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12-05-2007, 02:36 PM
I kinda got a flavor of the zone when it first got out...just as a test to see where i and the rest of my raid team stood.

Worked a couple of weeks to get some badge gear and wondering if my gearset is adequate now for the zone. The difference between when i first stepped in and now is that i've gotten the Badge legs and belt. I had the badge bracers going into ZA the first time.

Regrettably, KD has never dropped for us since clearing to chess event since June. Dropping netherspite since mid-august and no shoulders. We havent been consistant in killing nightbane primarily due to time constraints and some personnel changes. We've been killing prince consistantly since mid-august outside of a 2 week hiccup because of one of our main healers retiring.

Not sure i'd upgrade to the badge gloves and neck right away since i'd be giving up avoidance even tho i'd gain some threat production. I'm prolly going to get the badge tank cloak prior to working on badge fire resist / dps gear.

Armory Link (http://http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Doomhammer&n=Ikaika)

12-05-2007, 10:42 PM
Well...I am pretty sleepy...but just off hand...

Defense is okay. AC is meh But health is low.

I made it a "15K unbuffed" rule for ZA tanks. 14K is the absolute stone lowest I'd go unbuffed...even then I would wonder.

Your gem choice is a bit o.O to me. But I am a stam freak-power tank. Plus +6 to chest..meh.

1) Darkmoon Card instead of Autoblocker (for your health)
2) Gyro Gun (re: Health)
3) S2 Shield Wall at the very least
4) S2 Shoulders are actually a UG imo

Just an off-hand set of suggestions.

Also if your main healer is gone...Might want to replace him very well before doing ZA. 1st fight (if you do bear/troll dude) can take a bit of time...healing...mp5...yadda

12-06-2007, 07:25 PM
Thanks for the comments. I figured the health necessary to be around 15k hp. What would one consider to be the necessary armor?

What i'm in is my "standard" tank gear that i use for kara and heroics and wanted to see how that measured up. I have a setup for more health and should have listed the changes for that.

My "EH" tank set would change the following:

Gloves --> Maidens (2x stam gems)
Elementium Band of the Sentry --> Shermanar Ring
Autoblocker --> Commander's Badge
Crystal Xbow --> Gyro Gun (stam, def gem)

Result: 13.5k HP / 15.9k AR / 36051.80 EH --> 14.5k HP, 16.1k AR, 39084.34EH. Loose a bit of avoidance and 27 block value, gain a bit of shield block chance.

Compare with what i calc'd for full "kara" gear (all slots using +12 stam gems, and commander's badge): 14.9k HP / 15.8k AR / 39543.98. If "full kara" is the baseline for starting ZA, then my EH gear is fairly close.

Gemwise, some choices (helm, belt, gun) were done to maintain 490 defense for situational gear (AR, FR, NR sets), which i use fairly frequently. In some cases, like the leggings, i went with what the gems would be if i ended up with a full badge and ZA gear set (you have to use defense gems in some slots to maintain 490 defense), and figured the impact to be minimal (difference of 6 stam for the legs).

Unfortunately any arena gear isnt possible for me due to my play hours compared to server time. Most of my playtime currently is dedicated towards trying to get into heroics if i can for badges, helping guildmates get geared, farming for reagents to gear other toons (mage, priest and druid). Leaves very little time to do dailies for gold =(

I have considered S1 shield and shoulders, but not sure if i should pursue them or not.

Again, thanks for the comments and any additional ones you or others may have are more than welcome.

12-07-2007, 06:13 AM
The badge gear is great upgrades for kara gear for some slots, and keep running kara to get the nice amount of badges you get from there and more shots at the rest of the gear you need to drop. I am working on upgrading more of my gear to stam gems now. The thing to remember with ZA is there is no crushing hits, but they hit a lot harder that kara, and the healers have to deal with this as well. It helps to have a large health pool to soak up some of this, and the more armor the less damage. It looks like you have a decent enough set to start ZA and maybe get a taste for the bear boss and maybe get a taste for the second boss too, since that is pretty close to what I had when I started ZA. I am in a similar boat and just working to get my badges and the last piece of gear I need from kara, panzar'thar chest.

