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12-21-2007, 07:04 PM
My current keybindings for my threat abilities are as follows:

1) Devistate/stopcasting/HS macro
2) Shield Block
3) Revenge
4) Shield Slam
5) Taunt

I almost always use the SS/Rev/Dev/Dev with HSs in between for rage dump. When I am tanking a hard hitting boss I will hit my Dev/HS macro while my GCD is going, which will queue a HS. I can get a HS between each ability on hard hitting bosses usually. With this rotation I can maintain 950 TPS, but I think I can do better. My standard boss gear consists of 5% Exp, 22 Hit, and about 480 SBV. I'd rather keep the gear as it is.

My current problem is dumping too much rage and then wasting time waiting for enough rage to restart the rotation. This happens when I finish off the rotation with the Dev/HS macro and HSs eat rage (no Imp HS talent).

I am considering changing my keybindings to the following:

1) Devistate
2) Shield Block
3) Revenge
4) Shield Block
5) Taunt
R) Heroic Strike

With these keybindings I would then pay more attention to my rage bar (tweaking UI or something of the like). I would use the normal rotation but be more selective on HSs, only queuing when rage is appropriate enough for my rotation to be continued without waiting for more rage.

My concerns with this setup though is how much I will need to be doing. I haven't really tried it yet, but I'm wondering before I do if it's just too much to do along with other tank responsibilities.

My other idea was to make all of my threat abilities macros ending with /cast Shield Block. Ie:

/cast Shield Slam
/cast Shield Block

I'm somewhat of a masher, so that would clear up a key where I could put HS (without a SB queue).

My final solution for higher TPS would be:

1) Devistate
2) Shield Block
3) Revenge
4) Shield Slam
5) Taunt
Shift-1) Dev/stopcasting/HS macro

I could then use the macro when needed, be it once in a rotation, twice, or queuing HS between each ability.

Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If I need to change my play style all together to pass 1000 TPS I can do it, I just want to generate more threat.

12-21-2007, 08:15 PM
I don't use any kind of combo macros. More control over what you are doing will show better results. However, you will obviously have to work more for it.

12-22-2007, 05:39 AM
Exactly you can't blindly macro all that stuff together and then hope for good tps.

Heres mine that also works well with mashing for when you need your attention somewhere else.

1 taunt
2 shield block
3 shield slam
4 devastate
5 revenge

Thats as far as I go on the numbers without clicking. I have demo shout & tclap on mouse buttons but for most bosses I just click them (not moving why bother making it hard). HS is a last resort for me, honestly I should use it more then I do but I'm pushing around 1000tps without it and my dps doesn't need anymore at the moment.

When you need to mash and don't need to move just put your fingers on 2-5 and mash away.

I think your lack of rage comes from either HSing too often or avoiding too much damage though. If you are over geared for the boss drop some damage reducing skills like tclap or demo shout. If you and your healers are really over geared I've been known to stop using shield block if I have not enough rage to keep my rotation going.

I have 47hit & 43 expertise (16 er) in my EH outfit.

12-22-2007, 07:44 AM
I use
Q) shield slam
E) shield block
Z) heroic strike
X) concussion blow
C) revenge
1) attack
2) taunt
3) devastate
4) thunderclap

In particular I find using the Q and E keys to be invaluable. I rebind A and D to strafe and turn with my mouse.

I also don't use any 'combo' macros. I like having complete control as in many fights there will be times when you want to shield block and/or heroic strike constantly and there will be times you don't.

12-22-2007, 08:21 AM
Almost forgot the one macro I do use is for stuff like devastate. Add in a macro that has

/cast devastate

I need this since I have my ui set to stop attacking when I tab target to avoid breaking cc. Then when I hit the button if I don't have enough rage to devastate at least I'm hitting it rather then just standing there

12-22-2007, 10:05 AM
Thanks a lot for the advice guys. I'm going to give it a shot without any combo macros and see how it works.

12-22-2007, 03:33 PM
Yep, using any kind of tanking macro is just going to make you less effective and worse at it.

