sort of gear level that we are at.
When stacking spell damage is the normal practice to use a different weapon and +spell damage food, and then in a similar way to warriors to utilise rings/neck/trinkets? For VR and early T5 fights, what sort of number +spell damage would constitute a nice number to aim at? Guessing this may make the pally crushable, but I don't see this as a problem on VR.

For bear druids:
I'm battling to find a nice comparison something along the lines of x strength = y tps, and the same for hit, expertise, strength, agi? Presuming bears are like warriors in the fact that all their attacks can be parried/dodged, that makes expertise twice as good as hit (at least until the soft cap). But I don't see many/any druids stacking it, is this because they don't like dropping their armour/dodge values, even when they can (ie. VR who doesn't hit that hard); lack of gear; lack of understanding or because they don't use/need a threat set.

I know some of this is oversimplified but I'm looking for some basic rules of thumb.

02-11-2008, 04:27 AM
For paladins, ~250 spelldamage in early TK is usual, I believe.

As for druids, the main reason they don't stack Expertise is because they really can't. They have Shattrath Leggings/Clefthoof Hide Leggings, Grips of Deftness/Gloves of the Searing Grip, Shoulderpads of the Stranger and Belt of One-Hundred Deaths -- and that's it for leather gear with Expertise. They can also wear the jewellery and use Earthwarden. But aside from the Expertise, none of the leather gear is particularly good as tanking gear -- and it'll probably also be wanted by rogues.

For druids, I'd say the best way to increase threat is to stack Expertise, followed by Agility, followed by Strength, followed by hit.