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01-08-2008, 06:02 AM
How long was it since you first started Kara that you cleared the entire thing in terms of weeks/months?

A bit of background: (Only read if you would like, otherwise feel free to simply answer the question the question above;) Thanks!)

I man currently an officer in a relatively casual raiding guild. It is a guild where many of us know each other in RL. Due to the nature of our guild and RL we tend to be relatively casual about who goes within the guild and have a roster of about 12-14 raiders who rotate in and out depending on who is available, but we tend to go with a who signs up first policy at least for now, and in the end we end up with 10 anyway and no extras, though that may change in the near future

We started Kara in the last week of October and have had about 10 total runs in Kara so far. We downed Curator after about 3 weeks and have now downed Prince twice. We've only been able to take the time for one attempt on Nightbane and have yet to attempt Netherspite. We have never spent more than 2 weeks learning a boss before downing them except Shade...

We are having some trouble with Shade -- about 3/6 since our first time dropping him, mostly due to new members needing to fill in. Now, I am not looking for help in particular on the Shade fight, we know it, it just is that a member or two struggle with the fight, usually those less experienced.

The problem is that a couple of our members are a bit disgruntled and think that in general we should be progressing faster ("We have the gear, we should be rolling Kara," they say), which maybe is true, but I have tried to preach patience based on the make-up of our guild. The difficulty, though, is that we are all pretty new to raiding and definitely to outlands raiding, so we don't really know how far we *should* be. Based on some other guilds I talk to we are either comparable or moving faster than they did/are through Kara.

So, am I wrong to think we are doing fine? How did your guild do? Any thoughts are much appreciated.

BTW, the Guild is The Sometimes Six on Hellscream

Thanks again!

01-08-2008, 06:26 AM
Took us four weeks between Attumen and Prince, and had all remaining optional bosses down the week after that. That was back in Feb-March, everyone had just hit 70 and was wearing blues so at the time we were raiding Kara 3-4 nights a week in order to leave a few nights open for gearing up outside of Kara (5-mans, quests, etc).

01-08-2008, 06:52 AM
Thanks Arm.

I should also add two things to the original question, how often do you raid and did you have pretty much the same raiders throughout?:

Our guild raids twice a week and we have about 7 of the same raiders weekly with the other spots fluctuating a bit between 5 people depending on who is available.

01-08-2008, 09:22 AM
We cleared all except Nightbane (couldn't summon him) in our second week. Got up to Prince our first week. This was back in early February. It was the same people every single night and we had all done Naxx together so we knew each other very well and still had some good pre-BC gear carryover (before things like the nerf to priest tier 2, etc).

The biggest problem in learning any fight is changing your raiders. If you replace people, you are essentially learning the fight over again from the beginning, because the new people haven't experienced any of what you've learned firsthand.

01-09-2008, 07:03 AM
We were a little behind in starting, but it took us about 3-5 weeks from attumen-nightbane. Leeping the same raiders is the key, you learn to play well together and get firsthand experience together, rather than having it explained.

01-09-2008, 07:46 AM
I am in a smaller more casual guild as well. We typically ran Kara 2 nights week. When we first started we progressed slow, once we broke the hump and got past curator we did fairly well to get to the end, minus netherspite who gave us problems. I do not remember off hand but I do think we started fairly quick after BC, and I think it was around June or July when we downed nightbane for the first time. We have been doing full clears for maybe a month or 2 now in 1 night. Considering you started later than I did, you seem to be on the same pace I was, I am guessing it was about 3-4 months for us. We had the issue of having more people wanting to go than we could take, and not many wanting to go with a second group and miss out on the "A" group. Now we run one group full clear in 1 night, and our second group gets most everything but having trouble on prince every once in a while. It is good to get people to rotate and learn the strats, but makes progression a little slower since you are having to gear more people in able to be adequate for the end of the instance.