View Full Version : Filling 25 man raids.

12-03-2007, 01:00 PM
I need some advice here, and maybe someone has had this issue and learned from it. I am an officer in a casual type guild. We schedule raids when we can. We have been clearing Kara for some time now, and have conquered the first 2 bosses in ZA. We have about 15 core members, and a number of online offline members. We have not been able to fill a 25 man raid to try out Gruul's Lair but once and I think some people might have gotten discouraged and have not shown back up.

My question is what is a good way to try to fill these outside of recruiting? Is it better to try to find another small guild to help each other out, or find some members of a larger guild that might not run Gruul's and are willing to lend a hand? I am willing to try about anything right now to get into there. We have some well equipped members and i think we could fair well in there if we could fill the numbers. At worst we learn the instance.

12-03-2007, 01:04 PM
Smaller guilds are usually more close knit and easier to get along with. My old guild did this as well. I had a few friends in a guild that were struggling with getting full kara runs in because of people, but had the gear to do it. We ran together for a while, and finally downed HKM. We eventually merged together and the guild prosperred from there. I personally try to stay out of super huge guilds, especially to pull people out of them to raid for your guild..then it just becomes loot hungry epic whores and you'll find yourself in a pickle.

Stick with a smaller guild who has the same goals as you and the same attitude and treat both fairly on rolls and such. It will pay off in the long run.

12-03-2007, 02:08 PM
I disagree. I think you can run a larger guild and keep the family atmosphere, but I think the key to it is recruiting slowly. Let your membership get used to new recruits slowly, and get them 'into the family'. I don't see why small guilds have to stay small.

And definitely just because a guild is large enough for 25 mans does not mean it's filled with loot whores. There are a lot of people who raid just to see new zones and push content.

To answer your question, either merge with another family guild, make an alliance with another family guild (merging is better than trying to do an alliance), recruit more people, or make a more committed stand on 25 man content, which would mean some activity policies or something.