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02-05-2008, 12:46 PM
I'm looking for some tips to increase my dps. This toon is only about 4 weeks into 70 so gear advice would be helpful as well. As far as gear I'm targeting in the near future would be S3 Helm / Chest, Tabi Boots, Master Assassin / Gruuls Bracers, Skulkers Greaves, Bloodthirsters Wargreaves, T5 shoulders and S2 OH. Trinket wise would be Hourglass (22 runs and counting ) and bloodlust brooch or blessings deck. I guess what I'm looking for is what I should focus on first to give me the most bang for the buck dps upgrade. I have access to any piece in kara, plus a legit roll off on Gruul, VR and solarian once we down her. Currently have 1550 arena points banked and getting about 340 Are there any pieces at my progression level that I've missed and would be an upgrade? We have VR down and working on Solarian.

Currently, I can do 650 max on a gruul / vr fight using the rotation listed in the guide and HS as necessary which I feel is horribly low. The only difference would be I'm not pulling out two fast weapons for Execute spam.

Sorry for the information overload, but it's been really frustrating of late.

Here's the armory link ( Battle Stance)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.