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12-02-2007, 01:18 PM
Guild is going to attempt Gruul for the first time tonight and so I am looking for some advice. I think I am geared enough to not be the weak link (16khp, 16.7karmor). We downed High King on our first night in Gruuls lair but decided not to trudge forward and check Gruul out (casual guild so 1 learning boss a night is ok :) ).

I have my macro setup to intercept Gruul when I get knocked back.

I assume the 2 dangerous times in the fight are during the shatter when healers could be out of range and during a silence.

How often does the silence occur, and is it the later silences (Growth 9ish?) that when I should plan on blowing last stand, shield wall, anything else?

How about cave-ins? As the MT how do you handle cave ins? Do you just strafe to the side and assume your melee dps is going to watch your movements? Do you move backwards to get out of the cave in? Etc.

I will have a couple healthstones and use greater stoneshield/ironshields on each cooldown (starting maybe growth 7-8?).

What else can I do or should know as an MT going into Gruuls that will give my guild the best shot at downing him?

12-02-2007, 03:46 PM
As far as you're concerned, I swallow a stone shield about growth 9 - assuming 90-95% of the raid still alive, once that wears off I shield wall and thats usually enough to see us safely home.

Be very careful with the intercept macro that you are safely back in defensive stance before he hits you, I find if I don't get knocked too far I just leave it and save the rage for shield blocking as soon as possible, particularly in the later growths.

Tell all healers to throw you a HoT or normal heal (if you are missing hp) after a shatter - they have quite a while to get the ranged dps back up and your assigned healers may well be out of range of you.

Despite the fact that the room looks big, its actually pretty small for 25 people to find some space not to hurt people during shatter, so once he's in the middle I try not to move him at all, so I make him turn round during cave-ins. Fewer melee dps is obviously helpful, but we've done it with 8 and we don't outgear the place by any imagination so it can be done.

Keep (or get someone else) to keep thunderclap, demo shout up particularly once you've built up rage and agro.

Have fun :)

12-03-2007, 08:20 AM
Downed on growth 14, on our 4th attempt. Honestly I was surprised at how easy he was to tank (I know I can improve on positioning him in future attempts too) -- we had 7 healers and 3 tanks (myself, a feral druid OT, and another prot warrior who dps'd). A couple of our dps weren't even kara keyed either (a couple people just returning to the game).

The first couple of attempts we lost people to early shatters, when we downed him we didn't lose anyone until the last shatter and I think we were down 3 people at the end.

Thanks for the advice, I know by feeling comfortable tanking him it helped smooth out the encounter for the guild.