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01-01-2008, 01:10 AM
I'd like to say in advance please forgive my stream-of-consciousness style but in any case I'm gonna write up a brief guide that should be sufficient to inform new tanks to these fights on how they should go about tanking them as well as things to look out for. These guides are not to be used as replacements for boss strategies as many encounters have so much going on that new tanks to them just do not need to know about. If you really want to go above the call of duty that's your perogative.

Not gonna tell you how to do trash packs either because every guild finds something that works for them and honestly tanking a ghoul is something all of you are over qualified to do. :)

If however you want to know how my guild does it, most waves we place a lot of emphasis on a single prot paladin holding aggro on as many of the mobs as possible so we can aoe them down faster, with feral druids and prot warriors tanking single mobs that either are being dps burned or just to pick up anything that aggroes off a mage's aoe.

Rage Winterchill
Not much to say about this guy. He can crush pretty hard (7k+) but his attacks aren't extremely fast. Of all his abilities, you only really need to be aware of his Death and Decay spell which he casts at a random spot on the ground and deals 150% of each target affected's total health over the duration of the ability (10 seconds), so long as they remain in the area of effect. If he places it on you/the melee team, you can either stand in it to get extra rage and boost your TPS or you can move out of it if you aren't confident in your gear/your healers. Otherwise a rather uneventful fight...after a few minutes you'll be asking "is he dead yet?"
P.S. Don't fight him near Jaina.

If you are tanking Anetheron...face him towards the raid, no reason not to. Melee stand behind him so that if he does his Carrion Swarm ability on them it does not hit casters/healers. I bring it up because positioning is as much a part of tanking this guy as just the tanking itself. Other than that though he doesn't hit hard or fast; tanking him only gets exciting when half your healers are slept and the other half are swarmed or something. Ask your healers to communicate to you to use shield wall if a bad situation like this occurs.
If you are tanking his infernals...tank them near the ballista in front of Jaina. You can try and get her into the fight by dragging them to her and then back to the ballista but, to date I have found no surefire way to safely ensure she engages Anetheron. It helps to get misdirects from hunters to pull the infernals to you.
P.S. As an infernal tank try and wear about 250 fire resist. This should be enough with or without a totem/aura boosting it further but you do not need max FR for this.

Put on your TPS gear; this is about as close to a DPS race as fights get in the Burning Crusade. You have two options here on where to tank him: either you tank him next to Thrall (drag him through so his grunts don't get cleaved) or you kite him through the Tauren Warriors at the totem pole/clay oven site and over to Thrall. If your DPS is low you should get the tauren and Thrall involved; if your DPS is high just tank him near Thrall.
Tip: if you have a huge hit box, like from being a Tauren or using size-increasing buffs, you can sometimes avoid the warstomp Kaz does, which is nice because your TPS will go up.

If you are tanking Azgalor...I recommend that you tank him next to Thrall (pull him to Thrall's right so Thrall and his grunts don't get cleaved) and try to boost your stamina and avoidance as high as possible, because Azgalor can, in the span of his silence that hits all your healers, do probably 21k damage. You'll probably die if not topped off going in. Furthermore, when he does his silence, turn off your autoattack. Hit F1 to target yourself (keep shield block up) and just stop attacking...this is because he retaliates against attacks he parries, and you don't want this to happen while your healers are silenced. He isn't very fast, but he hits hard and has burst capabilities with cleave and the retaliation function, so be on guard.
If you are tanking his doomguards...I recommend that you tank them at the tauren warrior clay oven. They will tear up the doomguards, and you can devote just 1 warlock to helping dps them down. When one of your raid members gets Doomed, have them try to run as close to you as possible but be ready to pick up the doomguard when it spawns.
Alternative Strategy: kite Azgalor past Thrall to the tauren warriors and have your melee team dps the doomguards at Thrall's building. All the tauren warriors will die within 2-3 rains of fire but at least your melee won't be at risk. This method also gives your casters/healers less room to spread out on rains of fire but again, they don't have to worry about melee in this way, but again you're losing the tauren warrior dps which is significant.

This guy can't crush. Then again, he hits pretty hard, between 5k to 8k and change. Some things you have to know: sometimes he drops doomfires (moving fire "snakes") that could land near you or run through you. MOVE OUT OF IT and inform your healers you'll need extra heals. He also fears occassionally; he has a cooldown longer than Berserker Rage, but he doesn't cast it every time its up...sometimes he goes for as long as a minute with fear being off cooldown without using it. Just be ready to stance dance it (1.5 second cast so you should at least be able to make it to Berserker Stance if not cast Berserker Rage and already be back in Defensive). If you get caught in Defensive Stance for an entire fear, there's a good chance you're going to run through a doomfire or range one of your healers or just screw up positioning in general and if you don't wipe then it's a credit to your raid.
POSITIONING TIP: What we like to do is, stand at the spot on the mountains north of him where there's a natural indentation that looks like it would fit your raid standing around buffing and whatnot; now gaze at where Archimonde is standing...notice the tree stump between him and your raid? The way we do the pull is I run at him, and engage and tank him wherever we end up and from there I just reposition him as I see fit when a doomfire runs over me or gets close (I try and move him as little as possible but the occassional rotation generally is less work to adjust to than moving him yards in any direction...just keep your raid informed).

So anyway I hope this was helpful to you all learning these fights for the first time.

