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01-23-2008, 05:28 PM
Hi guys,
I've only tagged along on guild kara runs prior to this, so I don't have too much experience with it. My real life friends and I want to attempt a run with about 8-9 of us, and I'm trying to figure out if we can make a decent attempt at it with our class makeup.

So far, we have:
Prot warrior(15k unbuffed hp, 490 def, 17k armor)
Prot pally(12.5k unbuffed hp, uncrush/490def, 12k armor)
Holy priest/ele shaman/dps warrior
resto druid/frost mage/combat rogue
combat rogue
resto druid

we plan to pug or pick up some friends for the last spot, or maybe a couple spots depending on who shows up or not. As I understand it, priests and hunters are the primary form of CC in kara, seeing that we are lacking there, would a prot pally be able to tank the bigger pulls?

Thanks in advance.

01-23-2008, 06:32 PM
Realistically you probably want 2 priests,2 tanks & a hunter for your CC

Attumen is your first hurdle, has 2,3,4 Pulls to get to......chargers are best CCed by a shackle and normally we run it with 2 shackled 1 trapped and up to two tanked. with CC being used before tanks if possible as a priest in shackle mode is not ideal for healing tanks.

you also need to deal with moroes which is a 5 pull of bosses..

Moroes needs 2 tanks on him, then you have 4 minis, prot pally can be OTed with moroes if needed but you still have to deal with 3 others so normally people will kill 1 maybe 2 then moroes and then reset.

3 shackles and a trap would be great but you need shadow priest as your 3rd if you intend to do curator. Locks are great for most things that need DPS but some of these fights are mob control and not dps races..

having said that curator and 3 locks = fast fight.....curse of doom for 21K per lock = nice DPS

PS DPS Warrior is a good option for your first kill tank...mobs should die in 10-15 seconds and a tank geared fury warrior has no probs taking the hits first up with taunt.....they wont hold agro but thats ok as taunt is good to regain it if they are observant, don't burn it early use it after you intervene the mob t the casters.....the dots from locks will kill before they get hurt...you may have issues with 2 chargers however so be aware of them on pulls.

01-24-2008, 02:11 AM
Shackles/traps are very useful, especially dependiing on your gear level. Two priests is all you really need - for attumen trash that leaves you with a max of three humans to tank together (they dont hit hard). For moroes shackle two, burn one (rogue is good enough to "tank" one of the squishies" and OT one). A hunter instead of a second priest can be used, but you'll have to be more careful who you give him to trap - wouldn't want his trap target cleansing the shackle between traps. Pally's can also turn undead to fear an add - though the cd is longer than it lasts and it's not advised to use it throughout the fight as they reset if they leave the room - it can be used at the start while one add is being burned.

Hope you get Ference - and just OT him :)

A shadow priest helps on curator, but all of our first kills we never had one.

I'd aim to two cc (at least one shackle), and reliable players - our holy priests always manage to keep their shackles up while healing.

Ofc 3 shackles and a trap would be ideal for moroes, but imo you're gimping your healing team (variety is everything) and possibly your buffs.

01-24-2008, 05:57 AM
this week i did Kara with only a priest for CC and 2 prot warriors as tanks... we had a cat druid switch to bear and OT two of the adds in Moroes, shackled another one and a fury warrior (in DPS gear) for the last one, and one shotted him (this was a half guild / half pug woth a binch of people going for the first time)

I'd say it is possible, but you have to play it smart...

01-24-2008, 07:44 AM
I would say 2 CC against undead are enough. (Priest / Hunter / Pala)

With Moroes you can trick a bit.
If we dont have enough CC we focus one priest first. With slow Poison and stun they die quick. Also if Moroes has the Prot Warri with him, he is tanked by our Offtank. So he gehts enough rage.
If you have a Pala he can fear and stun while you kill another target.
The better the gear is, less cc you need.

A Warlock is always nice cause some times there are deamons to banish. but this would make tanking only easier and is not needed.

01-24-2008, 09:07 AM
Cleared Kara all the way to prince, with the exception of illhoof and netherspite, in 3 weeks. One of my friends in game finally started his own guild so we had 10 kara ready people when it was started. Due to IRL issues, we finally got to push into kara about 3 weeks ago, and had enough time to clear to prince last week. gave him a few tries but we were exhausted from work, etc so didnt down him. Our setup is below, and we have no problems with anything, except prince/nightbane, and havent tried illhoof and netherspite yet. Our normal group setup is below, and we always down 3 adds on moroes.

Prot Warrior (me) - MT, OT
Prot Pally - MT, OT
Cat-specced/geared Feral Druid - OT for Moroes and Wizard of Oz opera
Holy Priest
Holy Pally (my fiancee' so she heals me lol)
Balance Druid (epicced out Boomkin, mad dps)

We can clear from start to Curator in 4 hours, 1-shotting everything up until then. We're still getting used to shade, so down him in 2-3 tries. This is as far as any of us except the GL have been, so we're doing very well. We mostly don't CC, except a shackle on 1 horse going to attumen. After that, theres really no point except for a couple pulls on the way to shade/chess.

