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02-08-2008, 09:31 AM
I put this together for my guild's tank now that we're trying to rotate in a lot more tanks into SSC as we (hopefully) move one raid into Hyjal soon. It assumes you've read the overall descriptions of the fights, and is focused on duties as an OT.

Obviously, you'll need to lay eyes on it for a lot of it to really "click" but with these basics your learning curve should be amped up considerably.


Most likely, you'll be assigned an add on the inner circular platform for the stages when Lurker himself submerges. Ask someone in the raid where he spawns, camp that spot when he dives and pick up the add when it pops. They wallop and have a cleave. Face them away from the inside of the ring and back up to the edge of the platform so melee has plenty of room to work with behind him. They can be concussion blowed and disarmed, and I'd recommend doing one, then the other.

While Lurker is up, you'll just be DPSing. #1 rule - do NOT get hit by a spout. That is a flat-out idiot test. All you have to do is walk forward and fall into the water when you hear someone call spout. Then just sit there and keep hammering on him and Lurker will actually knock you back out of the water for free. Basically, if this fight is too confusing for you, you have problems.


2 main things - Aggro fighting and Inner Demons

You'll most likely just be slugging it out with the other tanks to pick up aggro after his whirlwinds. THIS IS AN INTERVENE TEST, so be quick with it. He'll take off for someone after every WW, and there's about a 99% chance it won't be you. You may also be placed on totem camp duty. If so, just stand by a searing totem during the whirlwinds. Sometimes he takes off after those totems after a WW, so you'll be positioned to grab him after he one-shots it. Start raining your best aggro-gen rotations. It's just straight tanking once you've got his attention. CEASE AND DESIST the instant he goes into demon form. You do not want his aggro on you in that phase. You can probably survive his fireballs, but all the melee standing 2 feet from you just got their lunch eaten. They're not saying thanks.

For inner demons, just watch for him to cast Insidious Whisper. At that point, stop spamming your specials and start saving rage. I also start spamming tab to see if my target changes. If it does, you've got a demon and your only goal right now is to DPS it down. Don't go all spastic and blow your wad and then be left there with no rage. Hit him with what you can, but your #1 concern is keeping enough rage for a spell reflect. Sooner or later, he'll casting. That's your cue to pop spell reflect and he just got pwnt. If he's not in execute range by that point, he soon will be.


Awesome fight for a tank test. All eyes will be on you. The jobs are totally different depending on where you are assigned. Get the breakdown from the other tanks in the raid depending on where you're assigned. The basics:

Caribdis (the Priest)

This is probably where you'll go on your first attempt. She is a very good test for tank attentiveness and reaction time. At the pull, stand with the other tanks in the center of the room and pull her off to the corner ASAP (they'll show you where). Aggro from DPS is not a concern generally, so she's just a normal spank/tank until the primary DPS target reaches 70% HP. At that point your sole responsibility becomes interrupting her heals. Have your tanklist targets turned on if you don't already. When you see the DPS target get around 70%, stop all special attacks and just spam heroic strike and Shield Block to prevent getting caught in a global cooldown when she starts casting. Even with Curse of Tongues on her, it's about a 1 second cast time, so you've got to be Johnny-on-the-spot. Adjust whatever it is that you use to monitor target cast times so that there's no way you can miss it. You'll need to be vocal in vent if Curse of Tongues falls off her and you don't see it reapplied within a few seconds. Her cooldown is at least as long as Shield Bash, so after an interrupt you can usually get away with refreshing your buffs/debuffs and maybe throw down a Shield Slam or something. Once you see your SB cooldown almost up, go back into the holding pattern with heroic Strikes and keep your finger on the trigger to interrupt.

Stay mindful of interrupting her heals all the way until she's dead (i.e. don't get swept up in the madness once DPS is on her). I like to try to refresh all my buffs and debuffs once I see the target hit about 75%, but it's probably not essential. Do Not, under and circumstance, burn a GCD during that Heroic Strike pattern to refresh things like sunder, demo, T-Clap, or Commanding Shout. She will jump on that shit and cast a heal before you know what's happening. Her heals hit for about 30% of the adds' HP, and you're up against an enrage timer, so a single heal getting through can mean a wipe. Our DPS has stepped up lately, so they might be able to get through it, but it's still nasty.

