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12-03-2007, 12:39 PM
Hey you guys.

So, I bit the bullet and put together a website (Haven (http://havenauchindoun.com)) for my guild which is trying to make the transition from casual to raiding. I am trying to craft a stickied post on our forums for Raid Guidelines and Expectations along with fleshing out our Recruitment Application. Do you all have any good resources I can cull through to look for inspiration/suggestions? I have looked at the stickied WoW forums, but was wondering if you guys had thoughts.

thanks in advance

12-03-2007, 04:00 PM
Here's a couple of posts from our guild forums that may be helpful.

The Elysium application form

Thank you for your interest in joining Elysium. Before you fill out the application, please take a few minutes and read the Message to Applicants.

Please highlight and copy the questionnaire to your clipboard, and paste it into a new post. You may also want to use WordPad or Word so you can save your work along the way.

Please read the questions carefully. Include as much information as you deem necessary. Use the "Insert/edit link" button in the formatting toolbar to create clickable hyperlinks when required. Use the "Preview" tab at the top of the page to check your formatting and to make sure the server doesn't log you off.

Character Name:

Level / Race / Class:

How old are you?

Have you read the post titled A Message For Applicants?

Have you read The Rule?

Have you read the post about our Guild Organization?

Please list all guilds the character you are applying for has been a member of, excluding any guild you were in for less than two weeks. If your character was ever on a different server(s), please list guilds on that/those server(s) as well and specify the server name(s).

Do you have any level 60+ alts on Burning Legion? If so please provide their name, level and class, as well as what guild they are currently in.

List your reason(s) for leaving your current guild or the last guild you spent more than two weeks with.

List all guilds you are currently applying to or plan on applying to in the next two weeks.

Do you know any current Elysium members? If so, what is your relationship to them?

Why are you applying to Elysium?

Do you plan on bringing your level 60+ alts to Elysium? If not, please specify which guild they will be in and why.

Please list character name(s) and class(es) of any close friends, relatives or guildies who are in the process of or plan on applying to Elysium. Will you consider joining Elysium even if your friend, relative or guildie's application is declined?

What instances is your charater keyed for / attuned to?

Heroic Auchindoun -
Heroic Caverns of Time -
Heroic Coilfang Reservoir -
Heroic Hellfire Citadel -
Heroic Tempest Keep -

Karazhan -
Mount Hyjal -
The Black Temple -

Does your character have any resistance gear useful in TBC raid encounters? If so please provide the amount of unbuffed resistance along with a list of other stats pertinent to the role of your class in the encounter.

If you are interested in raiding, and based on the information you have learned in the post on Guild Organization, do you think you would be a better fit for our Reserve Division or for our Raiding Division (Elite/Vanguard)?

Elysium currently raids 25-man instances from 8pm to 12am server time every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as from 8pm "until we're done" every Friday. If you are interested in the Raiding Division, would you be able to attend those three nights 80% of the time or more?

To allow for better raid composition or to help distribute loot where it will be most useful, are you willing to occasionally sit out raids while remaining available to fill-in if a spot opens up mid-raid?

Do you forsee any changes in your availability in the future, such as a new work schedule or school, that would reduce the number of raids you can attend or require you to leave raids before they are over?

If you are interested in raiding, describe things you enjoy about raiding.

If you are interested in raiding, describe things you don't enjoy about raiding.

Describe with as much detail as possible your raiding experience up to this point. Include all 10, 20, 25 and 40-man instances and list all bosses you have personally seen killed and bosses you have personally made attempts against. You may list encounters you have attempted / beat while playing a toon other than the one you are applying for, but make sure to specify that was the case next to each boss. Feel free to include any pertinent details for individual fights such as whether you were tanking, off-tanking, DPSing, healing, etc. Please don't hesitate to use paragraph breaks between instances or to otherwise format the list in as readable a format as possible.

Some classes can fill multiple roles (tank / dps / heal). If that's the case for your class, which role(s) do you enjoy the most, and which role(s) do you not enjoy so much? Why?

Please provide a clickable link to your profile on the Armory. While you are applying to Elysium, please make an effort to always log out of WoW wearing the gear you would use for a difficult raid boss encounter.

Please explain the reasoning behind your talent choices. If you plan on re-speccing, please explain and post a clickable link to the talent build you have in mind.

Describe any alternate gear sets you frequently use. List pertinent unbuffed stats for your class and role, as well as the reasoning behind those alternate sets and stat choices.

What specific items / enchants are you currently working on obtaining in the near future? This can include 5-man and raid drops you have your eyes on, items you plan on getting crafted, reputation rewards or quest rewards.

Do you have the ability to provide your own Flask for nights we are working on new content? This can sometimes be as many as six Flasks per week.

Would you be inclined to visit the guild forums on a daily basis to stay in touch with current guild news, announcements and discussion, as well as to contribute your own input on a regular basis?

Do you have Ventrilo installed and tested to be working properly?

Do you have a working headset microphone configured to work with Ventrilo using a "push-to-talk" button?

Do you speak English fluently?

Do you frequently experience high latency, disconnects, client crashes, choppy frame rates?

