View Full Version : BoK vs. Vindcator's Hauberk

12-05-2007, 07:50 AM
Hey guys quick question:

I have crafted my Breastplate of Kings and am able to maintain above 490 def while wearing it, but I was wondering if there was any reason I should continue to use Vindicator's Hauberk? Obviously, I am working on the nethers to upgrade the chest, but it'll be some time. We will soon be entering Kara and I will be running as MT. Thanks for the help!

12-05-2007, 08:16 AM
The Kings series chests are imo great for tanking if you can cover min defense and maintain decent avoidance still. I myself, switched from hammersmith to armorsmith just to make the stage2 chest and later on the stage3, because it was the best upgrade for me at the time and not to hard to get, ie, I had direct control over it up to the stage 2. The hit on it is great and personally the crit is a bonus and can let you spec out of cruelty even if you wanted to get extra utility points in arms/prot. The armor on the stage3 is on par with Tier6 gear, and the use can help in bind OR a way to get good solid spike threat initially. all in all it is a solid chest imo for dps or tank.