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11-18-2007, 07:42 AM
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It recently occurred to me that an absolutely novel opportunity has become available for prot pvp spec this patch. Call it coincidence, but imp intercept, impale, and death wish are all only 27 points into arms.

Prot warriors are a joke in pvp, right? Yeah, they are, but then you get the guy who stacks block rating and screenshots 5-6k shield slam crits given ideal circumstances, well grats on theorycraft.

What I have to offer is an a 100% viable prot pvp spec that sees normal shield slam crits of 2.5k and trinket+DW'd ones of 4k+. Now granted, this does require some gear hunting, some blues and some raid epics. None of the pieces are all that hard to attain though, and half can be gotten from 5 mans. I don't think any pvp spec that doesn't revolve around 4/5 glad bonus viable, so you'll be using that too. In fact, you should have well around 13k HPs and 250+ resilience with this spec/gear, plus about 25% crit in zerker stance. Sounds pretty good eh?


There are 2 specs I consider viable, and they are suited for different venues. The first simply revolves around buffing your shield slams and that is 21/5/35...
Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=LV0gdhboZVZcitc0hzfhs)

This spec maximizes crit% with cruelty. You lose 10 seconds from your intercept, which greatly hurts your mobility and viability in arena, and against ranged classes. You'll gain a bit more damage overall this way from 1h spec and cruelty, and your slams will crit more often.

The 2nd spec is what I would consider to be prot arena pvp spec. Laugh if you want, but there's nothing worse than giving 15 points to a prot warrior. 27/0/34

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=LV0gdhboTZZcitc0hzfbs)

This build is just more suited to non-ideal pvp situations. You really need 15 second intercepts to deal with many classes in smaller scale pvp, particularly 2v2/3v3 arenas. Focused Rage > Cruelty in this case. You could definitely go axe or mace spec to suit your taste/weapon, though I prefer swords due to the extra rage generation, higher burst potential. Axe crits won't do you any good and the proc rate on sub-3 second maces for stuns is horrible. Sword and board baby.


Gear is obviously the most important and hardest aspect of the spec. But for die hard prot pvp fans, gear is never an issue and hell you're probably a guild tank anyway, so you have it all. I can make a comprehensive list of possible pieces but the idea is pretty simple. Keep 4/5 gladiator pieces, use gladiator weapon/shield, auto-blocker + insignia, and the highest +block value items you can find. Gem for +crit, stam, or resilience, AP isn't really needed at all. You will be able to achieve 1k+ block value no problem with some raid gear and the use of the autoblocker trinket in tandem with Shield Mastery. Every 1 block value added to your gear is 1.3 damage to your main damage ability and ~3 damage to your crits. Add that to the 430 average base damage of SS and you see how consistant 2k+ slams are achievable.

Combine this with death wish and Impale and you'll see consistent potential for 4k+ shield slam crits. Granted, nobody crits this high with any ability from resilience, you'll see closer to 3k on a clothie with resilience, given some of the armor pen pieces.

Appeal of the Spec

I don't consider this the best warrior PvP spec at all. I'm just a warrior nerd who likes theorycraft. What I do know if that this spec works. MS warriors are needed because of MS, the burst damage is a plus. But for those that have tried prot PvP and found it enjoyable, this is the spec for you. Call us gluttons for punishment, but its punishment we have to offer.

Shield slam itself is an innate 100% magic dispel. This spec would actually kill classes like priests, paladins, mages faster than MS for that reason. Having on-demand stuns like Conc Blow and imp revenge against melee classes is complete pwnage, especially in group pvp. Conc blow is almost the equivalent of a 5 point kidney shot, its 12 rage and done in any stance. Imp Disarm is 13 seconds of disarm, devastating to a melee class. You will NEVER have to change stances to interrupt spells, use a macro like:

Q u o t e:
/cast [stance:1/2, equipped:Shields] Shield Bash; [stance:3] Pummel; [stance:1/2, noequipped:Shields] Berserker Stance

For times when you're getting bursted, you even have a 3 second silence to shield bash. This is a good way to finish off a healer as well.

You aren't limited to staying in berserker stance whatsoever. The fear dodging is about all it has to offer, and given the fact that the spec includes TM, you're free to bounce around stances. Use spell reflects offensively when you can't pummel or shield bash. Kill a rogue or warrior in defensive stance without losing even 20% of your health, etc. The only real detriment to def stance is that you are unable to hamstring, so stance dancing for that is required.

One of the biggest benefits of the spec is the fact that everything has such a low rage cost. 4 Rage hamstrings... 12 rage executes... 2 rage revenges! 99% of your abilities cost 3 less rage. Macro a 2 hander to your overpower. 2k+ crit for 2 rage.

By and large the biggest benefit of the spec is simply survivability. You will have 17k+ armor, immense debuff capability, last stand, and awesome mitigation stats. You can pretty much do whatever you want in a 5v5 arena without fear of being bursted, unlike MS warriors who are often gib targets.

Melee can't do much to a prot warrior, they will be constantly stunned and casters always risk running into a skillful spell reflect.

Not the focus of the build, but as a sidenote if you swap imp disarm for defiance, you have a damn good 5 man/ZA tanking spec. This helps if you're like me and tank occasionally. Just don't go showing up to black temple with this spec.

The Cons

Obviously there are things keeping every pvp warrior from switching from MS. I will never spec this way for serious competitive arena, but its sure fun. Without MS you are severely limited in pvp due to the immense power of healing. Healing is basically balanced around MS debuff, which is why people who cry for nerfs to it are idiots.

Though your single target damage is still good, your burst potential is limited and your multiple target damage is bad. Sweeping strikes, and WW with a 2h increases damage like crazy. Your job is basically to whittle your opponent to death while not taking much damage and preventing most of theirs.


I plan on messing around with this gear/spec some in season 3, after I have my gear. You can check out my ratings, though I made a new 5v5, I know what I'm talking about. Prot can be done successfully in arenas. People will laugh at you, and then you'll have their points.