How long have you played WoW?

Did you level the character you are applying for from 1 to 70 by yourself or was the character acquired from someone else?

How long have you been playing video games?

List what you would consider the 5 most challenging games you have played other than WoW. Specify what platform you played it on, how long you've played and in the case of single-player games, whether or not you finished the game.

What activities, other than gaming, do you or have you practiced whether profesionally or as a hobby that may have an influence on your gaming aptitude in a raid environment? More specifically, hand-eye coordination, ability to keep track of what is going on around you, having an analytical mind, making quick decisions, communicating clearly, staying focused for long periods of time, etc.

Can you provide a clickable link to one or more screenshot of the UI setup you currently use for raids?

List the addons you use for raiding.

Post on applying for Elite rank. This was instated after "recovering" from the loss of many regular raider over the summer due to random RL schedule changes and people leaving WoW.

Ranks are back!

We've now definitively passed the milestone where we would wonder whether we would have enough people to raid on any given raid night. It's time to switch our focus towards moving forward in the raid content. The rank system can now be reinstated and used to identify and reward raiders who make content progression their #1 priority.

Ranks will be used for determining loot and raid invites priority, as described in the post on Guild Organization and the post on our current Loot Policy.

You can now sign up for Elite rank by reading and agreeing to comply to the ALL of the expectations below. If you think your rank should be Elite but expect to have difficulty meeting any specific expectation on the list, talk to your class officer before you sign up. Ranks are never permanent. Raiders will have to actively maintain their rank by continuously adhering to the requirements for the rank. Raiders will be bumped back down to Reserve rank any time it is observed that they are no longer meeting the expectations they signed up for in a consistent fashion.

Vanguard rank will be awarded on a case-by-case basis to individuals who stand out as exceptionally dedicated, skilled and helpful raiders. By definition, people deserving of the rank of Vanguard will not need to ask or apply for the rank, as their performance alone should speak louder than words.

Please read the following very carefully before you sign up:

"I would like to be given the rank of Elite raider because I want to play a significant role in Elysium's raiding success, and I am commited to fulfilling ALL of the following requirements in consistent fashion":

be available for 80% of all Thursday and Friday raids. This means that on average I might miss one raid night every three weeks.

be on time for raid invites by being in the proper Ventrilo channel, logged on my main raiding character and un-grouped at least fifteen minutes before the schedule raid start time, and ready to fly to the raid instance as soon as one is chosen and announced

keep myself fully supplied with sufficient quantities of raid consumables, including but not limited to

bandages (even healers)
mana oil / wizard oil / sharpening stones / weightstones
stamina food, as well as buff food of other types appropriate for my class
healing / mana potions

come to raid fully repaired and with sufficent gold to pay for my repairs for the night (at level 70 when wearing mostly epics, this can mean above 50 gold for one night of wiping

come to raids with a talent spec that is ovewhelmingly PvE-oriented, and keep an open dialogue with my class officer and other members of my class to ensure that a healthy variety of raid-support talents are being provided to the raid by my class as a whole.

bring my main toon to all raids, progress and farm, even if I don't need any items from those raids.

be willing to bring an alt toon when asked to do so in order to improve the raid's chances of success on certain encounters. Be willing to pass on loot that my alt could use in favor of other people's main toons when appropriate.

thouroughly research gear (Wowhead: Thrall-tested, Jaina-approved. (http://www.wowhead.com), Thottbot: World of Warcraft (http://www.thottbot.com), etc) and know which items are "best for my class & spec". This also means knowing which items are only "second best" for my class and spec and offer to pass on those items in favor of people who have identified them as important upgrades for their toon, or of hybrids who could use the item for rading as part of an alternate-role set of gear (heal / tank / DPS).

research and obtain the best gems and enchants available for all of the gear I use for raiding.

work on obtaining any upgrades available outside of raiding. This includes geting craftable epics made, farming badge reward, working on faction reputation for vendor upgrades, working on upgrades available from the PvP system, etc.

as a hybrid class, maintain good secondary sets of gear (heal / dps / tank) to remain competitive in those alternate roles. Will work on upgrading those sets outside of raid instances as needed. Will enhance those items with the best gems and enchants available.

continuously look for ways to improve my efficiency as a player by altering my ability usage, the way I access my abilities (interface, macros and keybindings), my graphic settings, etc.

familiarize myself with the raid encounters the guild is likely to be working on in the near future. This includes reading multiple different strategies and watching multiple videos of each fight. It also includes reading about the encounters on discussion forums that pertain to my class, such as the official WoW class forums, in order to understand how players of my class handle specific aspects of the encounter.

read and participate in discussions on the Elysium forums about strategies, gear, specs, addons, etc.

review the WWS data posted on the forums following each raid night. Evaluate the information and discuss with my class officer and other member of my class how to improve my performance.

keep my addons up to date and functional.

notify my class officer of any expected absences from 25-man raid nights, as early as possible.

If the above accurately describes you, post a reply below.

12-04-2007, 08:19 AM
Thanks, Armstrong! That helps a ton. I got plenty to work on :).