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01-31-2008, 11:42 AM

1st of all tanks for all the posts :)

i have some confusion between EH, mitigation and avoidance. when to use!

in simple mode :
EH = Stamina
mitigation = block value + armor
avoidance = dodged
main stat of each

right ?
when use each ? example of boss.

expertise and hit gear is other tape right ? Used for trash mobs and hight tread boss like Teron Gorefiend.

one more thing what is the cap to go on avoidance?

w8ing for replay

01-31-2008, 12:00 PM
EH = Combination of Stamina/Armor/Shield Block Value combined.

It basically says, how much totally health you truly have, or how much Total Damage you could take before death.

Mitigation: refers to block value + armor, or basically how much damage you reduce to yourself

Avoidance = Damage that is completely negated, for warriors this consists of being Missed (obtained through Defense Skill), Dodging (Obtained through Dodge Rating) and Parrying (obtained through parry Rating).

Well,Expertise and Hit is good for boss fights as well as trash mobs, because it allows you to push your threat higher for higher dps. Expertise doubles as a mitigation/avoidance tool because the less chance you have of causing your target to parry, the less chance he'll get a 40% reduction to his swing timer.

There is no cap to go on avoidance (well, there is physically in the game, rogues/druids can get 99% i think, but warriors and pallies cap much lower). Normally, I get around 40% total avoidance (miss/dodge/parry) and then gun for EH stats. Slowly as you progress you'll get more and more avoidance naturally, you'll rarely need to even GEM for avoidance.