Oh yeah, and she'll also occasionally encase you in ice, in which case there's nothing you can do if she casts while that happens, so you'll have to hope your backup ranged interrupt catches it. Oh, and also there's a whirlwind that will be milling all around you. It doesn't damage much, if at all, but it'll toss you around and can chuck you out of interrupt range, so try to avoid it. Other than that, it's cake. Twisted Evil

Sharkkis (The hunter)

This is a 2-mob tanking/pickup test. I've personally never done this role, so maybe someone else can chime in here. Basically, looks like it's hold the hunter, while picking up the pet every so often when it spawns. I think you hear him whistle, and that means the pet is somewhere really close by, so go get his ass. Gotta keep enough aggro on the pet to keep them off the raid healers (who are pumping out some hardcore healing at this point) and warriors with itchy whirlwind trigger fingers.

Tidalvess (The Shaman)

An absolute pounding like nothing you've received ever to this point. Makes Mag's last channeler and Prince Phase 2 feel like sunny strolls through a field of daisies.

This is pure survival mode. Do everything you can to stay alive. You'll probably get a misdirect on the pull, which gives you a little threat headroom. use it to get Commanding Shout, Demo Shout, and Thunder Clap applied ASAP. Pop an Ironshield potion at the pull because you probably won't have time to use a Health Pot if you need one anyway. He can't crush, but use Shield Blocks to mitigate damage. An unlucky sequence can hit you for 15-16k in under a second. Just a normal windfury proc can tag you for 6-9k. This is not a fight where you will see your HP slowly whittle down and have time to react. This is a fight where you will get one-shot from 40% HP and never know what hit you. be proactive in mitigation and adjust your "panic button threshold" - If you're at 40% HP, it's time to panic - blow cooldowns, pop stones, pots, trinkets, whatever you've got. You will never see 10%, so don't try to save cooldowns for it.

On top of staying alive, you'll need massive burst threat ASAP. Luckily, rage won't be an issue. Twisted Evil Expertise is an excellent stat for this fight, both to increase aggro and to reduce parries. He already hits fast enough, you don't want to let him parry you to speed it up any more.

P.S. - Your raid leader should take care of this, but make sure you have a shaman in your group for grounding totems, and if anyone gets a misdirect on the pull, it's you (he doesn't drop totems until he reaches melee range).


Not a ton to do here for off-tanks. Focus on keeping debuffs on Tidewalker and buffs on your group. If you're in the paladin/murloc tank's group, remember you'll have to run back to the Pally to buff her with commanding shout. Probably not a bad idea to run back there when the murlocs come anyway, just to drop a demo shout and T-Claps on them to reduce the damage she takes. Be careful to not start doing damage to any murlocs before AOE is game on, because you'll run the risk of setting off seeds of corruption before the pally has solid aggro and they'll run straight for the AOEers. That's probably a wipe.


Phase 1, be ready to get away from ppl if you get the charge.

Phase 2 = head on a swivel watching for Naga. Start watching for Naga ~5-8 seconds before the Bigwigs timer says they're coming because sometimes they come early. Start running and spamming Intervene once you target a Naga, cause' you'll probably be out of range at first. Once you've got your Naga, be extremely aware of your surroundings, especially other raid members (cleave) and striders (fear). If you need to camp on the stairs a sec to let a strider pass, do it. Eventually, start bringing your naga back towards the center. You're going through an area littered with raid members, DPSers, kiters and healers, so you may need to take a somewhat roundabout trip. Do not expect people to stop casts to move out of your way. We need their DPS so you should be the one to adapt.

Once your naga is dead, play zone defense and polish off elementals. Try to make things easy on your melee - if they're working on another naga, or even elementals, get yours positioned so they don't have to run too far to start on yours. If I knew aggro was a lock, I'd change targets and polish off elementals while tanking.

Phase 3 - get any Naga off of your MT just before the Phase 3 transition. Just hold them somewhere safe a few feet away. DPS will finish it/them off, just hold the line. Things will be chaotic and everyone's going to be freaking at this point, so don't be afraid to blow a cooldown or two just to smooth the transition.


Probably too much to explain here, so just follow the crowd. Biggest things to know are to Reflect Shatter Armor and Intervene to get out of the green poison when the Colossii die.

Bring 20 health pots, 20 +30 stam food and 2 flasks. Grab 3-4 sharpening stones if you can and use them unless you have a shaman dropping windfury in your group. Heaven help you if you have to use all that, but that should carry you through without problem. You do NOT want to be that guy that runs out of potions and food in the middle of a raid.