View Full Version : Is there an ETP gear chart/ranking list?

01-29-2008, 08:11 AM
I've seen the stickied threads here about gear ranking, but I'm concerned with more than just the level 70 game. Is there a site akin to ShadowPanther.net - World of Warcraft Rogue Info - Charts, Articles, Strategies & more! (http://www.shadowpanther.net) for Rogues, that is made for Warrior's or other tanks?

The site uses AEP to rank gear (in most cases, unless specified otherwise), for those who don't know, AEP is:

Formula: 1 Agility = 1 Stamina = 2 Strength = .1% Crit. = .2% Dodge = .13% Parry = .13% To Hit = 2 Attack Power = 5 Daggers = 4 Any Resistance = 5 Health/5 Sec. = 50 Armor

Would it be possible to make one for Warrior's using an ETP formula?

Equivalent Threat Points (ETP)
» 1 Hit Rating = 10 ETP
» 1 Crit Rating = 4.76 ETP
» 1 Agility = 3.45 ETP
» 1 Block Value = 3.57 ETP
» 1 Strength = 4.17 ETP
» 1 Attack Power = 2.08 ETP

From what I've read (but don't fully comprehend), this is a less concrete idea as compared to AEP, but I believe the principle is generally the same. Has anyone attempted a guide or resource, or could point me in the right direction? I can only do so much Theorycrafting with Tankpoints and the like.

01-29-2008, 08:59 AM
Actually the ETP as you'll see here The Threat Formula: Gingamok\\\'s Rule of Thumb - TankingTips.com (http://www.tankingtips.com/2007/07/24/the-threat-formula/) is originally derived by me from Gingamok's formula. (granted the formula is the tricky part, but nonetheless It's my work) I'll be honest I'm working on something similar to ShadowPanther, but it just can't be only threat that's factored in otherwise the list is going to be just flooded with dps gear.

01-29-2008, 09:50 AM
Didn't mean to incorrectly cite, my appologies.

I assumed it'd be much more difficult, but I can't speak much on it. My Warrior is level 35, and I don't know much of later raid encounters, but I'm sure they'll vary quite a bit. It's not anywhere near as straightforward as DPS, Max +Crit, Max +Atk Pwr, etc.

Though that's my main reason for wanting it. Since I'm trying to research late game encounters I'm trying to find and understand how the different sets of gear work into play. (I.E. A primarily EH set for this encounter, and Avoidance set for that one.) Those charts usually help me visualize what's going on better. There are some great guides here already, but I don't think it entirely encompases the sheer amount of "casual" gear and levelling up like the Shadowpanther site does for Rogues. It'd just be interesting to see.

I look forward to seeing your work, and as you've realized I already read your blog as well. :p