Particularly, using any macro involving heroic strike in it is bad. Heroic strike can be used any time your rage is like higher than 50, safely. Remember, it's a rage dump, so always make sure you have enough rage to repeat the Shield slam, revenge, Dev, Dev rotation over and over without waiting for rage. If you have extra rage then you can burn some off with heroic strike.

Adding more expertise and hit rating to your threat suit will have the biggest impact in improving threat as well.

12-22-2007, 03:56 PM
Might seem odd but here is what I run around with for keybinds. I don't wind up using the mouse when tanking so I just go at it two-handed and somehow it seems to work out. By having both hands on the keyboard I can place every single ability I can use in whatever stance I'm in right under my fingers without having to worry about where my mouse is on the screen to try and click anything extra. Not saying its for everyone but this binding setup has worked well for both raiding and soloing on my warrior and my caster alts so far. Starting to run out of buttons for all of the spells though. XD
1-disarm, 2-HS, 3-shield block, 4-revenge, 5-rend, 6-thunder clap, 7-intervene/focus macro, 8-taunt, 9-shield wall | 0, -, and = are all trinkets. This is my stance bar anyway, only Defensive Stance required abilities for the most part.
Shift+1-Perception, Shift+2-Last Stand, Shift+3-Bloodrage, Shift+4-Intimidating Shout, Shift+5-Challenging Shout
Where the hell is everything else? Rebound my 10-digit pad...
/ * -
Top three are stances, zerker stance is a macro to pop both bloodrage and zerker rage.
7-concussion blow, 8-shield bash, 9-spell reflect, +-taunt macro that pops trinkets at the same time
4-hamstring(used to be sunder before dev change), 5-shield slam, 6-cleave
1-battle shout, 2-commanding shout, 3-demoralizing shout

12-22-2007, 05:29 PM
I dont use any sort of macros for tanking either, only for PvP like spell reflect and disarm :P My keybindings look like this :
2-Shield Slam
4-Shield Block
6-Shield Bash
7-Challenging shout
shift R- Thunderclap
shift T-Concussion Blow
shift F- Bloodrage
shift 1-Demo shout
shift 2-Battle Shout
E-Heroic Strike
Z-Commanding shout
G-Last Stand
T-auto attack, I actually have it on the bar so I can see when it's working or not

Everything else I click... and it's working pretty well for me. Nice to see what everyone else is doing with their keybindings:D

12-22-2007, 09:17 PM
Just thought I'd make this for fun. I don't use it, but I tested it, and it works. For some reason I had to put the rank after Mangle, or it would not work. After trying it, I am considering getting one of those keyboards that spam a button for you, and walking away while I tank bosses.
Drood 1 button single target tanking:

/script CancelPlayerBuff("Blessing of Salvation")
/script CancelPlayerBuff("Enrage")
/cast Enrage
/castsequence reset=5 Mangle (Bear)(Rank 3), Lacerate, Lacerate, Lacerate
/cast Maul

For a warrior, using commanding shout, I would assume this would work, but I don't know, since I don't have a warrior. It is likely that some of them will need ranks to work, the way mangle does. Someone correct the warrior one for me.
Warrior 1 button single target tanking:

/script CancelPlayerBuff("Blessing of Salvation")
/castsequence reset=60 Bloodrage, Commanding Shout
/cast Shield Block
/castsequence reset=5 Revenge, Shield Slam, Devastate, Devastate
/cast Heroic Strike

Paladins already have 1 button tanking as far as I can tell.

These macros should work very well if you have unlimited rage.

12-23-2007, 06:46 AM
I found this macro to be my wipe saver on TW since TPS on him is horrid due to his debuff. I was pumping out 4-500tps without my macro and then started pumping out 6-800 with it. Since you basically have unlimited rage against him, it works very well. On the Bog Lords in ssc another unlimited rage type situation I can hit around 11-1200 sustained tps with the macro, but again hitting one keybind is boring and I only use it sparingly. So here it is, nothing really special:

/castrandom Devastate, Shield Slam, Revenge
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Cleave; Heroic Strike

Just hold down ctrl for the cleave as opposed to the constant hs spamming. It's a slight variation of one of the macros already listed on one of the guides here.

