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01-24-2008, 05:42 AM
The Effective Health sticky post is great for the hardcore tanks that are mathematically inclined to crunch the numbers, but frankly it's all too technical for most of us.

I'm going to propose a simple version of Effective Health based on my tanking experiences. Ultimately, when figuring out how much health you need for itemization, you have to ask yourself: "How many hits in a row can I survive in worst case scenario?" Assume you can get ~50% avoidance stats (miss + parry + dodge), which is around the realm of tier 5 and up gears, able to eat up to 3 hits in a row means you have a good chance of surviving 6 swings from a boss w/o any heals. This basis scales amazingly well the more hits in a row you can take. Just having 120 extra health from a single Solid Star of Elune gem can make a dramatic difference if it means survivability between 3 hits vs. 4 hits.

So the next question is: "What Benchmark should I use to determine how many hits I can take?"
It really depends on where you are tanking. In general, I would say:

Damage Bench Mark -----> Instance

~4000 dmg per hit -----> Karazhan
~5000 dmg per hit -----> Gruul, Mag, Zul'Aman
~6000 dmg per hit -----> TK, SSC
~7000 dmg per hit -----> Hyjal, BT

Note that these are *gross* generalization, some bosses hit harder than others. (IE: Teron Gorefiend can stab faces for a good 8k noncrush damage, Archimonde/Illidan can dish out easy 9k per swing ... etc). On average, however, this is the standard that I use for quick reference when I am trying to figure out my itemization.

Try to aim for 3 hits survivability fully raid buffed when you are determining how much health you need. Once you've hit that mark, then you can divert resources into other issues such as threat gen/avoidance ... or continues to pile on more armor and health!

Hope this helps.

:: EDIT ::
I just want to add that the numbers I proposed are aiming at full clear farm status. If you are just entering a new tier instance you should at least make sure that you've reached farm status benchmark health in the previous tier areas.

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01-24-2008, 11:43 AM
Well here's the rub, no one has set standards yet, that's what the late/great Wanderlei was saying. Its up to the tank to figure out what a good EH is, and reach it for his content, then put the rest into other more important things (Avoidance/Threat/etc). He quit the game before he finished his findings.

Its the latest project here at Tankspot but a lot of us are bogged down with other stuff to do it. Hopefully we can come up with some benchmarks soon enough!