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01-06-2008, 04:37 AM
Last night I was invited by friends to do a ZA run. We did not make the timed event but we cleared 3/4 of the aspects with 2-3 people in the raid never having done the dragonhawk. So we killed bear ->eagle->dragonhawk.

This set up is REALLY not typical:
Tanks: Paladins x2 (heroic badge gear about 16k each unbuffed)
Healers: Priest, Shaman, Paladin (mostly t4 level~)
DPS: 2 rogues, 1 shaman(melee), 1 boomkin, 1 ret paladin (some t5 level items)

Thats right 1 ranged dps. The reason we could not meet timed on bear boss was because we have no CC, Paladin tanks are aoe tanks so umm i really messed up and kinda tried to tank to bear riders -.-...

Bear: Tank and spank no issues tanks didnt die at all so all was good.

Dragonhawk: I didn't think eagle was going to go well with no ranged. We wiped a few times but after a while we got it down with no aoe and just had the melee kill the dragonhawks. A few wipes because of people being unable to stand next to an orange ball and not on it (ok that was me being a noob but i had 12 adds on me).

Eagle: We had the second prot paladin put on healing gear for this boss, note we did not have vent but thankfully our storm timers from big wigs worked very well. I have never seen this boss go down so fast his armor must be really really low. It actually really helped that all the melee were right there as it was only 5 people who had to run in for the storm. Amazing yes you can ignore the adds completely.

Lynx: we tried it once but well I used pocket watch on the first frenzy he did but the second one got me with a saberlash added at the end so we called it because we did not have a hunter available.

So whats your unusual group :P?

01-06-2008, 08:03 AM
I think Karazhan's been done by 10 paladins...the weirdest group I've done Karazhan with was probably the one with 4 priests (and of course only 1 mob was ever shackled at one time -____- /sigh).

01-06-2008, 12:20 PM
My oddest group must have been when we dashed in one night before re-set to clear nightbane, netherspite (and maybe illhoof - can't remember) - not sure about the rest of the group but I had my full complement (at the time) of warriors - 2 prot, 2 dps. It made netherspite a joy, he agroed the green beam dps tank between phases and didnt move a millimetre :)

Re: the kara with 10 pallys, the one group I read who had tried it unfortunately got Rom&Ju and ended up having to bring a fulltime interupter in for Ju - aparently she can still heal with 0 mana.