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02-07-2008, 09:58 PM
Greetings everyone, First time posting here, though been reading since I put on a brawlers harness. Great site and I have learned much. Thanks.

I am at a point with my gear where I need some input. My guild is clearing Kara now, but haven't been farther, we will soon be starting Gruuls however. Right now I have everything I think I could use from Kara except the shoulders from Netherspite, the T4 helmet from Prince, and the Pocketwatch from Moroes. I have every badge reward I think I could use, considering my current gear.

Right now I only have two sets of gear, a mitigation set, and a threat set; the only difference between which is Suneater and the boots from nightbane, vs Kings Def and the chess event boots. I reckon I could throw a SBV set together, and a stam or EH set from what I have too.

ANyway, as we move forward, what sets should I be looking to create for Gruuls and ZA (first couple bosses is our goal)? If you have a minute to look at my current setup and give advice on my current gemming, that would also be great. I am closely approacting having every tank piece I have access to, and am curious how I can arrange what I have to maximize its utility.

Thanks in advance, and thanks again for all the info I have learned from this site.


Armory Link (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Durotan&n=Ufc)

02-08-2008, 12:05 AM
I mainly use 3 different sets.

'Optimal set' is what i call my 'avoidance set'. I have basically tried to get as much avoidance as possible while trying to maintain a viable effective health.
15K HP 65% avoidance 200 BV,

used for tanking fast attack bosses, or when we are suffering a lack of healers.

'Effective health' set
I have tried to get as much stamina as possible while maintaining a viable level of avoidance
16.4K HP 50% avoidance 400 BV

Used for tanking certain bosses where threat is more of an issue than damage taken.

Threat set:
Stack maximum block value and hit rating/ expertise of maximum threat. Avoidance is purposefully minimised.
15K HP 500 BV 40% avoidance

Used for trash