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02-05-2008, 04:47 PM

What should I upgrade next? I'm not just talking badges, but raids/heroics/5 man/whatever as well. Right now I'm working on getting my BSing and Mining up for Fire/Blazeguard because my luck fails. I know I need new shoulders as well. What do you think?

Also, what is the most difficult raid/boss/heroic I could tank with my gear?(Progression wise)

02-05-2008, 05:21 PM
Firstly, enchants/gems:

Head - fine
Shoulders - get +stam gems in there, you don't need 3 crit rating.
Cloak - armor/dodge depending on preference.
Chest - 150hp
Bracers - +12 stamina
Gloves - there is a +10 stamina patch now
Legs- fine
Boots - fine
Shield - fine
Weapon - +15 or +20 agility

Your upgrades are:

Head - ok for now, until t4 helm
Neck - great, you will not replace soon
Shoulders - Bold Shoulders from Murmur are good, I used them until i got t4 i think. Netherspite drops some too.
Chest - i used the same until i got Nightbane's.
Bracers - bade bracers are better but upgrade other areas first (legs)
Gloves - maiden/t4
Belt - Moroes belt or badges.
Legs - badges or curator.
Boots - kara has a trash drop and chess, either will do but chess ones are better.
Shield - grind honor for s1 shield.
Weapon - good item this one, farm for the sun eater to get badges and there is also the KD from chess.

Next upgrade should be:
Ranged slot - save/grind for the khorium destroyer, will not be replaced until BT.

You will be able to tank the whole of kara if you have well geared healers.

02-05-2008, 05:24 PM
I would recommend grinding honor for S1 shield then S1 shoulders and badges for the pants, belt, gloves, and bracers, pants being definite first with the rest replacing the blues first (which should change with more Karazhan runs). Heroics are largely for badges as the drops tend to be fairly lame, but good ones include Ramparts (belt), Blood Furnace (boots), Sethekk Halls (shoulders), Mechanar (weapon), and Slave Pens (free badges).

As far as progression goes, you should be set for everything before Prince.

02-05-2008, 05:30 PM
I'd say you're good for tanking through most of Karazhan (although Prince/Dragons would probably give you trouble), and half of the heroics (I wouldn't try Shattered Halls, SLabs, Black Morass, etc yet).

As for what to upgrade next, I think your best bet would be going for the Badge legs, and any heroic tank drops you get on the way. Mechanar has The Sun Eater / Exalted HH rep will give you...well, I'm horde, whatever the exalted weapon is (not quite as good as the Sun Eater, but it's a guaranteed upgrade over the 20+ Mechs I've run without seeing the sun eater). Lower City rep gets you the expertise ring. Sethekk Halls has shoulders, Blood Furnace has boots, Ramparts has a belt.

My advice for your heroic runs are: do the daily first and foremost, if you're running more then grind your HH rep in BF/Ramps and LC rep in Sethekk. You're working on multiple upgrades that way.

I don't know if you have gold in your budget, but the Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer is well worth spending your gold on.

Raid-wise, it depends on how your loot system works. Take what you can get.

Another place you should definitely work on is your enchants. Get your cloak enchanted (120armor or 12agi, it's really up to you), Get +150hp on your chest, +12sta on your bracers, and I'd probably scrap the +8sta on your gloves for 2% threat (it scales like crazy, and since you're still using Grom'tor's Charge you could use some help there).

02-05-2008, 05:36 PM
IMO it would be a waste to properly gem my shoulders. I definitely will, when I get T4, which could very well be the first thing I see. I've never gone past Curator in Kara, but my guild has. That is just my unluckiness again. I really hope I can get my Blazeguard soon, I should have it in no more than 2 weeks. Should I Goose it or Executioner it? My plan was to put executioner on it, weapon chain my Grom'tor's, and Goose my KD/SE(when I see them, which, knowing my luck, will be right after I get my BSing up and make Fireguard). I've done H. Mech more times than I can count. Saw SE once, Mage rolled to be an ass, Rogue rolled "as a joke". The mage won. Anyway, I was also thinking about whether to grind honor for S1 shield, or if I should try for the S2 shield. Lastly, thanks for the reminder to enchant my cloak. I need to do that now that I have a good one.