12-23-2007, 07:34 AM
I do not get why you would ever use /castrandom. It seems to me like there is no advantage to /castrandom over /castsequence, and all it does is decrease your TPS.

At the same time, all the macros on wowwiki use /castrandom. Anyone know why?

12-23-2007, 09:53 AM
Here is the macro I currently use.

/castsequence reset=60 Bloodrage, Commanding Shout
/castrandom Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate
/cast Heroic Strike

Optionally you can added a /cast Shield Block into this macro for hard hitting infinite rage situations.

With this macro I push between 1000 and 1300 TPS. Granted it's not always going to be the ideal rotation given that it's core is controled by randomness and the heroic strike will be dumping rage when it shouldn't be but for doing trash or bosses where threat doesn't matter this macro is a 1 stop shop.

Currently castsequence is broken when you have more than 1 of them present in the same macro. In 2.3.2 this will be fixed and a more efficient macro will be possible using more than one castsequence and no castrandoms.

Also an optional solution for those lazy enough to have a macro controling heroic strikes might want to consider a slower weapon. This would tune down the amount of rage getting dumped while trading off a little bit of top end threat generation in infinite rage situations.

12-23-2007, 02:31 PM
I do not get why you would ever use /castrandom. It seems to me like there is no advantage to /castrandom over /castsequence, and all it does is decrease your TPS.

At the same time, all the macros on wowwiki use /castrandom. Anyone know why?

As odd as it sounds, you have more control when you have two cooldown abilities. *shrug*

You can utterly spam /castrandom. Whenever the cooldown on Revenge and Shield Slam are up, it uses Devastate instead (assuming you're spamming it constantly). With a /castsequence, you have to start over. The problem is when it uses Devastate over Revenge or Shield Slam.

12-23-2007, 03:34 PM
Exactly you can't blindly macro all that stuff together and then hope for good tps.Please acknowledge that this statement only holds true for those with minimal macro'ing skills. :)

I've found that macro'ing a few particular abilities together combo rather well. In fact, pushing fewer buttons has trained me in the ways of spam-avoidance. ;)

Best combos I've worked into my rotation:

[F1]: All-in-One Charge/Intercept/Intervene (Using F for Focus Target command makes this work wonders)

[F2]: Bloodrage+Thunder Clap+Demo. Shout (Great for dealing mass threat quickly)

[2]: Shield Block + Revenge (This gets spammed like crazy on boss fights cause Revenge is so sweet at 2 rage)

Still working on a Execute; [nocombat] Sit combo for my X key, and a /jump; /cast Piercing Howl macro for my spacebar, but movement commands can't be macro'd as far as I know... :(

In short, Macros just your job at tanking easier if you know how to use them without just spamming them on end. Keep them simple - as if one macro represents a special combat maneuver.

Oh, and my favorite macro...

The Chain Charge!
Charge + /targetnearestenemy + Intercept

Don't you hate it when you see a bunch of horde coming over SH bunker at you and wish you could just bypass them all? This will allow you to cover ALOT of ground quickly if you pick the right targets (and they're fairly well-spaced-out)

Anyway, macros = good :)

12-27-2007, 07:56 PM
I highly, highly, highly advise against using any type of tanking rotation macros.

In order to get better at tanking, maximizing your threat output in a variety of situations (low rage, medium rage, high rage, boss that can crush, boss that can't, boss that can crush for A LOT, while still being a 'low rage' fight), etc, you want to have total control over ALL of your abilities.

As an example, if you have any of your tanking abilities keybinded together, you can't precisely use what you want when you want to and in an ever-changing order. Your rage might be so bad you can only revenge every 5 seconds. Your rage might be so bad you can only shield block and auto attack and hope to take a normal blocked hit, because a crush could potentially ruin your day immediatly combined with other things.

Maybe your rage is close to unlimited and putting up shield block is irrelevent, and hitting shield block will only lower your TPS and provide no real gain.

What I'm trying to say is having all of your abilities not on a keybind increases the interaction you need to do, which hopefully gives you more of a decision-making role, which will make you a better player. If you're using a threat mod like Omen or something and see your little TPS meter putting out pathetic results with whatever rotation you're doing, you can change it right away and hopefully experiment with better button pushes to get better results.

