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01-02-2008, 06:24 PM
Terror Austrälis of Nagrand is a mature age Raiding guild with a strong social element. Recently transferring as a guild from Lightbringer to better suit our members playing availabilities.

We are a +8.00 GMT based guild Raiding 3 - 4 times a week at 9.30pm server time for ~3 hours.

We are considerate of all those "grown up" and "Real life" stresses that marriage (couples) ,Full time work and kids can put onto our WoW time :)

Having a strong core of experienced raiders, we now concentrating on 25 man objectives, and are looking for like minded people to share some serious raiding in a fun environment.

If you are over 21 and our guild sounds like you, then give us shout at Guild News Terror Austrälis (http://www.terroraustralisguild.com) or PST Parlay/Sharlay/Audacious or any of our members for details.

Hope to chat to you soon,


We currently have raid positions open for our 25 man squad and will always welcome good applications from all classes at all times.

Priest Shadow MED / Holy MED Warlock LOW
Paladin Holy LOW / PROT LOW Mage MED
Shaman Resto MED / DPS LOW Hunter LOW
Druid Resto MED / Feral HIGH Warrior DPS LOW / Prot HIGH

Karazhan - 2 Groups, completed
Zul'Aman - Completed Nalorakk, Akil'Zon & Halazzi
25 Player instances - Up to Gruul. Starting on Mag, TK & SSC soon.

Currently we have 3 Regular Tanks: 1 x Proc Warrior, 1 x Bear & 1 x Proc Pally
As the we moves into 25 man content, we will require an addition Proc Warrior.
All of us are working adults with personal commitment, oversea assignment, etc and may not be able to raid sometimes.
Therefore depending on situation, you must be willing to Main-tank or Off-tank as the main focus is on progression.

We raid mainly on Wed, Thurs and Sunday for 25man content.
If you need some gear and badges from Kara/ZA, an off-nite run or one of the 3 days is possible, just sound out to an officer.

Tank Gear:
Most Tank gears can be attained through heroic badges.
As we are moving to 25man content, It will be good if you have completed Kara with some gears.
Having Resist gear would be a plus point.

Tank Skills:
If you are reading this website and forum, there shouldnt be much problem. There are macros and article which will help you to improve tanking skills.