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11-23-2007, 04:56 PM
I have previous raiding experience pre-TBC. From MC all the way to Naxx. Was an officer in my guild for most of that time, but did not have to do too much recuiting. By the time I was an officer we had our ranks pretty much filled out, just needed to fill in gaps occasionally. I also raided Karazhan up to Curator before rerolling on my current server and starting over from Level 1.

I started a guild with my dad and GF who also play the game. We took our time leveling up, enjoying other aspects of the game. We are up to level 65 now, and have the desire to raid again. The guild is basically the 3 of us, along with another small group of friends we met at level 40. One guy, his girl friend, and another male friend joined our guild a couple months ago. They are all 3 in college, and don't have much time to play during the school year.

I don't think my dad and I will have trouble maintaining the guild once it's up and rolling. I am just trying to figure out how we get started recuiting people. We don't want to have to join another guild unless we absolutely can not get our own guild going. Obviously we will need to get ourselves geared and level 70 and first. Just wondering if there are any tricks to getting good recuits. I am a warrior, my GF a Shaman, and my dad a mage. So we pretty much need the whole range of classes. We all plan to raid spec at level 70. (Protection, Resto, etc)

Antonidas server
Only about 8 horde guilds can do Karazhan+ right now I think. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.
Many non-guilded players on my realm.
We are west coast, also not sure if that's good or bad.
Is it shameful to 'steal' members from other guilds?
If not, what is the least invasive way?
Trying not to do the typical spam in General chat and/or Realm Forums, but know I need to do something.
Recuit all and any first, or be very selective up front?
How much help would it be to have a website with all the fixin's up and running before recuiting? - Was thinking about doing this when we start raiding.
Hoping that if we start now, we can be knocking on Karazhan's door by Valentines day, earlier if possible.

Any help is greatly appreciated


11-23-2007, 07:36 PM
Well, you've got quite a bit of work ahead of you in order to start from the ground up but it's certainly doable. Before you really start the first question you should REALLY ask yourself is whether there really is a reason you want to start your own guild as opposed to having your group as a whole apply to another guild which has a base of players but is still looking for more. Starting and running a guild is a major undertaking that will require a lot of effort and work to make succeed. With that, of course, comes many frustrating moments, a lot of stress and also, hopefully, a great deal of enjoyment somewhere down the line.

Assuming you are sure that this is the direction in which you want to move here would be my suggestions to you:

-Group, group, group.
You've got a few players now and still have some leveling up to do. When you're going to run those instances for quests and gear group up with different people. Whether they're in a guild or not, if you have a good experience with them add them to your friends list and try to group up with them in the future. If, after grouping with someone a couple of times, you think they'd be an asset to your newly forming guild ask them if they would be interested in joining. You'll get turned down by some but you'll also find what can be some very good players that will accept as well.

-DON'T go around /ginviting everyone you see without talking to them and DON'T spam general or trade with guild recruitment messages.
If you want your guild to have a good image don't go ruining it before it has even begun. Every server has guilds that people will joke about for their obnoxious recruiting methods whether it be spamming /ginvite to anyone without a guild or spamming the chat channels. If you want people to take your guild seriously and give it consideration without just ignoring you join the guild recruitment channel. You won't get many bites from there I'm sure because it's not a default channel, but those who are seriously looking for a guild may very well be reading and if they're in the channel have some interest in the messages therein at least.

-"Poaching" members from other guilds isn't normally a polite thing to do but if someone you've grouped with really stands out it doesn't hurt to ask how they like their current guild and if they'd be interested in joining yours. If they have an attachment to their current guild they'll turn you down anyway most likely but there's always a chance they they just joined randomly, have no attachment, and would really like to join up with you because of their experiences with you and their desire to start raiding.

-Websites are a convenience tool...
They're not a necessity, especially when starting up... That being said, they're not hard to start either. Guildportal and other sites offer pre-setup sites that will allow you to communicate outside of the game with your members. It's a good first step to creating your presence on the web for others to get information as well. Blizzard's in-game voice communication should hold you over through your 5mans/heroics and probably though Karazhan so don't worry about shelling out money for a vent server until you're established and have a solid core.

-Don't be discouraged.
Times will be tough. That's a guarantee. If you recruit well you'll find yourself having a much, much better time when running instances and raids when those start up. Recruiting everyone on the server will inevitably lead to headaches as people don't end up meshing and their personalities clash. That or they just end up sucking which isn't much fun for anyone either... You'll get out of your guild exactly what you put in to it. If you put in the time and effort expect to see the same out of your members.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that if you start down the path of creating a new guild to raid that every works out for the best. Hopefully some of the advice I've provided is of some use.

11-24-2007, 12:46 PM
Thanks for the advice Temig.
I guess we really need to decide if we want to start a guild, or join another. We are leaning toward starting our own. Once we figure that out, we'll follow your guildlines.

11-26-2007, 01:38 PM
I agree with all but three points in Temig's post:

1. Don't poach memebers from other guilds. That will ruin your rep more than anything short of just being general asshats. If someone's guilded, just leave them be...directly.

2. Yes do post on your server forums that you're starting a new guild. Yes do a bit of spamming in general. How else do you think people hear about your new guild? If you restrict yourself to only recruiting from those who you know, you're really not even scraping the tip of the iceburg as far as potential member pool. All new guilds have to get their name out there. I really think it's garbage to think that a new guild spamming general or whatever other channel automatically means they're garbage or a nuicance. You will probably get some really good players this way, because these players might be thinking about getting out of their guild, but have never heard of you guys.

3. A website up and running with solid information about your goals etc is a must. First thing I do when I'm looking for a guild is go to their site and check the necessaries: when do they raid (or plan on raiding) , what content level are they targeting, what classes do they need, do they look organized or are they just another 'I have no idea what I'm doing' guilds [there are a LOT of them]. A website is THE way to distinguish yourself above the horrible new guilds always popping up. How else can someone figure out if your guild is going in the direction they want to go or even raids at the same times etc? I don't even have to think about applying if I know any of those 4 or so things go against what I'm looking for. Saves a lot of time sifting through apps you know will never work out.

4. Goes with number 3. You need a site so players can app.

If you don't have a place to app, are you going to just add anyone? A website is a [i]must for a serious guild who are recruiting, and it should be up before you start recruiting.

So don't poach directly. If people come to you through your site, spam, or a message on the forums well that's not you going after other guilds' membership. They came to you. Second, yes build a site. Use it to filter apps and show potential members what kind of a guild you guys are.

I would also suggest getting a Vent server when you start recruiting. It's weird, but people who talk together while they play form stronger bonds. It makes players more real.

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