Then when it comes to keybind, I also highly advise NOT using both hands on the keyboard at once while tanking, or putting any keybinds in a place that will take your mouse hand off of the mouse. The mouse needs to be able to be used for movement and looking around at ALL times while tanking.

Having mouselook/mouse movement free is a great advantage in: Multi mob tanking, picking up adds that spawn, picking up loose mobs, being aware of and avoiding environmental/encounter situations that can kill you (Laser beams of death, void zone type things), and so forth. It also speeds the rate at which you can physically respond to such things, as keyboard movement is limited in the rate at which it will move your character, whereas mouse movement is unlimited.

If you regularly tank using any type of combination macro, or without using your mouse for movement+mouselook, I would work on fixing that, it will be the greatest boost to your abilities than anything you could read strat-wise, or pick up, gear-wise.

I feel it might also be worth saying that even if I find a tank has decent knowledge of the game, decent gear, and appropriate "on paper" performance, I always need to find out how their keybinds are setup, and if they use a tanking macro. If they have really poor hotkeys, keyboard turn, click their abilities, or use tanking macros, there's not a chance they'll be able to perform at peak expectations as needed.

12-29-2007, 03:19 PM
Just thought I'd make this for fun. I don't use it, but I tested it, and it works. For some reason I had to put the rank after Mangle, or it would not work. After trying it, I am considering getting one of those keyboards that spam a button for you, and walking away while I tank bosses.
Drood 1 button single target tanking:

/script CancelPlayerBuff("Blessing of Salvation")
/script CancelPlayerBuff("Enrage")
/cast Enrage
/castsequence reset=5 Mangle (Bear)(Rank 3), Lacerate, Lacerate, Lacerate
/cast Maul

For a warrior, using commanding shout, I would assume this would work, but I don't know, since I don't have a warrior. It is likely that some of them will need ranks to work, the way mangle does. Someone correct the warrior one for me.
Warrior 1 button single target tanking:

/script CancelPlayerBuff("Blessing of Salvation")
/castsequence reset=60 Bloodrage, Commanding Shout
/cast Shield Block
/castsequence reset=5 Revenge, Shield Slam, Devastate, Devastate
/cast Heroic Strike

Paladins already have 1 button tanking as far as I can tell.

These macros should work very well if you have unlimited rage.

You might want to put in /script CancelPlayerBuff("Blessing of Protection") as well. Just cause uh... yeah :(

01-02-2008, 09:22 AM
I highly, highly, highly advise against using any type of tanking rotation macros.

I'd say mine makes me more able to keep an eye on what's happening, as my eyes don't have to be glued to the buttons to see what's on cooldown. I have all the individual skills mapped to keys too, and use them when appropriate.

01-02-2008, 12:24 PM
The more I think about it the more sense it makes to have macros for threat skills and shield block for some boss fights when my attention is needed on a lot of other things in addition to generating threat.

Perhaps 2 macros, one with HS & one without.

Does anyone have situational threat warrior macros they wouldn't mind sharing?

01-02-2008, 02:27 PM
I ended up making a couple

One for high rage boss fights

/cast Bloodrage
/cast Shield Block
/castrandom Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate
/cast Heroic Strike

The same without heroic strike

/cast Bloodrage
/cast Shield Block
/castrandom Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate

and one for stuff that doesn't hit as hard you could just remove the shield block

01-02-2008, 03:08 PM
For full control:

1. Taunt
2. HS
3. Devastate
4. Shieldslam
5. Revenge
Shift-4. Shieldblock

Then I also use an all in one tank macro with the typical SS,Rev,Dev x 2 + shieldblock + shift based HS modifier. I bind this to Both Q and E so I can alternate press them with 2 fingers while holding shift with my pinky.

Middle mouse is bloodrage. I use the mousewheel to change stances...

01-02-2008, 03:23 PM
I don't have my "eyes glued to the buttons" - infact it's anything but. I have the cooldowns pop up near the middle of the screen, and it pulses and flashes when I hit it and the cooldown isn't up. When the cooldown is ready, it disappears. Using something especially like a "cast RANDOM" macro is only going to have a negative affect on your TPS, there isn't really any way to argue otherwise.

