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01-22-2008, 08:33 AM
Okay, first off I have read the guide to badge tanking purchases, and I am going to hit the magic 75 this week, for the pants, and for my second choice I was thinking either the girdle or the cape, since I feel those are two of my worst slots.


Have buffs atm, but I am right about 13.4k unbuffed, and despite some ridiculously bad luck with Kara drops, I have tanked everything in the zone (Prince was a little touch and go for P2 tho, thats why I have the pots going, lol)

I plan to get Mongoose this week, but since it took me a couple days to gather the mat's I figured I would wait to see if Mallet of the Tides drops again - since all the people that'd use one, already have it, and I am not made of money to drop a 2nd Mongoose in the span of 2-3 days. I am working on the honor for my S1, and looking for a 5v5 to pick up at least S2 shield, hopefully within 2-3 weeks. (700 arena points atm)

Any basic advice on some suggested upgrades? So far I have everything planned from Kara/Badge drops, but had some lousy luck, managed to see 0 drops in 2 weeks of kara, which is kind of amazing considering I would wear just about any of them. (Excluding the eternium great helm, cause I had to change to my mage for opera, doh.)

I guess in a dream world, this is how this week's Kara will go - Moroes drops belt and trink, maiden drops neck, curator drops t4, cape off illhoof, shade drops ring, netherspite drops shoulders (Side-grade kinda), prince drops t4, and nightbane drops chest and maybe shield, so I can wait for s2 without getting so antsy, lol. That would upgrade me about 1500 armor and hp, not to mention another 9-10% avoidance.

Sorry, kind of a long post, just trying to figure out if theres anything easy to get I am missing outside of badge/kara.

01-22-2008, 08:35 AM
I'd say pick up the 75 badge pants. They're a lot better than timewarden.