View Full Version : Zul'Aman Tanking Help

01-17-2008, 08:05 AM
Hi, I've been comming here a lot to pick up tips on tanking and this is my first post asking for some help so :]. Anyways, recently my guild has been wrapping up Karazhan and are moving to ZA. The only thing is, im not sure if my gear is good enough to even take it seriously.

Myself and a druid tank were able to easily tank Nalorakk down no problem, but the trouble came with Akil'zon. Theres just some points where we have the raid moving for electrical storms and he hits me for 2.5k and then gets off an electrical bolt for near 4k. I only had about 70 NR, and im not sure if I have the gear to tank this fight(well the stamina anyways).


There's my armory, so far Netherspite and Nightbane have been very lame in dropping what I need (Shaman shield and Rogue chest a lot). So if you could just give me some suggestions about my gear or anything of the sort it would be great.

01-17-2008, 08:27 AM
You could get over 300 more HPs by replacing your 9 stamina gems with 12 stamina ones, enchanting your bracers with 12 stam and (optionally) enchanting your chest with 150 hp over 6 stats. I don't know how many arena points you have, but personally I used the Merc Chest over Jade-Skull until I could get Panzar to drop. My gear is barely better than yours, and I tanked most of ZA last night along with a protadin. If you are dying from a 2.5k hit and a 4k electrical storm, your healers need to be better at topping you off. ZA is a lot more centered around healers than it is tanks or DPS, imo.