01-02-2008, 06:53 PM
what are you using to show the cool downs like that?

01-02-2008, 08:40 PM
CooldownTimers2, it's an ace mod.

01-02-2008, 08:45 PM
Rotation depends of the mob.

Trash :

Shield Slam
Shield Slam

Not using HS on trash


Shield Slam
Shield Block (bonus T5 )
Shield Slam
And now include HS on white strike .

Around 800-1000 TPS with Mallet of Tides

Keybinding ;

Mouse 3 ( Lateral button ) = Devastate ( Spam ^^ )
E = Shield Slam
A = Shield Block
1= Taunt
2= Revenge
3= HS
4= Reflect Shield
X = Macro Intervene
F = Trinket cycle Macro
G = Macro cycle Debuff AP + Thunder Clap

I strafe with Q and D (Azerty keyboard)

01-03-2008, 08:22 AM

-Shield Slam
-Shield Block
-Devestate x 2
-Shield Block
-Shield Slam
-Thunderclap while hitting Shield Block
-Repeat alternating Shouts+Thunderclap
-Also add Heroic Strike whenever rage is needed, and trinket popping (gnomergan blocker) when extra threat is needed, normally start fights with this trinket popped.


pretty much the same, less heroic strikes, no shield blocks, lots of thunderclapping for multiple mobs + cleave

Universal Bindings:

Alt+1 = Healthstone
Alt+2 = Healing Potion
Alt+3 = (soon) Rage Potion
Q = Devestate
E = Shield Slam
R = Bloodrage
Ctrl+R = Spell Reflection
F = ThunderClap
G = Trinkets (push once for first trinket, twice for second)
Ctrl+F = Challenging Shout
Z = Battle Shout
X = Demo Shout
C = Commanding Shout (might change shouts to F1-F3)

Defensive Stance:

1 = Intervene
2 = Revenge
3 = Heroic Strike
4 = Shield Block
5 = Cleave
6 = Disarm
= = Last Stand, Shield Wall (push once for LS, twice for Shield Wall, resets every 10 mins if you only want to use LS)

Battle Stance:

1 = Charge
2 = Heroic Strike
3 = Rend (mostly for BGs, to keep rogues/druids from stealth)
4 = Execute
5 = Victory Rush
= = BattleStance 30min cool down(forgot the name, I rarely use it)

Zerker Stance:

1 = Intercept (see the pattern?)
2 = WhirlWind
3 = Berzerker Rage
4 = Execute
5 = Cleave
6 = Victory Rush (I think)
= = Recklessness

There is a lot of thought in my layout as far as speed is concerned, to switch to zekrer and pop rage w/o a macro, I can Shift+3,3,shift+2 - minimal movement and keystrokes. Normally though shift+g is my zerker stance macro.

Intervene, Charge and Intercept are all in the same position, to make quick use of them.

My pummels/shieldbash is on my tilde (~) in every stance.

Ctrl+E is my Conc Blow - I try to keep most universal skills bound to my keyboard instead of 1-= bars, since I will need to use them in every stance(with the exception of thunderclap, might review this later)

Shield Block is not really helpful or friendly sitting on #4 because shield slamming while spamming Shield Block isn't really friendly to hte hand, I do have some more tweaking to do on my layout, but it's pretty universal, and I can switch to Mortal Strike or Fury while only having to change my universal keys, like E = mortal Strike, Q = deathwish, etc.

01-10-2008, 10:46 AM
Shield Slam, Revenge, Dev, Dev, repeat. HS as rage allows. SB up as much as possible to allow continued use of Revenge in the rotation. Demo Shout , Battle/Comm Shout and T-clap somewhere in there as needed.

