View Full Version : Another - ''Am I Ready To Tank Kara'' Topic.

02-03-2008, 06:35 PM
Hello guys,
I am newly dinged to Level 70, about 3 days ago. And I am planning to tank in Kara. I know the PvP gear isnt the best of things to tank with, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for gear? Perhaps names? Links of Items I should aim to get? Thanks, well here is a link to my current gear.

02-04-2008, 10:19 AM
Since I really don't know much about Pally tanks, the best I can offer, is to have you take a look at the Armory of a guildie of mine. He's Prot-spec'd, and even though he just came back to the game, has got himself geared decently. I believe you can find some good gear suggestions on his list, as I don't think any were TOO hard for him to come by.


Not sure how far he'd make it in Kara as a MT, but I know health-wise, he isn't far off when I started, so I would imagine he'd be good for a couple bosses, at least.

02-06-2008, 05:06 PM
Thanks for the comment, I have started to gather gear like his for now, yet I was wondering if anyone eles could give me a positive fix on items that would take me into Kara and how many bosses the armor would be able to tank against.