12-11-2007, 10:29 AM
your health seems a bit low, but you'd be fine imo.

I've downed the first 4 bosses as MT with the gear that shows in my armory. (Ignore the clodstompers, I usually have battlescar boots) Its basically the same gear as you except with two stam trinks.

I was also wearing Jade-Skull BP when I downed them the first time.

12-11-2007, 10:58 AM
I will (twice in one day) agree with Mordigen.

For upgrades The WoW Gods brought forth "New badge gear" for wars.

The costs may really really really suck a bit..but...

1 Kara run? (Just the "normal" bosses minus Nightbane if you can't summon)

16 badges. Just for a "mostly clear".

2 weeks of that? 32 badges. That's almost a cloak just by running Kara.

Plus the daily heroics (okay..I won't touch the CoT ones) are just too easy for 2 more added badges to what they add in.

Badge Gear:

Pally Chest

(Still torn about the hands)

As for your S1 question...hmmm...I feel you on not being able to arena that much. But if you can get 4 games in a week with a guild run'd arena that is just there to help get "some points". You'd be surprized how long you will keep that S2 shield.

Hell i can't even think about losing the S2 shoulders =/ But the S2 shield was like getting a bigger shield and an armor trinket all in the same time.

With all that being said...

Want to really find out if you can do ZA? :)

Give it a run. Bring flasks, ironshield pots, some good dps, a few cc, good healers (oh and 1 OT)

Hit the Bear Boss. (Make sure you don't have anyone in the party stand near the stairs!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR...first attempt to 1% to have him charge a hunter and knock him down the stairs resetting the damn thing)

Worse you can do is collect the 20 slot bag lol

12-11-2007, 11:28 AM
I will (twice in one day) agree with Mordigen.

Oh boy, try not to make a habit of that lol. I just call it as I see it, and a lot of that I have learned over the years as playing a tank, it is stuck on me now, I almost have trouble playing my holy pally and not controlling the pulls and tempo of a raid as I do when I tank.

12-11-2007, 01:43 PM
Thanks again for the comments.

We did go back and reattempt ZA this past weekend and did down the bear boss (the last time thru we didnt attempt him). We didnt make the timer due to ppl having to restart wow due to lag and other issues (warlock couldnt cast non macro spells).

I stayed in my "Health" Set (the 14.5k HP, 16.1k AR i mentioned above) and used a flask. I have since picked up the badge cloak so now that set is 14.7k hp, 16.3k AR.

An important change we made between our first ZA excursion and this one was that we rebalanced for 3 healers: 2 resto sham and a holy pally. Our holy pally is still in the process of getting geared (only 1.5k +heal). Our first attempt only had 2: Resto shaman and the same holy pally.

Both myself and our druid tank were running combat monitors (i use combat stats) to keep tabs on dps taken. Which is fairly key to seeing how both the tanks as well as heals match up. Highest damage spike was 1300 dps on our feral druid with about 1500 dps on myself. Both shamans were able to pull off 1k HPS on focused healing. The pally's was less than that and we know we need to continue to work on getting him geared.

It'll be a challenge, but I'll see about the s2 shield. In the meantime, i've started doing pvp dailies across all my 70s. Stockpiling honor isnt a bad idea i think...plus there is the peripheral gold i get.

Shoulders i can hope for the ZA one once we do it more consistantly =P or at the very least the one from netherspite.

I do like the BoJ Gloves when considering full badge and ZA gear. it's good for armor and stam (EH)...but the lack of defense rating hurts it in considering it an "early" aquisition.

The pally chest is nice, but atm...i'm still favoring the Armorsmith BP just for the added threat. While my threat generation i feel is good...i'm always worried how my latency plays in it (run at 400ms). So i tend slant my gear towards threat probably a litte more than others would. And hence my frustration over not yet having seen KD.