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01-27-2008, 08:49 PM
Here's my dilemma: I'm guildless, not attuned to anything, and I've pugged every piece of my gear. That said, I've put a ton of effort, time, money, and tears into getting the gear I have, and at this point, T5 would probably be more of a sidegrade than anything.

Next month, after the Faire rolls around, I'll be getting both darkmoon cards (Madness and Vengeance), putting me at 16454 HP, 17k AC, and just over 490 defense unbuffed. Unfortunately, my avoidance is woefully low (15 dodge 16 parry), mostly due to a lack of, well, T5. Really, T5 would be an upgrade for me but I don't think that really justifies joining a guild to spend the next 4 months on old content.

Aside from not having either Vial for Hyjal attunement, would there be anything holding me back from joining a guild that's progressing in Hyjal/BT? There's a nice selection of guilds on my server, however most are either just started SSC (which is underprogressed), or they're deep into BT (which I don't think I have enough gear for). I'm trying to whittle down my selection, but I'd rather not seem pompous.

01-28-2008, 02:14 AM
Actually your avoidance is REALLY low for Hyjal and BT. Most bosses there do hit hard and you want to avoid as many hit as possible.
Using 2 stam trinket is also never the right choice, you should use a avoidance one (or the autoblocker) + a stamina one.

I think the guilds that would be fine for you are those in SSC, you aren't geared for doing anything but offtanking in BT-MH in my opinion.

01-28-2008, 05:05 PM
and at this point, T5 would probably be more of a sidegrade than anything.

Really, T5 would be an upgrade for me but I don't think that really justifies joining a guild to spend the next 4 months on old content.

this doesn't make sense. You say T5 is more of a sidegrade, but then it becomes an upgrade, but that doesn't justify you running old content to get it? as Worldie points out, if your avoidance is that low you definitely need to be getting t5, as I can't imagine T5 being only a sidegrade to 15%D/16%P.

I'm trying to whittle down my selection, but I'd rather not seem pompous.

I don't know what you're getting at. Do you think you're too good to run T5 instances? you call those guilds underprogressed, yet your gear is clearly not up to par with bt/hyjal tanks. If you want to just leap-frog ssc/tk content then yes, you are being a bit pompous. Regardless, unless some bt/hyjal guild is extremely short on tanks and out of options, I don't see you getting a free ride to attunement and those raids.

sorry if I seemed harsh.

01-29-2008, 12:44 PM
Honestly, my first time tanking Hyjal had similar avoidance stats.

I *might* have had a phoenix-wing cloak on instead of Farstrider's, but if I had the farstrider's on, its about 16% dodge, 15% parry, 32% block unbuffed.

However, I wasn't in a guild that was progressing on Hyjal. They already had it on farm, so that might make a difference. Rage winterchill honestly doesn't hit very hard, so long as you avoid death and decay. Anetheron could be trouble because of the healing debuff. Kaz hits hardest when you're stunned (durr). Azgalor we use a bear (I tank doomguards). Archimonde... yeah, that I put on a little more avoidance (which, at this point, is also my highest stam gear), mostly to survive the fears until my healers trinket out. My gear isn't really good enough to tank archimonde right now, but that'll come with time.

01-29-2008, 01:58 PM
I don't see why you would want to skip T5 content. Vashj and K'T fights are some of the best, and enjoyable content fights according to many folks. I have enjoyed all of the fights as the guild MT thus far and went Fury recently since I had the opportunity to. For myself I have not seen T6 but am looking forward to it just around the corner and I think I am better off having seen previous raid content.

I regretted not being able to clear Naxx with my guild and still feel like we missed out on content there. So far in WoW I have enjoyed all raiding content and really do recommend others get their "money's worth" out of this game. Maybe not worry about gear as much and worry more about why we play the game? Things like entertainment, fun, friends and maybe that will help you find a good guild too.

