View Full Version : Trash leading to Dragonhawk boss.

01-05-2008, 03:55 PM
As a group...our ZA group has only been to ZA about 6 or 7 times...we have killed the Bear and Eagle bosses...and are trying to get the Dragonhawk boss down...but find that eveytime we go to head over there...we are tormented by the "Scouts"...and though we try our best to keep an eye out for them...and stun/root/kill them...it seems that every time we try to clear to the boss...we still manage to let 3-5 scouts hit the drum and summon the mobs from the tents...

all in all it has become quite frustrating for us..and has led to multiple wipes.

Does anyone have any tips on how we could better control these pests?...so that we can spend our time on learning the boss encounters...and not fight off wave after wave of adds...

01-06-2008, 04:24 AM
There are 4 scouts to dragonhawk you will probably have to kill 2 twice depending on your speed.

I think that you just need to relax, scout killing needs to happen if people are stressed about it, it won't happen. Everyone just needs to nuke, heck even as a prot paladin i can take out half a scout. You sound like your doing everything right but try to makesure your not attacking the scouts when they are near the drums.