Someone mentioned before that A and D were changed to strafe and all turning and steering was done with the mouse--I recently changed to this setup and couldn't be happier. Not only does it make my mouseover-Devastate macro easier to use since I always have a hand on the mouse, but my reaction time for things like Intervening or such things that require a quick turn-around has increased quite a bit. As of right now my key bindings are:
(Anything with a * has a /startattack macro attached, in case I don't have rage for it)
1) Intervene/Charge/Intercept
2) Cleave*
3) Slam
4) Taunt/Mocking Blow/Berserker Rage
5) Concussion Blow
Q) Revenge/Overpower*
E) Shield Slam*
R) Whirlwind*
T) Piercing Howl (I'm offtank spec :D)
F) Disarm/Execute*
X) Victory Rush*
C) Devastate*
Mousewheel Up) Heroic Strike*
Mousewheel Down) Shield Block/Hamstring
Mousewheel Click) Throw/Shoot
Alt+1) Battle Shout
Alt+2) Demoralizing Shout
Alt+3) Intimidating Shout
Alt+4) Challenging Shout
Alt+5) Bloodrage
Alt+Q) Last Stand + Trinket Macro (aka the "Oh, shit" button)
Alt+W) Defensive Stance
Alt+E) Self-Bandage Macro
Alt+A) Battle Stance
Alt+S) Shield Wall/Retaliation/Recklessness
Alt+D) Berserker Stance
Alt+X) Thunder Clap
Alt+C) Commanding Shout
Alt+Mousewheel Up) Rend
Alt+Mousewheel Down) Spell Reflect
Alt+Mousewheel Click) War Stomp (I'm a cow :o)

I have my camera fixed at max distance and don't see any reason to change it in the forseeable future, so when I'm in defensive stance spamming my mousewheel up and down makes me Shield Block and Heroic Strike, neither of which are on GCD. Pretty nifty idea if I do say so myself. :D
In addition, my stance changes are bound to alt+movement keys, so my hand is always in position to stance dance whenever needed, just pop my thumb over, press down alt, presto stance change.

01-10-2008, 11:27 AM
1. taunt
2. devastate
3. shield slam
4. revenge
5. heroic strike
6. and shift-6. shield block
shift-1. intervene
shift-2. shield bash
shift-3. thunder clap
shift-4. demoralizing shout
shift-5. commanding shout
7. cleave

I have various other things bound to different keys as well.

01-10-2008, 12:19 PM
` is reply whisper
1-3 is stances
4-6 is mostly unused cuz only time i click stuff is to use shouts and normally i don't have to do that while focusing my micro.
R is heroic strike. shift+r is cleave.
t is trinket
F is my taunt in defensive stance, and execute in battle/zerker stance(probly gonna change this to mocking blow in battle stance since i almost always execute in zerker).
g is always my universal interupt macro whether i'm equipped with shield or not.
v is spell reflect in defensive stance, and victory rush in battle stance or zerker stance.
z is shield block
x is my target of target, switches to def stance if not in that stance, intervene macro.
the rest of my abilities are on my mouse.
two side buttons, wheel up and down and all those combined with shift or alt. It all works out well for me and the only abilities i click are demo shout and thunderclap because it's annoying to reach 4-6 for those abilities on an ergonomic keyboard.
I have no expertise or hit rating in my tank gear and i push 1-1.25k tps on bosses that allow me to have nearly unlimited rage dump, and when i don't i easily break 900. Just make sure you save that rage for important abilites like SS and revenge. Also, if you don't already have one i suggest picking up a gnomie auto blocker and getting a macro off mozman for getting 4 SS off one trinket use. Nothing like a 8-900 shield slam 4 times in a row to help cap off that threat.

Baceramus...you turn with A and D >_>;;;

01-10-2008, 01:00 PM
Happy for you guys, but I have tiny hands. I also see some people with keybinds that don't let them hit hs + dev/ss/rev + sb all at once, isn't that bad?

My main ones are:
A - heroic strike
D - shield block
F - devastate
G - shield slam
V - revenge

Mostly - one finger does A, another does D, another cycles through GVFF. Other stuff is on the surrounding keys and I'm a little slower at getting to it. I also put stances and taunts on my mouse buttons.

01-11-2008, 05:49 PM
Right I had to log into wow because my keybinds are memorised to the point I dont think about them:

Using MS Natural Keyboard.

