View Full Version : 2.3 Fury: Anyone tested his damage?

11-15-2007, 03:18 AM
Hello guys,

Im curoius for those fury warrs if they have already tested their damage output, particularly in raid environment. We know that the loss of Death wish have made an impact in DPS rotation but how much?
Im a bit tired of all the cries in the spanish forums, some come from raiders (but I won't take the word from someone that didn't know till this morning that sweeping is now useable in zerker stance), but I can't test the new fury damage because I have zero gear for dps.

Anyone have done any test or can provide any link where tests have been performed?

Many thanks

11-15-2007, 02:03 PM
Well after a couple of days I've found that i'm more spikey than ever before with my damage. This is because whirlwind seems to be anywhere from 200 - 1200 damage a hit depending on crit which hand etc.

Solo I stepped up slightly on my DPS without death-wish factored in id say about 30-40 DPS at the 500-550 DPS area against 68+ mobbies.

Karazahn on single targets that drops to about 470 where it used to be 440 (WW adds about 30 dps to my whole raid)

Group targets i cant really be honest as we tank 2 at a time and i used SStrikes for an idea of if it was worth anything....i came back with the expected limited use however i did manage to get SS to avoid CCed mobs consistently while fighting 2 of the 4 in attumen pulls etc.

overall on a raid i do slightly higher damage and DPS but i also lost some of the damage usually in DW/Execute spam.

Patch in general helps as expected witht he threat cap. Still dont see the point of DW/SS swapping.