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12-13-2007, 08:48 AM
since the last time i asked about where to go i got great advice from this thread (http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/raid-leadership-management/33190-looking-raid-progression-advice-2.html), i am looking for more advice on where to go. we registered our first Void Reaver kill last night after about 4 nights of getting people to not die to giant glowing balls of death. this puts high king / gruul as one-shots, a magtheridon kill and a void reaver kill, in addition to kara & ZA (bear & eagle and almost dragonhawk). we are running 3 nights a week of 25man stuff with sundays being optional and usually 10man stuff. current schedule is: tues/weds - 25man progression, thursday - gruul / mag.

my first impulse is to get void reaver down to at least a one night kill before looking at other things, but given our history as soon as we kill something once we are on a one night / one shot kill status pretty quickly. once we do this i dont know where to head. my first impulse is Al'ar - simply because he is between us and Void Reaver. i know Lurker is a good next option as well.

thanks :D

ps. i think any big progression chances will occur after the new year since the next week or two will be rough on attendance.

12-13-2007, 10:15 AM
Solarian is pretty easy if you want to start gathering gear. Lurker is a good option aswell. If you have tankadin you can also go for Leotheras that is not that hard with pally tanks. Karathress is not much hard, but require good gear for mana users. Morogrim and Hydross are not the best option to start with.
Al'ar can be as easy as VR or as hard as Hydross, depend on the guild members.