Stances (Shift 1,2,3)

` - Concussive Blow
Q - HS
E - Dev
1 - Taunt
2 - Shield Block & Revenge Macro (Haven't come across any situation where using 2 extra rage on revenge at same time isn't worthwhile? & Bound seperatly for low rage situations)
3 - Shield Slam
4 - Revenge
F - Shield Bash

5 - Disarm (I think the 5 key is too far away to be used often!)

I'm happy with this layout because 2 sits nicely under my middle finger to be spammed, Q is spammable by other finger (jumps up to 1 & `) . Index finger alternates between Dev (easily spammable position), Shield Slam, Revenge and quick to Shield Bash (where I have to wait for the GCD).

Logitech MX510 has 5 extra buttons on top of the norm:

Back button (rear side button) = Spell Reflect
Forwards Button (front side button) = Intervene (and Intercept/Charge etc)
Button infront of Middle mouse = Last Stand/Shield Wall sequence macro. Once, oh shit, twice, oh shit oh shit.
Middle mouse button = Wep switch (dual wield/shield)
Button behind Middle mouse = Cleave
Button behind that = Mouseover sunder armour macro.

The mouse buttons are nearly all easy reactionary buttons to press.

Shouts I all click, pots/hs/trinkets I click. Berzerker and Bloodrage I both click. :o

Should maybe think about doing a pot/healstone macro ish bind perhaps but last stand normally gets me through and ready to pot afterwards.

Personally I couldn't live with my mousewheel being anything other than zoom. I am constantly rotating/adjusting my view angle to keep an eye out for adds/situations and keep my other hand busy if I'm bored.

01-14-2008, 12:05 AM
Here's how I do mine...

1 - attack/slam shift macro
2 - dev/sunder(when not prot)
3 - shield block/hamstring(battle and serker)
4 - heroic strike
5 - Thunderclap/Cleave or WW/Cleave shift macros depending on stance
6 - taunt/mocking blow

R - battle stance/op macro
T - defensive stance/disarm macro
Y - berserker stance/berserker rage macro

F - stoneform
G - spell reflect
H - victory rush
J - Last Stand

ShiftF - Shield Slam
ShiftG - Conc blow
Shift H - Shield Wall
ShiftR - Battle Shout
ShiftT - Demo Shout
ShiftY - Rend
ShiftE - Execute Macro
ShiftD - Revenge
ShiftC - Intervene Macro
ShiftX - Intercept Macro
ShiftW - Interrupt Macro

mousewheel tilt right - bloodrage
mosuewheel tilt left - mount
mousewheel button 1 - commanding shout
mousewheel button 2 - top trinket
thumb mouse button - charge, intercept, intervene macro(on friendly)

F1 - target self
F2 - open bags
F3 - F12 - outfitter bindings to tank sets
` - vent ptt

Then I also use my numpad for 30 min cooldowns, chall shout, and intim shout.
numpad7 - recklessness
numpad4 - chall shout
numpad1 - retaliation
numpad8 - intim shout
numpad3 - ranged attack

I have a G15 and pots petbar are the G buttons.

Theres more, but i dont want to list them all.

I've seen some nutty TPS using this setup, and tbh its just a matter of knowing what to press and when with what rage and what situation, yea knowing how to play basically.

Finding something that fits your ergonomics is always good.

When I dps some abilties get placed in different areas, but nothing majorly switched.

01-14-2008, 12:16 AM
2-Shoot Bow
4-Shield Slam
5-Heroic Strike
6-Sunder Armor

W-Strafe Left

E-Move Forward

R-Strafe Right

T-Auto Run
A-Shield Block

S-Move Left

D-Move Backward

F-Move Right
H-Shield Wall
X-Shield Bash
C-Last Stand
V-Thunder Clap
B-Spell Reflect

And that's it for my keybound abilities. I make sure every key is within easy reach of the fingers on my left hand (hence why I don't use the 1 key).

I don't use the shift key because I find it extremely awkward. I was taught to type by pressing the left shift key for the right half of the keyboard and the right shift key for the left half of the keyboard. In order to use the shift key naturally I'd either have to have abilities bound to keys on the right half of the board, or press the right shift key. Neither of these would work well, since my right hand is usually on my mouse, which I use for targeting, using unbound abilities, using consumables, and a number of other things.

