View Full Version : Leotheras the Blind (What worked)

02-04-2008, 02:04 AM
I hope that this helps:
We went to Leo for the first time last night and managed to kill him on our third pull with about a minute to spare on the enrage. I won't copy all of our tactics here as they are a combination of several strategy guides and advice, which no doubt would bore you. Rather I want to share some of the key points with people attempting him for the first time.

Raid setup
I hate changing groups for a specific boss and once again decided to take my regular team. This means that I had 4 tanks, 8 healers and about 4 melee dps. What I did do is to make sure that we had two warlocks that were SL specced for the night with the necessary fire resistance gear.

Human Phase
(1) Got our two feral druids to dps.
(2) The two protection warriors tanked him. I followed him around when he whirl-winded, whilst the other tank moved to the raid in case he didn't return to the middle.
(3) Ranged continued to dps during whirlwind.
(4) Searing totem was always ready near my preferred tank spot *grins*. Both tanks attacked and the first to get agro continued to tank him.
(5) Dps and healing stopped with 2-3 seconds left on the phase.

Demon Phase
(1) Two warlocks tanking him. One took over from the other half way through the phase. Essentially the second warlock kept close to the first's agro and when the first warlock stopped dps the second was able to take agro. This was important in reducing the chance of the warlock tank being destroyed.
(2) Nuke him through the phase and stop dps 2-3 seconds before the end.
(3) Searing totem used to pull him to the middle again.
(4) The inner demons gave some of our people problems but we just killed them *bigger grin*

Final Phase
(1) We waited until he was in demon form before bringing him to 15%. This allowed us to continue dps through the transition (nice advice this - I can only assume that you can't dps him in human form)
(2) Warlocks to tank the demon whilst our protection warriors tanked Leo.
(3) Nuke Leo.