View Full Version : [H - US] Warrior - Druid - Pally (pkg Deal)

02-04-2008, 02:36 PM
So this is a package deal of 3 friends looking for a new guild.

1. Prot Warrior (currently guild MT)
2. Feral Druid (currently guild OT and DPS)
3. Holy Pally (over +2k to healing)

Our current guild is stalled and falling apart. We are looking for a new guild that is almost finish clearing TK/SSC and about to move on to Hyjal or has jsut started Hyjal. We have TK/SSC/Gruul/Kara/ZA experiance and we were all 3 Pre-BC raiders with Full clears through BWL and some AQ40. We are very knowledgeable of our classes and are willing to transfer to any US server be it PVP-PVE as we are currently on a PVP server. Please PM me for more info.