I do not move with the mouse because I also find it awkward, you can't turn without moving forward if you use the mouse, which I don't like. I also strafe very very rarely so I don't have a reason to strafe with the mouse. I have my movement keys bound to E, S, D, F (rather than W, A, S, D) because it feels more natural.

01-14-2008, 12:43 AM
1=Shield Slam, 2=Revenge, 3= Devastate, 4= Shield Block, 5=Heroic Strike

Shift-1=Shield Slam+Heroic Strike, Shift 2=Revenge+Heroic Strike, Shift-3=Devastate+Heroic Strike, Shift-4=Shield Block, Shift-W= Intervene, Shift-A=Taunt, Shift-Q= Trinket

Ctrl-1=Bloodrage, Ctrl-2=Thunderclap, Ctrl-3=Demo Shout, Ctrl-E= Last Stand, Ctrl-R=Shield Wall

Shift-Ctrl-1=Spell Reflect, Shift-Ctrl-2= Conc Blow

Shift and Control buttons are bound on mouse.

I use the macrod attacks with Heroic strike when I have excess rage, therefore keeping my hit rotation up without moving around too much during Combat.

01-14-2008, 01:55 PM
I don't really have a rotation as much as a priority level.

On baby trash mobs that can't really hurt me I usually do Devastate spam with TC every cooldown. Cleave whenever I can and keep Demoralizing shout and Battle Shout up.

On real trash mobs, Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate, Debuff (TC/DS)/Buff (CS)/Devastate. If there is one mob HS, 2+ Cleave, 3+ Cleave and TC a bit more. Shield Block when needed.

Bosses, Slam, Block/Revenge, Devastate, Devastate. By this time folks have usually started attempting to pull aggro off me. TC, DS and CS in place of the second Dev just enough to keep them up. HS whenever over 50 rage. I'm usually the only tank or for Kara I have a druid offtank usually. If I have another warrior who can do debuffs (something that hasn't actually happened yet) I'd have them do TC and DS.

I haven't kept tabs on trash but they usually stay on me until they are just about dead (which is when I stop careing about them). Bosses I've broken 1200 TPS on Omen using a Gladiator's Cleaver (Executioner). That's more then I've managed with my Sun Eater (no enchant yet though) maybe because I'm an orc or the enchant.

My keybinds are a bit strange since I recently pulled out my old n52 again.

The 3 buttons down the left (1, 6, 11) are CRTL, Tab, and Alt.

2-5, with CTRL, with ALT
Taunt/Mocking Blow, Challenging Shout, Bloody Fury (Orc Racial)
Shield Bash/Pummel macro, Concussive Blow
Overpower/Battle Stance Macro, Commanding Shout, Battle Shout
Spell Reflect macro with weapons switch for 2 hander/dw/1h with shield

7-10, with CTRL, with ALT
Shield Slam, Bloodrage, Hamstring/Disarm
Devastate, Execute, Victory Rush
Shield Block/Revenge macro.Defensive Stance, Revenge
Heroic Strink, Cleave, Intelligent Shoot macro with fishing

12-14, with CTRL, with ALT
Thunderclap/Whirlwind, Demoralizing Shout, Intimidating Shout
Mobility Macro (Charge/Intercept/Intervene), Intelligent Mount macro
Berzerker Rage macro/Berzerker Stance, Slam, Rend


Currently 15 (thumb button) is set to jump, the pad to movement (strafe, not turn). The scroll wheel isn't currently bound to anything, I was thinking possibly potions, LS, or my 30min timer macro. Potentionally I can bind up to 9 more items there. Maybe specility macros?

My mouse is only a 2 button plus scroll. I've left it with default binds except for the scroll wheel has Focus and Target Focus set to CRTL+ up and down. I've only been working with it a week with this setup so I'm still troubleshooting everything.

Another departure from more standard layouts is that every single one of the abilities is a macro. I could have used bartender and just made a ton of bars for each stance/CTRL/ALT but I was bored recently.

I tend to change keybinds and come to think of it UIs as well probably every month trying to get just that little bit extra.


I forgot to mention, nearly every macro also starts me attacking, just in case.