01-01-2008, 12:09 PM
Just a couple of corrections:

You can tank Winterchill near Jaina, the damage of D&D got nerfed of her so she won't die by standing in it. Or well, have never died for us. We actually kite him through the whole base so every NPC joins the fight, they provide some good extra DPS until they get wtfpwnd by the D&D :)
For Anatheron, i'd highly recommend to use a Tankadin for infernals since Exorcism + Avenger Shield are great ways to pull them even if the DPS is lacking and not killing them in time.
For Azgalor instead, my suggestion would be to point out that you should use your highest armor/hp tank, possibly a druid, since the boss cannot crush so there's no disadvantage in having a fluffy bear tank.

01-02-2008, 03:09 AM
I was not aware they made it so she could live through any Death and Decays let alone one...not that you really need her dps for this fight anyway heh...or any of the NPCs for that matter since they too tend to get mowed down.

Azgalor...if you let your druid go into a silence at half health, it's a lot more likely to be a wipe than if a warrior is tanking, since at least he could Shield Wall it or Last Stand these kinds of situations. If Azgalor didn't silence then I'd definitely agree but the few emergency reaction skills Blizzard gives us warriors, to me seems too good to pass up, especially for this fight.

Interesting use of protadins on Anetheron btw...we don't have one (anymore) so I didn't really think to use one in that way. You could have a bear tank them too for that matter, I've seen them do it fine too. I still strongly recommend using 2 hunters because the misdirects are just so nice to have and what guild doesn't have an excess of hunters, right? :D

01-02-2008, 05:46 AM
Azgalor: A good druid should have Badge of Tenacity that increase their avoidance by huge amounts. Btw, silences are resistable and if your tank enter in a silence without being topped of then its healers fault nor the tank. A druid tank, however, would eat like 12-15% less damage per hit than your average warrior tank. The only bad thing is that they don't reduce any magic damage son rains on him can hurt a little more.

Winterchill: He crush from around 5-6k on your first attempts, now at full T6 I get crushed for 5k max. I don't use Shield block in this fight unless Im getting too low on health. In fact I pray for crushes to come as its a stupid fight and always get rage starved...
You take less risks by letting the boss crush you that standing in Death and Decay.

01-02-2008, 05:54 AM
Well, yeah, "healer's fault," but sometimes he hits you hard before he sneaks in a silence, and it's nice to have the option to Last Stand/Shield Wall.

I think the D&D is still a very good way to boost your rage and TPS since it's slow, easy to heal damage on you whereas if your healers are slow like they are with me when he's meleeing me, he sometimes gets me too low for my comfort. It's more my opinion here but while I agree with letting him crush me, I tend to try and avoid that just to not get in the habit of being lazy with the crushes, but that's my own personal discipline because I've been lazy in the past.

Of course, at our gear levels, neither standing in D&D nor getting crushed are really risky. For new tanks though, I think D&D tends to be safer (if that's the right word lol), and if you take too much you can still jump out.

01-02-2008, 07:00 AM
Actually on Azgalor if healers are in a good Shadow Resist set (about 150ish unbuffed i'd say), theres a high chance that at least 1-2 healers are not silenced. Doing Azgalor without healers using some shadow resist is imho making it harder than it is, since basically you play Casinò every 15 seconds.

About Winterchill... well... he hits really like a girl =\ i had to Mana Pot 3 times during our last kill since he wasn't hitting me hard enough. And obviously all D&D were on melee so i had to almost stop threat generation except for the random Exorcism or Avenger shield, sigh.
We once had him tanked by a warrior in DPS gear, since for some distraction of the healers the tank died on the pull, that gives a good idea of how much hard he hits.

01-02-2008, 07:03 AM
Yeah, and we use SR too, but I guess I just like the extra control I have of the situation, being a warrior.

edit: Wait so why'd you stop threat generation? Can't you still do anything? Or is it different since I'm a warrior and I can sit in the D&D and spam Devastate/Heroic Strike with pretty much infinite rage, whereas sitting in it for you doesn't really benefit you unless it gives the healers an excuse to throw heals on you and regen your mana a little more?

01-02-2008, 07:08 AM
Well the abuse of relying on emergency buttons looks a bit excessive to me, i just don't like it since i consider the raid being prepared to any "bad thing".

We personally use a warrior on him and me on adds, since being him the MT he's the best equipped tank around. Actually he usually uses SW on last 10% just to give to the remaining healers some breath, i don't remind any time he used it on a Silence.

01-02-2008, 07:11 AM
Hope for the best but plan for the worst; it's nice to have faith in your fellow raid members but you can't expect them to always be playing their best, everyone has a bad day. ;)

What sucks is when like...all 8 of your healers are having a bad day.

01-03-2008, 12:48 AM
However I do expect everyone performing 100% or else they risk of being rotated. We are not really harsh and even someone with a bad day can have his/her spot in a raid, but if something bad happens and it can be his fault he can get dkp nerfed, rotated or even blamed at vent by our co-gm who somehow like to insult, shout and those other bad things at vent and no one likes that :D

06-16-2009, 12:40 PM
I recommend picking a fast runner to talk to Jaina, Thrall and the other Alliance bosses. This person should be the only person to do so or the boss waves start immediately, risking unnecessary wipes. Also, there is a repair NPC just inside the entrance to Mount Hyjal before you enter the instance to the Battle on the left.