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01-21-2008, 12:00 PM

Iam wounder (might be others that have asked the same questions but i had a hard time finding straight up answers so here i go)

Well as a tank u get you hand on loads of driffrent tank gears like i have 2 different necks 2 diffrent gloves and so on. How do you know that 1 pair of gloves is better then the other?

I have warbringer gloves and the Iron gauntlets of maiden. how do i know wich ones is the best? Maiden gloves have more stamina block value etc on the other hand warbringer have dodge and abit more stamina + i get the 2 set bonus if i use warbringer. How can u mesure things like this

How much block rateing do u need to make up for 1% lost dodge?

is there any calculator for this.

Trinkets mess with me aswell. I have the gnomeregan autoblocker and Moroes lucky pocket watch and the aincent aqir artifact and a defence trinket. What combo gives me the most. when is what combo the best etc.

Would be really happy if i could get some help with theese problems



01-21-2008, 12:20 PM
No worries we are all in the same situation. I would like you to go download item rack. it makes you switch gear with the push of a button.

make a trash set with maiden gloves and the autoblocker/stam trinket combo. Use this set for trash and all bosses easily on farm (all of kara but prince/nightbane for example).

Then put together your boss set. which literally might be putting on the pocket watch and t4 gloves. and any other pieces you see fit. I use this for nightbane/gruul.

finally i have an avoidance set. with pocket watch, dodge rings, sun eater. I throw this on for prince.

hope this helps i know its not exactly what you were looking for.

01-21-2008, 12:53 PM
There are many useful threads here on what set to use, like you said, hard to sift through since there are a few. Different encounters require different approaches. If you know you are going to be getting hit hard, you want to stack your stam and armor. If it is a fast swinging fight, then maybe go avoidance. If you are looking for threat, get shield block value, and probably less avoidance, so you can build rage. I learned a lot through experience and playing around with gear to see what worked better, and learned some other stuff I didn't know from here.

If you are doing well, then I wouldn't worry to much, but if you are trying to progress and want to maximize your gear, you will want a trash set and a boss set. I keep my progress boss set with high armor and high stam. Like Hbombs said, item rack or outfitter helps a ton, switch on the fly and you don't forget to equip a piece if you are in a hurry.

01-22-2008, 08:12 AM
It really generally depends on what you want to do.

First I'd stack Stamina and Armor for bosses, until I'd feel I have enough life to survive any spike damage the boss can throw at me.
Then, if the fight is a DPS race ( like Gruul, but not like Maulgar ), I would stack threat stats - like Block Value, Expertise, Hit. I also wear threat gear for Trash, because it doesn't hit hard.
Then I would stack Dodge and Parry.
I would not stack Block rating at all, because it's not very useful.

Personally, I wore Maiden's gloves over Warbringer gloves for pretty much everything :)

01-24-2008, 01:26 AM
well i have ofc Closet gnome for changing gears fast. i have 1 avoidence gear 1 shild block value gear 1 max stam gear and 1 that is "between" and the one between seems to do the good job at this point still. If any1 have a clue how much:

Lets say how much is 1% dodge recounted into blockvalue?
How much is 100 block value in Avoidence. and stuff like that.

yeah and ofc iam using Block value gear when tanking trash due to that u need to do some serious threat in a short time.

Anyways thanks for the answers. And like some others said.. yes iam going on that stomach feeling but i want black on white that this is that and that is this =p Hence why i would like to see if there is any formula to see how u can mesure blockvalue vs Avoidence (parry/dodge)

01-25-2008, 11:24 AM
Get the tankpoints addon.

My gear sets are:
-EH (Stacks armor/HP). I never really use this particular one because gearing for EH for me right now is only a marginal 1k increase in EH versus my TankPoints set, because I only have (on average) one competitive epic item per slot.

-TankPoints (the "mix" set. Shield Block Value gives X points, Defense Rating gives X, Armor gives X, etc. This set is just maximizing my TankPoints value) This is actually what I use the most at Kara/Heroic Bosses and tough pulls (like two Ravenguards in Sethekk Halls).

-Avoidance (Stacks agility/defense/dodge/parry). I use this for Prince, and that's about it at this point, but I'm sure someone else could tell you what other fights to use Avoidance on.

-Threat (Stay above 490defense, stack expertise/SBV/hit, you can choose to add crit rating or more tankpoints if you don't have anything decent for that slot). I use this for clearing trash in Kara/Heroics, soloing, or fights where I want to maximize my DPS while staying in defensive stance (like the final boss in Steamvaults).

The tankpoints add-on comes with a tooltip addition to item links that tells you the change in Tank Points and EH if you equipped it, and a calculator so you can figure out if that ungemmed piece of plate is an upgrade over what you have. You have to do it manually, but it does all the math for you and tells you if it's an upgrade or not).