01-24-2008, 02:54 PM
When learning this zone, I would recommend having a couple of CC types. It makes the learning process a lot easier, plus teaches some valuable skills. That being said...

We usually don't actively CC anything except the skels between maiden and opera (due to the annoying aggro blur, which tends to get a little dangerous when you have 2 of them and no CC). However, we didn't have appropriate CC for those last few times we ran it, so we didn't bother with that, either, and it was no problem.

On moroes, we have a pally OT all 4 adds while we kill them one by one, then run over and kill moroes.

On aran, if we have a warlock, they will usually banish 1 elem and fear another, but it's really not much of a problem without that (makes the fight a little easier, if nothing else).

Generally, we have 1 prot pally and 1 prot warrior. Almost every pull, the prot pally's job is to lay down threat on everything, I skull one, taunt it and we kill it. Rinse and repeat until the whole pile is dead.

Our clear time for the entire zone is always under 4 hours now (closer to 3 when there aren't any connection / replacement issues). CC just seems to slow us down.

01-30-2008, 12:59 PM
Well, http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/blogs/rayne/274-your-kara-lineup.html

Looking at the OP's specific group makeup:

-> The MT is over-geared for Kara, so either he's a vet, somehow skipped Kara and went straight to T5, or ran a ton of heroics. Regardless, he's solid.
-> The Pally is a solid OT. With buffs he should be able to easily tank 2-3 elites (depending of course, some hit harder than others) provided the healers can keep up. Will make the non-elite trash pulls trivial.
-> Healers: 1 priest, 2 druids, should be fine. Ultimately you'll take 1 priest and 1 druid to speed up your run, but for your first time keep the safety net.
-> If you can get a Hunter great, if not, don't sweat it.
-> DPS: Lot of locks, some variety would be nice, but DPS is DPS.

Two CC's is more than enough, and you certainly can do it with one. If the rest of your team is close to the gear levels of the two tanks you should do great. Main thing is to make certain the tanks tank.

Attumen trash: shackle one, TC and consecrate tank the rest. Pally on Midnight, Warrior on Attumen.

Moroes trash: put warrior on Retainers, Valets, he splits Stewards with Pally, pretty much AE everything else. Warrior tanks Moroes next to Pally who consecrates whatever you don't shackle/trap. Kill ShadowPriest (she's not glowing, learn names), then Holy Priest, then a 3rd if you need to. Try and save the MS warrior for after Moroes is down.

Maiden trash: shackle on on four pulls, rest let Warrior and Pally hold.
Opera trash: always shackle one usher, both tanks on other (ushers ice block tanks, need two). Pally heals/cleanses on Maiden fight, War tanks.

Curator trash: Warrior on ghosts, split tank mechanicals, AE tank Curator room trash.
Shade trash: Locks can banish elementals, but can probably AE the stuff. Warrior tanks, Pally can consecrate at feet of curator to try and gather the flares, or heal, depending on your healers.

Chess trash: easy

Prince trash: warrior tanks big fleshbeast, split tank the smaller ones. Pallies make great Prince tanks, but your Warrior looks to be better geared.

Netherspite trash: easy. Too much in encounter to discuss. Figure out who handles what beam. I will say that letting your Warrior and Rogue work the green beams seems to work well for us.

Illhoof trash: AE. Warrior tanks Illhoof, Pally tanks Kilrek and consecrates the imps, the locks seed like crazy.

Nightbane trash: n/a. Warrior tanks NB, Pally AE tanks skellies for phase 2.

02-01-2008, 09:20 AM
Hi guys, thanks for all the replies. My friends and I spent the last week getting attuned, and we're going to make an attempt at it tonight. we're basically going to run as stated, hopefully we'll find a shadowpriest to pick up, and the plan is for me(warrior) to go in my dps stuff to help out on that end, and offtank as necessary. if that becomes too troublesome, i'll respec to prot. (and to rayne, i bought red havoc boots and spent a lot of time running heroics, i've done kara twice ;))

i'll let you know how it goes

btw rayne, the warrior, pally, 1 druid, priest, and 1 of the warlocks are pretty well geared(1600+ healing, 1200 spell damage, etc). everyone else is in instance/quest blues with a smattering of arena/honor gear mixed in.

02-03-2008, 10:52 PM
Hi everyone,
we put 4 hours into our first run and thought it was pretty successful. we got up to curator, who we got to 15% on our first(only) attempt because two of our warlocks kept disconnecting. i(warrior) went fury and the pally managed to basically solo tank everything. thanks again everyone for your comments/advice, we'll attempt again next week!