Anyways, my 2 coppers. :p

02-02-2008, 04:11 PM
Agree with you there Boom I get so jealous of the other officers when they are talking about MC, AQ40, Naxx etc etc in the officer chat cause I couldn't get a guild for that pre tbc. So instead I made a huge pack of friends from pvping.
Going from struggling to get to rank 10 to MT'ing in TK and SSC was a huge pain, I made a bunch of friends. But still trying to get the guild to do bwl, naxx and all thoose others. Maybe one day I will have my Thunderfury ^_-

So best advise Karynaku find a guild being it newly started(Kara, Gruul, Mag and ZA) or a guild that has just started ssc/tk. Sure you will be "kinda" overgeared if you join the first one, but if it has a solid core you will see bt and mh soon. If not the search continues :)

02-16-2008, 06:07 PM
Hi, I'm progressing quickly through SSC/TK 5/6 3/4 atm and hopefully Vashj could go down this reset...

I currently haven't got any T5, but have some badge loot etc and had no issues in SSC/TK as I was well geared beforehand.

To start tanking Hyjal/BT and for Kael, do I need to start taking priority on tokens? (Shoulders/Legs/Gloves and helm/chest when Vashj Kael go down). Or will I be fine as I am?



Quick Rundown:

15,264 hp unbuffed
17,054 AC
22.12% dodge
17.87% parry
29.58% block %
516 def

hit 45
expertise 26

I can throw in Spyglass and Violet trinket for some extra HP if needed and reach around 21k hp fully buffed with them.

DPS is generally very good and I reckon we should be able to burn through Kaels shield, although haven't attempted him yet :)

02-23-2008, 01:37 PM
Meatballs: Let me just say that when I walked into Hyjal (and BT) for the very first time I was onpar with your gear.

I was still using t4 chest/gloves/shoulders, and unfortunately was still using a Kara shield as well, since Gruul was a complete ... to me over the last year. You have good enough gear to do alright in Hyjal. Some tweaks that you will wish to make however.

First of all, go out and pick up the Paladin tanking chestpiece off of badges. It is by far a better all around piece than the Panzar piece you are using now.

Second, you quote a 21k "fully buffed" health. I am assuming that is with Imp/King/Mark/Fort/Shout. That is a pretty hefty health pool and you will need all of it. You currently have two "oh sh&t" buttons, I would truly consider getting a DM:Vengeance, or atleast using the spyglass/Netherwing trinket while tanking a few things. Rage hits like a little girl, but Kaz and Az both hit pretty damn hard. With your current level of gear, I personally would be having your feral tank Azgalor when you get there. Najentus hits like a freight train and Ironshield's will be your friend.

All in all, you have a single badge upgrade (or go spam ZA til you get that damned chest piece off of ZJ) that will really help you. Yes it is a Pally item, but its also very good for you. After that everything is doable. You could have your guild set priority for you for tier tokens, but it doesnt really matter. However, you are going to probably want some sort of priority on tanking upgrades in Hyjal/BT. There are a good number of things that will be flatout HUGE upgrades for you off of just about every boss you kill (Rage being the only one not to have a single tanking piece.) The rest is just picking the right pieces left in SSC/TK to pick up. I still to this day wish I had seen Kael's gloves drop.

02-25-2008, 05:41 PM
Hi guys, i m in SSC 3/6 at the moment, ZA 4/6.

I m wondering if it is ok for me to skip T5 token gear for other guildies to get geared up. Is the gear that I m wearing ok for MH if i skip T5 token gear.

My armory is The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Nagrand&n=Tank)

Been spamming ZA to the point that i have pug with a grp of regular ZA friends

The piece i hope to get next is Zul'jin chest (dodge, hit rating and etc is good) but it is kind of hard as most of our healers in the guild are not so keen in ZA.

02-25-2008, 05:49 PM
Though it depends on how your druid/priests are geared right now I say when you guys down Vashj and Kael definitely pass the helm/chest toke to a druid healer or a holy priest. The helm in particular isn't going to be a huge upgrade for you.