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11-20-2007, 03:52 PM
<Lemmings> of Ner’zhul (BG9) is looking for a few skilled raiders to join our ranks as we make our way to Illidan and await Sunwell.

Progression – WowJutsu: World of Warcraft Guild Rankings: Ner'zhul (http://wowjutsu.com/us/nerzhul/) (wowjutsu is messed up, we didn't kill illidan we recruited players who have items from him we are the #2 Horde guild on Ner'zhul)

Hyjal 5/5 Cleared
Black Temple 6/9

Website – Lemming Crusade (http://www.lemmingcrusade.com)

Having your Hyjal and BT attunement is a huge plus; at the least you must have 1 vial. If you think you're an intelligent and awesome player who will put up the numbers required post an app.


(1) Warlock
(1) Resto Shaman
(1) Holy Paladin
(1) Hunter


Any raid spec’ed, attuned, skilled players. You must have your crafted Shadow Resistance set or the materials for it.

As always, exceptional players of any class are welcome and encouraged to apply. We will not turn away interest from fantastic applicants unless we absolutely cannot fit more of your class into raids.

Some of our Requirements:

* Gear You must have T5 equivalent gear in most of your slots. You must have your gear fully gemmed and enchanted. Your gear tells us a lot about your knowledge of your class, your knowledge of general theory craft, and your willingness to put a lot of effort into your character.

* Dedication You're here every night. If you have some weird real life circumstances that may be interrupting your play time or will in the near future you may want to search for another guild. We raid five nights a week (currently), and we expect our members to give it their all during those raid times. High attendance is required; however, we fully understand that things come up from time to time.

* Reliability This fits hand and hand with dedication. We need to be able to rely on you to be there on the tough nights when we're trying to beat new content. We need to know you're not going to flake out and disappear for a week, or that you're going to leave an hour early from raids on a regular basis.

* Skill You need to able to adapt to changing situations and go above and beyond the basic assignment asked of you. You need to be able to think for yourself so that you can do your assigned job as well as help others. Twitch reflexes and reaction times are essential to do the jobs that will be required of you. "Skill" is not particularly hard to learn in WoW: it means staying out of the fire that burns you, it means knowing where all the mobs are so they don't cleave or aoe you. In these new encounters it’s all about awareness and reaction, if you don’t have either don’t apply. You are expected to meet certain criteria regarding your DPS.

Transfers must supply WWS parses.

* Raid Times (PST Server Time)

Sunday – Thursday: 6:30 -11:00pm (as we progress faster we will be removing raid days, soon we are removing Sunday)

For questions about your application, contact Myself / Lemmus / Qruid in game or over the forums. Generally after 5:30pm PST, if we are in a raid instance, we may not be able to respond right away.

Lemming Crusade (http://www.lemmingcrusade.com/) - Private App

Lemmings Forums - Forums (http://forums.lemmingcrusade.com/) - Public App (Best method for feedback etc)

Very low pressure, laid back environment. Thanks!