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12-21-2007, 01:58 AM
I'd just like to find out how established raiding guilds handle the use of the funds in your guild banks on repairs, consumables & resist gear.

My guild bank is quite poor despite us having cleared SSC/TK. We have a wide range of raiders varying from those who make pots of gold because they are good at it and those who just log on to raid and then log off and sometimes even run out of gold to repair. -.-

Thus far we have not sanctioned the use of guild gold for repairs. And to me I think this is a fair approach. The guild bank has loaned gold for repairs but we expect it to be returned. Marks of Illidari are put in there and those with raider rank can withdraw them for their flasks once a day. People have donated pots and other consumables, and these have been used by the main tank (who is GM too) generally and we don't really mind. The rest of us provide our own pots and stuff.

Back when we were learning Hydross, we had some tanks who just put in their own hard work into obtaining their resist gear, and then we had those who didn't do anything till the officers had to request for donations to purchase the resist gear for those tanks. Which I did help out with at the time in the interest of progression but in retrospect, it was rather unfair that others did it on their own and these people got a free handout. The ones who got it donated have wowquit/gquit btw, so.... yep, I guess that was a sign.

I wonder if there is a way to give this more structure. We're eventually going to have to get shadow resist gear for everyone for those fights in BT that need it. Should we have a "everyone donate and we distribute" approach (which in my personal view, feels like the guild is subsidising the lazy/incompentent and mooching off the hardworking/capable) or the "farm your own mats for your own set and we just give you the Hearts of Darkness" approach?

I'm sorry for rambling (as I am prone to). I just want to figure out what's a fair way to use guild funds and items in the bank.

I feel sometimes that people tend to hide behind the "I don't have time to farm"/"I'm healbot/tank specced" excuses too much. Though yes, I do agree that these impede your ability to some extent to farm, with dailies and gathering professions, is it really a valid reason to leech off the guild bank? I mean, my JC/mining prot warrior makes just as much gold as my tailor/herbalism shadowpriest who kills stuff 5 times as fast by cutting gems etc. And the daily quests are doable whatever your spec, mostly.

12-21-2007, 05:26 AM
We got money for our gbank by selling belts crafted with Nether Vortex or the new patterns from Hyjal/Black Temple.

About the resistance gear, sadly the MTs had to craft the resist gear for SSC/TK fights. For the shadow resistance, the gbank had enough money to buy all the required items from AH with a exception: We couldn't buy Primal shadows or life because there was none on AH. So this time those who wanted to keep 'raider' status had to buy or farm those primals.
About flask and pots: when a raid requires a flask or pots, everyone must provide their consumables. When just a group of people need those flasks or special pots then is the bank who provides them. Example: Ironshield pots or flasks for the MT are provided by the gbank, but when we try to do a boss first kill and every raider bring his flask then the MT also has to put his own flask too, but the ironshields are still donated from bank.

Other things: If your guild uses some kind of 'MT rule' (MTs gets priority on gear dropped) then I expect those MTs should farm or craft their own resistance gear. Unless its extremely expensive or hard to farm (which in TBC is not).

Imho, I don't know how anyone can have money problems these days. 15 minutes in skettis award you enough money to afford repairs for a night. Daily heroics awards like 50g (25g from quest reward and around 25g in money dropped inside the instance). You can also gain money while doing pvp (pvp daily, looting corpses).

12-21-2007, 06:51 PM
The thought of doing a daily quest makes me nauseous.

Ok, I may be exaggerating a little. But seriously, I did dailies for like 2 months. Amounted up to a personal bank of 8000g, got 4 Primal Mooncloth bags and bought the Cenarion mount that doesn't run. Well, I'm pretty sick of daily quests. I'm lucky if I can bring myself to finish 3 daily quests.

12-22-2007, 05:54 AM
Between signatures and avatars, this is the most feminine thread on our forums. Grats.

For us, zero repair bills have been covered since the guild bank changes. Bank has ~49,000 gold in it atm, if I saw correctly. The gold is being saved for Sunwell.

Resist gear is covered by the guild bank in full.

12-29-2007, 03:35 AM
Our guild bank is sitting around 95,000 gold atm. Most of it was made from selling SSC/TK patterns early on before the attunements were lifted. A big chunk though now is coming from selling Hyjal/BT patterns that Heart of Darkness.

