View Full Version : [H-PvP] 5/5 9/9 LF Prot pally and more

01-30-2008, 12:53 AM
<Syndicate> is 5/5 MH 9/9 BT and has cleared all available PvE content thus far.
We are #1 on Coilfang which is a PST PvP Server. Please do not apply if you are from a PvE server .(Yes, I've had this happen)
We are looking for someone who wants to raid, knows their class and wants to progress. Would help if you didn't disconnect every 30 secs too.

High Demand
1 Prot Paladin
1-2 Elemental Shaman
1 Resto Druid
2-3 Mages

All other healing classes in need. Please feel free to apply.

Be on the part in your BT attunement where you only need to kil Al'ar and/or Winterchill.
(Although, with outstanding applicants exceptions can be made.)

We raid Sun-Thurs 6pm-10pm (or later) PST.
Trials are expected to make at least 80% of raids as well as members.

If you have any questions, contact: Darkniss, Dukhat, Slippers or Aelynn
Or feel free to contact me in game or at Jeska@syndicateguild.org

General Requirements:

Working on Black Temple Attunement
Able to maintain 80% Raid attendance
Able to make it on time for raids
It is a HUGE Bonus to your app. If you are already BT/MH attuned.


In order to apply, you may do so at

Syndicate Guild (http://www.syndicateguild.org)
At the top of the page click "Apply"
(Note to those at work. Our front page may not be safe to view while at work or when your wife is around)

PS: If you want to change/add info to your application. Send Jeska a PM via the forums

Looking to fill spots fast. Don't miss your chance to be apart of <Syndicate> !