The guild bank supplies flasks for the MT (me). Even still I always keep 10 or so of my own personal flasks in my bank at all times. I also provide my own ironshield pots although I only find myself using them on Shahraz and Illidan and thats because I need something to farm the rest of the week to keep myself busy.

Our guild bank doesn't pay for people's repair bills however we do give out gold for certain things. One example was on our first Illidan kill we gave everyone on our raiding roster 1,000 gold as a reward for the hard work that they put in. If certain classes need to respec for an encounter then the guild bank pays for their respec both ways. Our bank also pays for our MS warrior to respec prot for Illidan because our feral druid is a damn window licker and pays too much attention to blaze and moves out of one into eye beams.

When we first started working on Shahraz our guild bank payed for all the mats for the shadow resist gear. Some people did farm some of the mats though because there was quite a shortage of primal shadows on the AH. Our guild bank also supplies protection pots for resist fights. We try to keep the bank well stocked on those usually keeping around 400-500 at a time in there. I remember working on Shahraz pre-nerf and we'd easily blow at least 300+ shadow pots in a night of attempts.

12-30-2007, 03:43 AM
Guys, how do your banks have so much gold? I have more personal gold than my guild bank... that's how sad it is.

The patterns don't sell very well on my server and the craftables using Nether Vortexes are all going to new raiders, in fact there's still a queue for items. Geez...

12-30-2007, 03:35 PM
Guys, how do your banks have so much gold? I have more personal gold than my guild bank... that's how sad it is.

The patterns don't sell very well on my server and the craftables using Nether Vortexes are all going to new raiders, in fact there's still a queue for items. Geez...

The ssc/tk patterns don't sell well now, because people already have them, or better. The vortex crafted belts still sell well for the most part.

01-21-2008, 04:40 PM
In order to assist people in the acquisition of gear, our guild split our guild members in half with 2 separate distinctions. The first was called "Kara Farm" status and the other was called "25 man farm status" (although ZA is included in 25 man farm).

When someone had all of their gear out of Kara, we would require that they run Kara once a week. Usually groups consisted of 3-5 "25 man status" members and 5-7 "Kara status" members. The groups would full clear (we have 5 raids going now) and the "25 man" people are not eligible for loot there. The result of this was a lot of VERY happy "Kara farm" guildies who would be totally geared in 3-4 weeks. We would try to get a class mix so that when something dropped, there was only one "Kara farm" person who could use it. No rolls, happy guildies.

In exchange for this, the "Kara farm" people had to do 2 things. First, if they got invited to a 25 man for some reason (short on people, etc.), they were required to pass on loot that dropped there unless nobody else could use it. They get their epics in Kara and when the time comes, they will be elevated to "25 man" status, run Kara with the newbies and get their gear in the higher level raids.

The second thing we had them do was to farm for the guild. We didnt have a preset amount, but we encouraged 3-4 primals or shards a week. When you look at it logically, its a great deal for everyone. The Kara folks get geared fast because the better geared guys were running them through, the 25 man guys didnt have to roll on loot they wanted and both served their guilds in some fashion (either running Kara's you didnt need or by donations). If someone said to you "I'lll run you through Kara, you'll get all the loot that drops that is for your class/spec and all you have to do is donate what is the equivalent of 100 gold a week", its a no brainer. 8-10 epics are worth thousands in gold and 20+ badges a week is a big deal too.

Figure you have 25-30 "25 man" guys and 40-50 "Kara guys". You are getting roughly 150 shards a week for the guild. At 30 gold a pop, thats 4,800 gold per week. Plus, you are gearing guildies, protecting the more geared ones from losing rolls to the new guys and giving the new guys something to shoot for.

Whenever we had a specific need, we could go to our "Kara farm" folks and ask for more help and they never failed to respond. You figure that each epic is worth between 600 gold on average, they are getting about 8 over 3-4 weeks, that is roughly 5000 gold worth of gear in addition to the experience. Wouldnt that be worth the 400-500 gold that they donated?

The key is to figure out what your guild has in excess. Ours had the ability to gear through Kara. For others, it could be PVP teams. Whatever you have in excess, trade it for what you need.... gold.

Works for us.